Bowe’s suspension could result in his departure from Chiefs, soon


The one-game suspension of Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe could, in hindsight, become the domino that ultimately gives the Browns a replacement for Josh Gordon.

The suspension most likely voids the remaining fully guaranteed money in Bowe’s contract:  $8.75 million in 2014 and $1.5 million in 2015.  It creates a window for the Chiefs to dump Bowe, avoiding more than $10 million and creating an immediate $8.75 million in 2014 cap space.  (The extra cap space now would almost entirely offset the $9 million cap charge they’d take in 2015, due to the post-June 1 move.)

Unless Bowe’s contract specifically was negotiated to remove now-standard language voiding future guarantees in the event of a suspension, the Chiefs could make a move at any point after Bowe’s one-week exile begins, but before the moment that his salary becomes guaranteed as “termination pay,” a benefit for all players with four or more years of service who are on a team’s Week One roster.

If Bowe is cut, he’d become a free agent.  And if Browns receiver Josh Gordon is suspended for a full year, Cleveland would have a clear need at receiver.

And Browns G.M. Ray Farmer worked for the Chiefs when Bowe was drafted.  And Farmer’s advisor, Bill Kuharich, served as the V.P. of player personnel in Kansas City when the Chiefs drafted Bowe.

The Chiefs also could trade Bowe to the Browns (or anyone else), but it would make no sense for Cleveland (or anyone else) to assume the obligation to pay him $8.75 million for 2014 if they can sign him for less on the open market.

Of course, coach Mike Pettine and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan would have to believe that Bowe could learn Shanahan’s offense.  But both Cleveland and Kansas City rely on West Coast-style offenses, making the potential transition easier.

Regardless of where Bowe ends up, the suspension gives the Chiefs the opportunity to block more than $10 million that currently is fully guaranteed to him.  If they choose to do so, Bowe’s most obvious next destination would become Cleveland.

60 responses to “Bowe’s suspension could result in his departure from Chiefs, soon

  1. There are 2 types of NFL players, those who care about winning and those who cash checks. Do you think most of these guys actually care if they win or lose on Sunday? They just hop in their Lamborghini and drive home to their mansion and wait for next Sunday. Competition in the NFL would go way up if these clowns were paid on wins instead of seeing how smooth their agent is.

  2. Has always been overrated and now he has a bad finger that causes him to drop balls. I can see the reason for cutting him, but I’m not sure the Browns will pounce on him.

  3. patsbrat says: Aug 15, 2014 2:56 PM

    Seems pretty extreme for a 1 game suspension…


    The point is that if the Chiefs are regretting the contract they gave Bowe (and they should) this suspension gives them an easy way to get out of it. I wouldn’t blame them for one second if they did. Bowe is pretty inconsistent and hasn’t put up true #1 WR numbers since like 2010.

  4. Only one problem here, Dwayne Bowe as a starting NFL WR. Other than that, looks good!

  5. Bowe is similar to Brandon Albert. They’re both solid starters, but not neccesarily superstars. That said, KC has nothing in the pipeline. There are a few TEs and young second tier WRs like Hemingway, Williams, and Jenkins. Bowe is not getting cut. Plus, the charges got dropped.

  6. I’m a D Bowe Fan, but I could see the logic in making a move. It would hurt our offense, but clearing $10 Plus Million in cap space would be HUGE for my Chiefs. Still a D Bowe Fan Though.

  7. Maybe he goes to Oakland.

    A’la in the good ole list of former Chiefs turned Raiders.

    Rich Gannon, Andre Rison, Albert Lewis, Harvey Williams…

    There is a big list. NFL Films once did a feature on the “hatfield & mcoys” relationship between the Raiders & Chiefs.

  8. KC can open up 25 million with very easy cuts this next offseason. they have double digit draft picks possibly 12 and this is without any trades. if their kicker is beat out, that is another 3.5 next year.

    regardless, Bowe isn’t going anywhere until after the season. they still need him this year because their WR group is weak and can cut him after the year and replace him with one of their many draft picks and that money that with bowe would put them with over 30 mil plus cap increase to spend

  9. why free up that money now? they don’t need it now, they can use bowe for the year and dump him, a bit like when they franchised albert. bowe was a 2 year extra franchise tag. he will be gone after the season.

  10. Thankfully they can get rid of the overrated bum without too much of a hit now. Bowe is one of the biggest joke of a WR. He is not fast, can’t stretch the field, can’t catch, can’t get separation, and most importantly can’t lead. The only thing he has in his favor is that he is a big body who can block fairly well.

  11. With or without Bowe, the Chiefs arent going anywhere this year anyways. They tanked & lost 5 of their last 7 games last year. Talk about folding like a lawn chair. Btw, when was the last time the Chiefs won a simple playoff game? Oh, thats right-OVER 20 YEARS AGO!

  12. Even with the suspension looming for Gordon, I would trade Bowe for Gordon straight up, cut the huge contract for the Chiefs and use the money to pay Houston, and Gordon is still on a rookie deal I believe. But player trades in the NFL are rare, I wouldn’t do it if in return the Chiefs only got draft picks. I don’t think any other NFL team is that stupid to pay that kind of money for Bowe’s mediocrity anyways.

  13. raidordie says:
    Aug 15, 2014 2:57 PM
    Why would the browns want someone who can be a liability?


    This is the team that drafted Johnny Football, I think they don’t seem to care about liability

  14. sorry those of you saying that Dwayne Bowe sucks haven’t looked at his production since Alex Smith got on the team. Jamaal Charles had been the leading receiver last year. I love Alex Smith averagepass is about seven to ten yards over the middle.Bowe has been less thrown to about 20 times a season. Look over the last 2 years is best years of production were before Alex Smith got there. He is a conservative game managing quarterback. I know I watched him for 7 years in San Francisco. Bowe is going to be a good pickup for any team that gets him, hopefully come to San Francisco but I don’t think they’re going to do it. He willvwant more than one year deal but any team that gets him is going to be better. I hope he doesn’t go to Seattle.

  15. If cut, I would guess that Bowe would sign with another team for 3 million dollars thus losing 5 million dollars because of pot.
    I could easily give up my vices of meat, booze, and donuts for 5 million dollars.

  16. yes. 5 of 7 to 3 teams.

    lets not make this into something it isn’t

    the chiefs went from 2 to 11 wins. that is tied for the biggest turnaround in league history. they have a ton of picks and cap room next year when they cut a few guys. its all there with the staff and front office for success. they brought in a ton of speed and talent the last 2 drafts and UDFA and waiver wire process.

    yes, they choked. but they are actually a better team now, and a team in transition. give it a year and they are the AFC version of the 49ers. a very strong team, that has a ton of draft picks and a top 5 team

  17. I could easily see him being cut at this point. A ton of money for an average receiver.

  18. This stems from an incident a few months ago where Bowe was pulled over and they found an extremely miniscule amount of weed in his car. If I remember right it was barely, or wasn’t even, enough to make one joint. And I don’t think he tested positive for it in his system to boot. So its not like he was driving around high with a pound of weed in his car. I feel the punishment is fitting, unlike the Ray Rice incident. I believe Bowe claimed the weed was not his (big surprise), and did not know it was in there.

    That being said, given the Chiefs cap situation and the desire to sign Houston, Smith, and Hali to extensions, this very well could be the end of Bowes career in KC. He has dropped a lot of passes since his new contract, which isn’t good given he’s a possession receiver. He’s still a good receiver, but he’s being overpaid for his skill set in comparison to the other guys making that kind of money at his position.

  19. Dwayne bowe is an outside deep threat, Alexis can’t throw further than 19yards. He’ll thrive in a downfield offense. That said, Who else they got at wr??

  20. No one is releasing their best WR going into the season. Defenses would gang up on Charles and KC would be lucky to win 5 games.

    Reid didn’t come to KC for $7.5 mil to win 5 games. D Bowe ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  21. Somebody asked why cut him since KC really doesn’t have any reason to open up cap space right now. The answer is that the guy writing the checks might not want to write one check every week of the season for hundred of thousand dollars to a marginally productive problem child.

  22. Connecting dots? I am surprised this story was not tied back to that ridiculous story about the NFL leaking getting tougher on domestic violence in order to soften the blow on upholding Gordon’s suspension.

  23. aldog83 says: Aug 15, 2014 3:42 PM

    Maybe he goes to Oakland.

    A’la in the good ole list of former Chiefs turned Raiders.

    Rich Gannon, Andre Rison, Albert Lewis, Harvey Williams…
    Yeah. Joe Montana. Marcus Allen. Vance Walker. 20 years without a playoff victory. We are all so happy that you brought your umbrella.

  24. This is ridiculous if you understand that the Chiefs believe the guy is a good WR. And they also believe they are going back to the playoffs. They are not cutting their # 1 WR because they can. Silly…

  25. raiderapologist says:
    Aug 15, 2014 8:44 PM
    Yeah. Joe Montana. Marcus Allen. Vance Walker. 20 years without a playoff victory. We are all so happy that you brought your umbrella.
    20 years without a playoff victory or 11 years and counting without a winning season????

  26. If he’s cut I want the Patriots to sign him. I don’t care how overrated he is, he’s better than watching Brady throw to a converted offensive lineman and a linebacker…

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