Jerry Jones: No need to speed up talks on new contract for Dez Bryant


Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is entering the final year of his contract and is poised to cash in one way or another once the season comes to an end.

Bryant has caught 185 passes and 25 touchdowns over the last two seasons and should have another big season ahead of him if he remains healthy, but owner Jerry Jones says that he isn’t feeling much urgency to get a deal done before Bryant adds to his case for a lucrative deal. While the team is working toward an extension with Bryant, Jones says the existence of the franchise tag means there’s no rush.

“I don’t talk about these contracts that are in this particular stage, which is a negotiation, whether it be preliminary or whether it be at some advanced stage in the negotiation, so let’s just say we’re working towards those kinds of things,” Jones said on KRLD, via the Dallas Morning News. “We have Dez for several more years, as it would be under contract as well as with the league-type structure that’s available to us with the franchise [tag] and the transition [tag] and all that. It’s an important thing. We think Dez has made a lot of progress, but it’s something that is going to be very impactful on our team, so it’s just not necessary to move at any faster rate than we’re moving.”

It cost over $10.1 million to use the franchise tag on wide receivers this year, all of which counts against the cap, and the number is likely to be higher next year as the price tags of the top receivers in the game grows. That could be tough on the perennially cap-challenged Cowboys, although negotiations with a 26-year-old receiver playing at a high level may not be any easier for the Cowboys.

17 responses to “Jerry Jones: No need to speed up talks on new contract for Dez Bryant

  1. Dez is good but not, IMO, a top tier WR (too easily shut down by top CBs – DHall of my team “laughs” at him)

    he is going to want to be overpaid because he thinks, and some have marketed him, as better than he is

    I would not overpay Dez Bryant; he has stayed out of trouble and is maturing, but he is simply not one of those top 5-8 true elite WRs (he is not…. CJohnson, AJohnson, AJGreen, LFitz, BMarshall, JGordon, DJax, VJax… or what I believe Sammy Watkins is)… and, probably not, or at best in same group as…. JJones/RWhite, DThomas, AJeffrey, JNelson, PGarcon group

  2. Yes, yes he is in the top tier WR’s in the league. If you don’t like the team or the player that is fine, but don’t penalize what a player has/is doing on the field because of your personal feelings.

  3. With the 32nd ranked D in the league only getting worse in the offseason, an overweight Tony Romo and a schedule that requires you to play the NFC West and AFC South, how many shootouts do you think you’ll be in where Dez won’t be targeted at least 12-15 times a game?

    I’d sign him now before he demands Calvin Johnson money for putting up Calvin Johnson numbers this season.

  4. The ‘perennially cap challenged’ Cowboys are NOT perennially challenged next year. They currently sit more than $10 mil under the lower cap projection of $140 million. And that is not counting any excess cap they roll into next season (roughly $10 mill for 2014 right now) and any restructuring of deals for guys like Romo.

  5. If anyone think’s Dez isn’t a top tier reciever, obviously doesn’t know the game. His attitude has gotten alot better and all he want’s to do is win.

  6. Comparing Dez to A. Johnson who is over the hill, L. Fitgerald who is getting old, V. Jackson….really, is absolutely pathetic or down right stupid. He is the most difficult receiver to tackle, has as good of hands as anyone, is one of the top TD receivers in the league. The guy never takes a play off, can block down field, and is only 26 years old. Dez is one of the top 5 receivers in the league, only behind C. Johnson in my opinion. All top receivers bring something unique to the table…..D. Jackson with speed, C. Johnson with size and speed, Green with all around talent, and Dez with every quality you want in a receiver but with added intensity. He’s Michael Irvin, just faster and stronger. As for J. Nelson and the second group mentioned above…..please….now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  7. The Cowboys are just being smart, here. Dez Bryant is a top-tier receiver but let’s not pretend that there isn’t as much chance that he’ll do something to hurt his value this season as there is that he’ll add to it.

    Coming from a Cowboys fan and blogger, I view Dez as a player who is constantly at a cross-road between heading one direction toward being great and heading another direction toward getting himself into trouble.

    He has fundamental things about his game that have to improve – route-running being the primary one. He also has come very close to crossing the line on many occasions when it comes to personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct. It seems as his confidence grows, so does his propensity to take things a little too far after the whistle and on the sidelines.

    My hope is that Jerry Jones uses the 2014 season to let Dez Bryant prove that he can not only be a good receiver, but he can avoid silly personal foul/unsportsmanlike conduct incidents that hurt the team both via penalty and via distraction.

  8. If the Cowboys struggle as much as expected this year, Dez will have the chance to show exactly who he is, character wise. If he passes this test, he earns the top 5 contract treatment.

  9. no he is not a top WR as I illustrated and defined (I define as top 5-8)

    you say he is… I listed WRs better than him…

    how is he a top tier WR? who is he better than among guys I mentioned?

  10. I discount husker…. but he has a medical issue so we should not make fun…

    Dez is not very fast, Dez does not have great hands, Dez does not run great routes, he is too easily taken out of the game… he is not a legit top 8 WR, and I would not put him in the top 10… he is very good and a #1 but those putting him with the top guys are simply wrong

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