Jerry Reese: If Manning, JPP play well, we can be really good


There were a lot of things wrong with the Giants in 2013 and any discussion of those flaws has to include the play of quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Manning threw 27 interceptions and Pierre-Paul was a shell of his explosive self after offseason back surgery, leaving the Giants without the performance they expected from two of the best players on their roster. The Giants changed a lot of things this offseason, but General Manager Jerry Reese doesn’t think the key players for the team’s chances of breaking a two-year run out of the playoffs have changed.

“There are two guys on our team that have to play really well and it’s Eli Manning and Jason Pierre-Paul,” Reese said, via Don Banks of “If those guys play well, I think we’ve got a chance to be really good.”

It’s not an out of left field prediction by any means, but it is probably an accurate one. The Giants offense under Tom Coughlin has been at its best when Manning has been at his best and Pierre-Paul has shown special ability on the defensive line at points in his career. Through this point in the offseason, Pierre-Paul looks closer to fulfilling Reese’s desires as he looked good against the Steelers while Manning failed to complete a pass in the team’s new offense.

If things remain that way, it is hard to see the Giants finding their way back to the postseason so there’s pressure on Manning to get the offense moving back in the right direction after a dreadful 2013 effort.

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  1. Right… The Giants have a dreadful roster! Manning. Cruz. JPP. Those guys can play, but the rest of the roster is more question than answer. They’re no St Louis, or Jacksonville, but they easily have the least amount of talent in that division.

  2. 6-10 at best. The reason the defense played so well was because of Justin Tuck, and Will Hill the most underrated player in the league (second highest rated safety according to pff). Eli is past his prime, there’s only one proven receiver, the line is horrible, and PEYTON HILLIS IS STILL YOUR RB. But if they get within a game of 500, we’ll hear Giants fans screaming Super Bowl like last year, even if they’re playing the worst quarterbacks in the league.

  3. I love the stat that Manning didn’t complete a single pass against the Steelers. What a worthless statement. He was 0 for 2. Two passing attempts. They were working on getting the running game going and getting the line to gel. It’s not like he missed on a dozen passes or something.

  4. Redskins fan here and the Giants scare me a heck of a lot more than the overhyped Eagles. They have a Super Bowl champion coach who knows how to motivate and lead players and not let his ego get in the way. Eli is a streaky quarterback who has struggled the last 2 years but if he gets rolling he is very dangerous. The Giants concern is if JPP can get back to where he was without Tuck and all the injuries he’s endured.

  5. A defensive end playing good does zero.

    The Bills had the entire defensive line either in the pro-bowl or with double-door sacks last year…and that did nothing.

  6. Eli will win at least 1 more ring before he retires. Most likely 2 more.
    Best “big game” and “clutch” QB.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. I read the Eagles fans hate for Eli Manning and it reminds me of just how sad their organization is.

    We have 4 Lombardi’s. You have 0.

    That means you know just how hard it is to win ONE, and Eli has 2 of our 4, by driving down the field and scoring last in both Superbowls.

    You guys sound so foolish bashing Eli for a bad year.

  8. Quoting wlubake:
    They were working on getting the running game going and getting the line to gel.

    The Giants’ o-line is gel; that’s exactly the problem! A decent coach would want his line to jell, as in solidify into a cohesive unit.

  9. I am not a Giant Fan but Eli is one tough QB and doesn’t get enough credit. That being said if he has the supporting receivers and backs he will get them the ball and the Giants will be a tough out especially if the defense has the strength to get them some turnovers.

  10. censorshipstinks says:
    Aug 15, 2014 10:56 AM
    So according to Reese. those two can take on all other teams. Giants can save a ton of salary. Just cut everyone else.

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    no worries for you about censorship because you have no reading comprehension skills based on what you said.

    Reese said NO such thing as what you just said.

    Reese actually didn’t come close to saying what you said he did.

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