Jim Brown’s not mad at Johnny Football’s nightlife

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Jim Brown started his career in the movies while his football career was still underway. He caused a stir by filming a controversial-at-the-time love scene with Raquel Welch. He made headlines on and off the field.

So naturally, he likes Johnny Manziel.

The Browns legend said he did not disapprove of the rookie quarterback’s behavior, in an interview with ESPN Cleveland’s “The Really Big Show.”

“You’ve got to remember, I’m an ex-player. We used to party,” Brown said. “Let’s get real, man, we chase girls.”

Manziel has created plenty of attention (perhaps far too much) for his off-field escapades, but Brown said there’s some substance to his game which stands out as well.

“I like Johnny, you know, I like his type,” Brown said. “Johnny is a champion, Johnny won games in college. He won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, didn’t he? … That’s pretty bold. Not bad. You got to have something going on to do that.”

And even though Brown is decades removed from his days as a player, he clearly knows a player when he sees one.

44 responses to “Jim Brown’s not mad at Johnny Football’s nightlife

  1. I’m a huge Aggie fan and a huge Johnny Football fan… but I’m not sure I can agree with the “Johnny is a champion” comment. I don’t know that he’s ever won a championship in college or high school.

  2. Now if Manziel can deliver on the field playing pro football, then all is good. If not. Then another Heisman footnote.

  3. It’s going to be very simple: Johnny comes out and plays well, no one cares about off the field. Johnny comes and and plays awful and his career will be short. NFL will tolerate distractions for good players, but distractions from players that don’t contribute are pariah’s.

  4. Jim Brown and the players of his era were lucky to play in a time period without social media, without everyone having cameraphones on them at all times, and without the 24-hour news cycle of today. I’ll bet there were plenty of old-timers with squeaky-clean reputations who would absolutely get crucified in today’s environment.

  5. All due respect to the GOAT, Haslam just started cutting Jim a check and welcomed him back to the Browns family.

    Criticizing Manziel, is the same as criticizing Halslam, who picked him. So you have it.

    What happened to all the Jim Brown should shut up people?

  6. Lol only the Browns could start an undrafted QB who had 9 TDS and 9 INTS and 2100 yards in his last year in college in one of the worst major college conferences over 1 of your 1st round draft picks that had 37 TDS 13 INTs his last year in college in the best college conference.

    Makes sense to me. Good call Pettine u moron.

  7. Must admit , JB recognizes great runners , and
    if JM converts to RB , he will be right again .

  8. Nothing wrong with “chasing girls” on your down time. Just what you do with them when you catch them, is the problem jim ran into. Manziel will be fine, he’s managed to keep it professional the past few weeks, since camp started. Hoyer will start season, Johnny will be starter no later than week 4. Johnny will lead browns to playoffs in season 1, thus raising his already inflated status to legendary!

  9. The players of past are lucky, darned lucky, that TMZ or social media didn’t exist. Heck even real journalists back then (even 10-15 years ago) would not report the escapades of athletes unless they were arrested. Now, athletes are stigmatized if they’re photographed with a drink in their hands at a party.

  10. Correction Hoyer in his last year at Michigan State threw for a whopping 2404 yards, 9 TDS 9 INTS. Went 7-5 his junior year and 9-4 senior year losing to Georgia his senior year. They put up a whopping 12 points. Junior year they lost to BOSTON COLLEGE in their bowl game.

    vs Johnny being unstoppable against one of the best college defenses in Alabama his 2 yrs at A&M.

  11. Johnny only threw for 4114 yds his second year, but the Browns are gonna start an undrafted bad college QB.

    This is why they lose 10+ games every year. Dumb decision making

  12. It’s funny how the media acts like Johnny Football is out of control. What a party animal. Needs to be focused on football.

    He actually is pretty tame compared to what NFL players did in the 60s and 70s.

    Jim Brown is right saying, “let’s get real man”.

  13. My take is this.

    Brown was so physically superior to ALL of his opponents in every form and fashion that he excelled tremendously. Also, Brown didn’t have to really master too much in the playbook.

    By contrast, Manziel is not bigger, faster and stronger than everyone he competes against — and his path to success (should he take it) has sooo much to do with what’s between the ears, situational football and being the first/last to leave the locker room … not being the first/last to leave the bar.

    These situations are VERY distinguishable — and Brown and Manziel don’t appear to grasp that.

  14. Jim really does recognize a player when he sees one. Among his astute observations were that Adrian Peterson has the chance to be one of the best RBs of all times and Trent Richardson is not a good RB.

  15. Brown says “we chased girls”. Yup. And he also was charged with battery against both men and women a number of times.
    Brown was a great football player — the best RB in NFL history in my opinion. And he was also a superb all-around athlete.
    He has also done a lot of work in inner cities trying to stop gang violence.
    I understand why he is saying Manziel’s actions don’t bother him.
    But the difference to me is, Manziel is a spoiled little rich kid. You can just tell he thinks his you-know-what doesn’t stink.
    I can’t wait til Manziel gets knocked on his little butt a few times to take him down a few pegs.

  16. Why do Browns fans , not realize a bad draft pick after so many others ? Why does exciting type of play , make a marginal draft bust , a great pick-up ?

  17. OK , i’ ll answer that . If you live in your mothers
    basement , or you are a fan of football in the last
    10 years , you don’t know what football is all
    about . Not all players get ice cream after the game .
    You have to be a great player , just to make the practice squad . If being fun to watch , makes you a viable NFL QB , your fans are 10 years old !

  18. Great football player, but I would take any of his player analysis with a grain of salt. Plus we all know just how well the average Heisman Trophy winner does in the NFL.

  19. Same guy who called out Trent Richardson when everyone else said he’d be the next coming of Marshawn lynch, and look how right he was… I’ll take his judgment on this one

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