Bortles may make it tough for Jaguars to keep him on the bench


The plan all along has been for Jaguars first-round draft pick Blake Bortles to spend his rookie season on the bench, learning the NFL game while Chad Henne starts at quarterback in Jacksonville. But Bortles is making it tough for the Jaguars’ coaching staff to stick to that plan.

Bortles completed 11 of 17 passes for 160 yards on Thursday night at Chicago, and he looked very comfortable running the Jaguars’ offense. That puts him at 18-of-28 passes for 277 yards through two games of the preseason, and perhaps most importantly, he hasn’t turned the ball over yet.

It’s a confidence booster,” Bortles said after the game. “It’s one of our big points of emphasis, so having no turnovers is huge for us.”

The Jaguars’ website went so far as to dub the buzz around Bortles as “BortlesMania,” although the team is still insisting that Henne will be the starter this season.

Henne played fairly well against the Bears, and there seems to be little doubt that he’ll be the starter for Week One. But the way Bortles has played in the preseason, it’s going to be hard for the Jaguars to justify keeping him on the bench if Henne struggles. This wasn’t supposed to be a competition, but Bortles is turning it into one.

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  1. BortlesMania ? Dude needs to at least roll up a 20 before he gets that type of cred.


    Johnny F

  2. just put he and Manziel in the HOIF right now, the way the media rides their nuts, they don’t even need to play one down in the NFL

  3. While he did look good, let’s just let our guys in charge make the correct choices for the future of our franchise. Bortles played with a limited play book and against the 2’s, he looked great but we still need to slowly build his body of work to give him the career confidence to take over our franchise and be “the man”. At any rate, go jags!! There is plenty of room on the bandwagon, so hop on before it gets to far down the road 🙂

  4. Let’s pump the brakes on Bortles and Manziel. Remember when everyone was pumping up Mark Sanchez with Franchez and Sanchise nicknames? How’d that work out? Let these guys do something before you annoint them. Geesh.

  5. 18-28. includes a spike and 3-4 well thrown dropped balls. Impressed with his no huddle offense and what he does in the Line Of Scrimmage. Looks like a real QB after all the days.

    Just get that wibe when Bortles is in the huddle. Maybe thats what the call as the intangibles.

  6. In 2011 pre-season, Colt McCoy went 19 of 28 attempts for 231 yards with 4 TDs and no interceptions. His completion rate was 67.9% and his QB rating was 132.6.

    Pre-season, folks.

  7. Jags are def improving with Bradley. Bortles looked like a young superstar n Bradley has assembled a baby seahawks defense. I bet they’ll be playoff relevant in two seasons.

  8. Slow the roll, Jags fans. Bortles MAY be good, but he also may only be beneficiary to the Bears totally miserable, POS defense. Everybody is gonna look like a start against this Defense. Bears DC needed to be fired at the end of last year, and he still needs to be fired, now. No scheme, no leadership, no D.

  9. Anyone can look good against those clowns that call themselves Bears.


  10. looked great against 2nd team Bears Defense who’s starters were 30th in the league last year in total defense.

    hype machine has a full tank of gas and is running strong.

  11. .
    Let him play the first half against the Lions starters next week at Detroit. That should give a clear indication of his progress.

  12. Bortles looked good but the Bears stunk up the field in all 3 phases too. Bears may have won on the scoreboard but the Jags looked like the more talented and better coached team by a ways.

  13. Johnny Manziel is popular. He makes the headlines. Hes been dominating the news since he got drafted by the Clowns,


    Blake Bortles can actually play in the NFL. Hes the real deal. I bet the Jags could be beat up that Clowns defense with Bortles at QB

  14. He is looking like a good QB so far. I am going to temper my enthusiasm until I see a string of good regular season games played. Unlike some other posters that have drafted a QB and think the guy is great already cough Bridgewater cough Manziel cough – I want my QB to actually play well. It is nice to see Blake playing so well right now but after watching our QB’s of the past – Leftwich and Gabbert – that we drafted in the 1st round, I want this to be a slow burn and I want to see Blake make it.

    I do think it is going to be tough to sit Blake all year long with the way he is playing. He is our future QB so why wait too long?

    Brighter days ahead. Go Jags!

  15. So happy The Texans took a life long De and put him at olb instead of bortles. Can’t wait for teams to put clowney in hurry up and pass on him over and over again. Maybe they should trade for henne?

  16. He looked good, but against second tier defenders. Don’t forget this is preseason, lets see how he does in real games before we annoint him the next coming!

  17. Not to take away from Bortles, because he has looked good, but I’m pretty sure anyone posting on this site today could shred the Bears pitiful defense.

  18. I just have one question (because i honestly don’t know). How good is the Jags O line? All i know in the past Maurice Jones Drew seemed to be be very productive but that was long enough ago & the whole line could’ve changed by then. I’m just trying to work out in my own mind why it’s even a question of whether or not you start the kid. As a Hawk fan i saw what a prepared young kid could do as a rookie even tho i couldn’t believe what i was seeing with my own 2 eyes. Granted he had an awesome defense but i think the Jags D is gonna be pretty damn good this year too. I think they may win a couple games on their own.

  19. big Clowney fan, but the Texans screwed up by passing on this kid.. even if Clowney becomes a HoF caliber player, the Texans have a glaring need at QB that went unaddressed..

  20. The Jags are actually trending in the right. As for their o-line, they drafted Joeckel (best LT in last year’s draft) and signed Beadles and i’m pretty sure Pasztor is a serviceable RT. They could add another guard and center, but it’s better than some lines and you’re right about their defense. With Bradley coaching them and the improvements they’ve made they’re close on that side of the ball. On offense they’ve added a lot of talent. I think in 2-3 years they could emerge as a potential contender if Bortlesmania hold true.

  21. Everyone saying “jee ya bortles looked good against second team defenses” needs to remember that Bortles is throwing to 3rd string recievers, with 4th string running backs and the 2nd string o-line. Goes both ways

  22. Bortles looked good slinging it against the 2nd stringer Bears. Not sure you’ll want to throw him in against JJ Watt & Clowney in the regular season just yet though.

    The Jags are doing the right thing here. They put Gabbert in right away, and it was a disaster. Let Bortles sit, and in 2015 (and later) you’ll have a better shot of having a real franchise QB on your hands…

  23. If Bortles is on the bench for one game, the Jags are wasting the rest of the team’s time. They’re wasting an aging Chris Clemmons and Red Bryant who were brought over from the Hawks. They’re wasting carries on Toby G, and his body. Even the greatest QBs in history need a year or two to get the feel of the game. If you wait a year you simply extend that period to 2-3 years. You will NOT win with Henne. You might with Bortles. Start Bortles next week and don’t look back. The kid looks like he can rip it with precision.

  24. Lot of haters on here discounting Bortles success being against 2nd stringers, but the same would bash him if he were unsuccessful in the same scenario.

    Anyone who actually watched the game saw a rookie in his 2nd year reading defenses, changing plays at the line, and throwing 30 yard frozen ropes on the run.

  25. I see this meme still being repeated that Gabbert was bad because the Jags threw him in there too early, but judging by his performance in San Francisco thus far, maybe he is just bad…

  26. Bortles is looking like the real deal. But no need to rush him onto the field.

    Congrats to the Jags for finding (seemingly) a franchise QB to build their team around.

  27. So happy that the Jags drafted him. Being a UCF grad living in Orlando I finally have an NFL team in the area to root for!

  28. He maybe good now until he starts thinking too much and that’s when he plays regular season games. He hasn’t proved anything yet. Just look at Brandon Weeden’s preseason stats last year. Buyers beware!!

  29. I’m pulling for the kid to have a solid NFL career (except against my Saints, of course.) But, to paraphrase Bill Parcells, “Let’s hold off on the anointing oil!”

  30. I selfishly want the 9ers to deal LaMicheal James to the Jags so we can see a Bortles & James backfield..

  31. I’m a big Bortles fan. IMO, the Jags should look to how Andy Reid brought along McNabb his first year in Philly. Keep in on the bench for at least a few games. If you start him, wait until midseason at the earliest until you do so. This kid has a great future, and it behooves the Jags to think long term with his development – not short term.

  32. Lol Blake Bortles tears up against 2nd-4th stringers in the preseason and people are ready to say the Jags are “Tough” and painting them as superbowl contenders.

    Lets see how he does against starters in a regular season game and take it from there.

    I think he may be good- but lets not forget the endless list of preseason heroes who’ve done nothing come regular season vs first string before we get ahead of ourselves after a few quarters of preseason football.

  33. bbb82,

    Interesting stat. I didn’t realize that but have always been skeptical of the preseason. It’s good to see a player do well but should be noted with caution and see how they do against the first string of teams in the regular season before we anoint them for sure.

  34. @bbb82 The Jaguars have a winning record against the Steelers alltime and are the only team ever to beat the Steelers twice in Pittsburgh in the same season and former Jags RB Fred Taylor owns the alltime highest game rushing record at Three Rivers Stadium. The Jacksonville Jaguars entered the NFL in 1995 and beat the Steelers in their initial metering in Jacksonville and quickly dethroned the Steelers as AFC Central Champs by 1997. Maybe Jacksonville will relocate to Pittsburgh. Hey Steelers who’s your Daddy? “You Play to Win The Game”!

  35. It seems that everyone is forgetting that the Jaguars are missing 4 of their top 5 receivers (Shorts, Blackmon, Sanders, Robinson). Bortles carved up the Bears and Bucs with 3 undrafted/journeyman receivers and a patchwork o-line. He’s elevating the playing level of those around him The hype is justified. It’s a bit overblown, but it’s still justified.

  36. He maybe good now until he starts thinking too much and that’s when he plays regular season games. He hasn’t proved anything yet.

    Sure…just like Teddy Bridgewater and your Vikings, right???

  37. I can’t believe how many people are comparing Bortles to Weeden. Whatever Weeden did in preseason is irrelevant. He has the slowest release I’ve ever seen. Maybe his preseason success had more to do with vanilla defenses, no stunts, etc. Might as well compare it to a probowl type game if you refer to a preseason game. Weeden…lol!

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