Dwayne Bowe’s “finger is shot”


Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe is coming off a mediocre 2013 season and his attempt to rebound this year is complicated by a finger injury.

Bowe came into camp getting positive reviews for his conditioning, something that hasn’t always been the case in his career, but the praise slowed as Bowe started dropping passes during practices. There isn’t much criticism either, though, as coach Andy Reid explained that Bowe’s battling a finger injury that has made holding onto the ball more difficult.

“Dwayne Bowe has been out here and his finger is shot,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “It’s been thrown out of place about 15 times, so now he’s not catching the ball but he’s getting his work done. You can practice with that kind of thing.”

Reid didn’t offer a timeframe for Bowe’s recovery and one might not exist if it is the kind of injury that Bowe is going to be trying to work through all season. While that drive to be on the field is commendable, it won’t help the Chiefs all that much during the season if the fallout is dropped passes that stymie the offense’s progress.