Chiefs announce league’s one-game suspension of Bowe

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If you had “Dwayne Bowe” in this week’s “Who gets suspended as part of this Friday bad-news dump?” pool, congratulations.

The Chiefs have announced that the team’s top wideout will miss the regular-season opener for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

“Dwayne has been given a one-game suspension by the National Football League,” the Chiefs said in a statement.  “We are disappointed in the situation and will miss him on the field, but we support the league’s decision.  The club will have no further comment on the matter.”

The suspension most likely arises from last year’s arrest for marijuana possession, which was resolved in the court system by Bowe pleading guilty to reduced charges.  Bowe’s lawyer declared in the aftermath of the arrest that Bowe was “100 percent innocent” (hey, it worked for O.J. Simpson), and Bowe blamed the incident on everyone being out to get him.

If, as it appears, Bowe received the one-game suspension even though he never actually pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana, the outcome shows that the NFL will disregard the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in a way that allows a player to escape significant criminal consequence, if the NFL wants to.  Which sharply contradicts the picture painted by the NFL when clumsily defending the Ray Rice suspension.

23 responses to “Chiefs announce league’s one-game suspension of Bowe

  1. Should be more. You can’t allow low character players to fester in your organization. Perhaps that’s why the Chiefs will implode this season.


  2. NFL fighting pot since 1800’s, NFL domestic abuse well 2 games that’s enough. What a joke Goodell is, and i used to like his style when he first came on board.

  3. Potentially bigger than missing the game against Tennessee, the suspension voids the guarantees money in 2014 and 2015 in Bowe’s pretty heavy contract. Makes it easier for KC to cut ties as Bowe has under performed during the deal and has been dropping passes all over training camp.

    KC also is tight with the cap.

  4. So much for the league’s punishment for violating the substance abuse policy as “set in stone”.

    Was he in Stage 2? There is no suspension for a player’s first violation (he has been previously suspended for PEDs, not substance abuse).

    Why not the 4-game ban? I thought that was automatic, Roger? Does law enforcement’s charge and a subsequent plea in a Court of Law not carry the same weight as a league urine test?

    Why the discrepancies, Roger??? I thought NFL Policy is “set in stone” for the past “20 years”?

    And, no, DBowe should not be suspended AT ALL for this.



  5. Which part of the situation is disappointing?

    That could be multiple things so please remind the media when it is the right time to explore the specifics of the comment you did choose to make.

  6. Not legally prosecutor possession of marajunna: 1 game suspension
    Beat your woman unconscious on tape: 2 game suspension
    Forget to file paperwork on doctor proscribed drug you have taken since age 9: 4 game suspension

    Way to teach players how to act NFL

  7. One game for illegally smoking pot is appropriate. Sixteen games for illegally smoking pot is absurd.

  8. Remember back when suspending players was going to make the NFL a better place?

    What it’s turned into is another thing the fans and media can complain about- that the suspensions are never long or harsh enough.

    You don’t see this going on with MLB, the NBA, or NHL.

    It’s all backfired on you, Commissioner Goodell.

  9. I think the question of “does the NFL even know what it’s donig with these punishments” has been answered. The answer is No.

    I think the convo should be turning towards how do WE do something about the league we love.

    This time of practice and anticipation has been overwhelmed by the hopscotch style of suspension determination. Throw a rock, where it lands nobody knows!

    The NFL has tarnished it’s name well enough on it’s own. They need to get out of the “you made us look bad so your suspended” business.

    Accurate moral judges they are not.

  10. Can someone please explain how these players can be so stupid??? Were they all raised with money so that way they dont appreciate it now or am i missing something. You have the world at your finger tips and they continue to do this crap. I don’t get it.

  11. There has to be more to this than what is being reported. Assuming this is Bowe’s first violation of the Substance Abuse Policy, the punishment is inconsistent with the violation but not in the way most think.

    If you read the policy, punishment for the first offense is entry into stage 2 and a fine but no suspension. Bowe did not plead guilty to nor was he convicted of possession so he is being disciplined under the subjectively worded behavior clause of the policy that gives the league discretion in the absence of a positive test or a player self referral.

    So he got a suspension when the policy clearly does not call for one for first offenders. Had he already been in stage 2, the penalty would be admission to stage 3, a fine and a 4 game suspension.

  12. blogatron,

    I thought he same thing. I’m guessing the reason he got the 1 game (versus 0 games if he wasn’t in Stage 2 or 4 games if he was already in Stage 2) is because this included an “arrest”.

    So he was arrested by Law Enforcement versus a failed league drug test (which doesn’ t come with an arrest)

    Or…it’s just more of the NFL being completely inconsistent with their punishments. What a surprise.


  13. Why did you clumsily decide to bring Ray Rice into this article?

    In his case quoting the prosecutor “After considering all relevant information in light of applicable law it was determined this was the appropriate disposition”

    Prosecutors decided to let him enter the program and eventually clear his record thereby skipping trial and not being charged with assault. Yet the NFL inflicted their own version of justice despite the exercise of prosecutorial discretion shown by this prosecutor.

    So stop name dropping Rice for ratings.

  14. Goodell is turning this league into a laughing stock ! Adjust the rules every year to cater to the need of a few and now suspend a player that wasn’t convicted of a crime “other than littering and equipment failure” Enjoy the NFL while you can fellas cuz it wont be here much longer

  15. He is doing it so the Chiefs will cut bait with him and save instant money against the cap and Bowe will have an easier time catching on with another team. Someone will more than likely want to have him for 15 games than 12. He hands the suspension down now, the Chiefs can officially act on it and cut him. He then gets signed and immediately gets into camp to learn the playbook, sits in idle for a week and is back on the field. Guaranteed.

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