Kyle Fuller says X-Rays negative on injured ankle

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The Chicago Bears held their breath Thursday night as first-round pick Kyle Fuller left the game after suffering an injured ankle on the opening kick of their preseason game with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

However, it appears that Fuller may have dodged a serious injury.

The rookie cornerback told reporters after the game that X-Rays on his injured ankle came back negative for a fracture and he didn’t believe the injury was serious, per Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune.

The injury didn’t look particularly problematic at the time as Fuller continued to walk around the sidelines and didn’t seem too affected by the incident.

Ultimately, NFL teams just hope to get through the preseason healthy and early indications are that Fuller avoided any significant injuries Thursday night.

7 responses to “Kyle Fuller says X-Rays negative on injured ankle

  1. I always laugh at teams that insist on playing their brand new 1st round picks on ST. Teams spend months and millions just to unearth an awesome talent then tell him to go on pint coverage! Isn’t that why the draft goes 7 deep??? Get your 4-6th rounders to cover kick offs!

  2. ALL Bear fans were holding their breath on this one. Let’s hope for a speedy rehab so we can see him match up against Seattle next week.

  3. They really need this kid to be a contributor this year. Tillman looked like he tweaked something last night on the crappy Soldier Field surface (seriously, how is it this bad in August??), and it is obvious Kelvin Hayden, Isaiah Frey, and Sherrick McManis are a huge drop off. Fuller needs to be the third CB, and be on the field a lot.
    Solid tackler, good cover skills, and seems to be all over the place.

  4. It was just a bad night for the Bears all around. Not only the Fuller injury, but backup TE Zack Miller — who played spectacularly last week against Philly — left early too with what may be a more serious foot injury.

    The Bears also continued to show that about the only thing they’re really good at right now is passing the ball. Their 1st-string ground game is non-existent, their defense doesn’t look much better than last year, and their special teams may be the worst in the league. They won on the scoreboard last night, but that’s about it.

  5. I’m a Bears fan and Trestman is a smart guy, but I have to say… playing your first-round draft pick and a presumable opening day starter on teams — in a preseason game, no less — is just insanity. The Bears were kind of asking for this one.

  6. I agree, a first round pick should not be playing ST unless he is returning kicks. I’m glad it was nothing serious however see you week 1 Fuller (hopefully). On a side note these flags are WAY out of hand. Gruden making fun of the ref throwing the yellow flag 31 yards was priceless.

  7. The officiating needs to change come regular season. I saw several horrible calls last night. The worst two were a roughing the passer against Jacksonville and a P.I. when a Jaguars WR ran into a Bears DB. A lot of these calls are giving teams first downs on third down. It wouldn’t be as bad if they were spot fouls but, a first down for illegal contact on 3rd & 17 is ridiculous. It also slows down the game.

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