Marshawn Lynch makes preseason debut, Philip Rivers plays one series


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made a token appearance against the San Diego Chargers in his first preseason action since returning from a contract holdout two weeks ago.

One of his fellow stars has had a little more impact.

Percy Harvin had three catches for 24 yards in the first quarter of Friday night’s game against the Chargers. Harvin played for just one snap in last week’s preseason opener against the Denver Broncos, but has played both series with the first team offense for Seattle tonight.

Harvin appeared in just three games for Seattle last season due to a hip injury and concussion.

Lynch’s appearance was significantly more brief. He appeared in just the first few snaps of the game and did not get a touch for the Seahawks.

After Lynch’s cameo, backup Robert Turbin looked very competent in his place. Turbin has carried for 81 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries early in the second quarter.

San Diego defensive tackle Sean Lissemore left the game with an ankle and is questionable to return. Quarterback Philip Rivers played just one series for the Chargers before donning a baseball cap on the sidelines. Rivers was 2 for 4 for 20 yards in his brief appearance.

Seattle’s offense has outclassed the San Diego defense early on, jumping out to a 17-0 lead with 9:17 left in the second quarter.

18 responses to “Marshawn Lynch makes preseason debut, Philip Rivers plays one series

  1. Hater’s can hate all they want, but ZERO d-holding on the ‘Hawks so far. The coaches teach to adapt. We have adapted… how is your team doing? Your team spent the offseason learning what the Seahawks were doing the past two years! We’ve moved on.


  2. Marshawn averages 1.2 carries per game in preseason. Wish Seattle didn’t have their entire lb corp missing minus one and only both guards are are starters rest are backups. Hard to get a Good read with all these backups !

  3. Complete domination by the Hawks tonight. You can bet the Chargers aren’t looking forward to week two.


  4. Whose ankle did lissemore leave the field with? Or was it his ankle and he actually left his other one on the field? Either way I am dying to know! Checking all other sites for a more descriptive take on the situation! I think this probably should have been the headline!

  5. We also learned that there will continue to be two sets of rules for games in Seattle as evidenced by the ticky tacky pass interference call early on Flowers that led to a TD. The subsequent series no call on Seattle for holding the receiver. So easy to hate Seattle even in the pre season! Where’s the PED testing results for these Cheaters?

  6. How funny.

    Let’s see if I have this right.

    A few weeks ago, when they announced the stricter enforcement of D holding, y’all said it was because the league wanted to crack down on the “cheating Seattle LOB”.

    Now it’s a big conspiracy to help Seattle.

    Is that about right?


  7. I have to say the Seahawks looked great. However, keep in mind they also left Starters in for almost a full half. Take it with a grain of salt. The Chargers did some things right but had this been a real game, no doubt Seattle wins. A tip for you “new” Seahawks Fans… It is cool to back your team, but some of you are outright obnoxious and rarely make comments with any football knowledge. Just trying to pick fights? Again, not everyone… The majority of real Seattle fans have waited a long time and deserve the joy of success.

  8. Interesting that the oh so sage Niner fans try to give lessons to Seattle fans, yet it was their own team who felt compelled to issue them instructions on how to act like Seattle fans.

    Oh, the irony.

    Superbowl Champs.

  9. We were right here. Can’t help it that just in the last five years every kid in the US got a smartphone and started posting nonsense.

    Ten years ago kids were not allowed to use their parents computer much for fear of breaking it. Now every kid has his own computer/tablt/smartphone.

    The internet…where a 45 year old college professor finds himself in a heated debate with a 12 year old and doesn’t even know.

  10. packerbackernj says:
    Aug 16, 2014 11:40 AM
    Where were all these seahawk fans prior to 2012? One of the most fair weather fanbases in the entire nfl.


    Can’t really blame them though. They’ve had paper bags over their head for several decades, it’s nice to finally see them enjoy something you know. They want to appear vicious because they’ve been the nfl’s toilet bowl for so long. But the new fans, well they’re very new to the game.

    On another note, the Seahawks offense, especially RW, will be fun to watch. The way he manages broken or extended plays makes him super dangerous.

    I’m a Niners fan and think our DBS and LBs will be running around all day long when they face each other. Maybe Kaep can actually surprise us Niners fans with improved play???

  11. Preseason be damned, Russell Wilson’s performance was mesmerizing. That kid can play. Only his third season. The Total Package. He’s quickly inching his way into “Top-4” status.

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