Decision day for Browns QB could be next Tuesday

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Browns coach Mike Pettine stalled and stalled when it came time to announce who’d start the second preseason game.

But his decision on who would start the regular season opener might be a quick one.

Pettine announced Thursday (following days of hedging) that Brian Hoyer would start Monday’s game against Washington, but the Johnny Manziel would get equal reps with the starters.

“I’m sure we’ll sit down at some point next week, maybe more than likely later in the day on Tuesday and get our heads together and see what we come up with,” Pettine said on his radio show on 92.3 The Fan., via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

As much attention as has been given to the fact Hoyer’s the “veteran” and Manziel the “rookie,” the difference might not be as significant as you think. After all, Hoyer’s only thrown 192 more NFL passes than Manziel, and started only four more games.

“Brian is in a unique situation,” Pettine said. “He does have years in the league, but it’s hard to put that veteran label on him because he doesn’t have that many career starts. In some aspects, he is a veteran because he’s been around for so long in the league, but he’s closer to being a rookie just as far as the number of snaps he’s taken in live game situations.”

Along with the addition of Rex Grossman, it just seems like another piece of evidence that Manziel’s promotion is inevitable.

9 responses to “Decision day for Browns QB could be next Tuesday

  1. Im sure he will name career backup Hoyer as his starter. If he truly hadnt made his mind up already, Johnny would be starting vs the Redskins.

    It pretty sad when the Steelers DC Dick LeBeau knows who the better QB is, more than his own head coach, blockhead Pettine.

    LeBeau last week said he was preparing for Johnny to start. I trust LeBeau’s assessment more than this morons.

    Smh only the Browns can constantly screw up simple decisions. They screw up the draft every year, and now this year the QB situation.

  2. This proclamation is not new.

    Every year teams with a quarterback question state they want to have the issue resolved before game three.

    More often than not, this drags on …. sometimes right up until the opening kickoff ….

  3. Hoyer should start at least the first few games. Remember, this is a new coach again and with a new system and recievers etc. There is going to be a learning curve to some degree for everyone.

    If he struggles, then put JF in. That way you get the best chance for a decent year and gave both guys a chance.

  4. “Along with the addition of Rex Grossman, it just seems like another piece of evidence that Manziel’s promotion is inevitable.”

    No it doesn’t.

  5. I can see why they’re putting this one off – “Do I get my 1st string QB killed Wk 1, or my 2nd string QB?

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