Ravens like what they’ve seen from Timmy Jernigan


The Ravens have already lost two defensive linemen for the season and Terrence Cody remains on the PUP list after hip surgery, leaving playing time for the taking for the players currently practicing in camp.

It sounds like second-round pick Timmy Jernigan is making a serious bid to earn a fair amount of it. Jernigan has proven to be a good fit on the Ravens defensive line, using his size and speed to make plays in the backfield since he started practicing with the team this spring. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees said that 49ers coaches raved about Jernigan when the two teams were practicing together and he shares their positive read on the rookie’s skills.

“Quick, explosive, everything we saw on film, a good draft pick,” Pees said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I really like him. I think he’s practicing really hard. I’m real pleased with where he’s coming, learning every day about the system. It’s a little different than what he did at Florida State. Very active.”

Haloti Ngata, Brandon Williams and Chris Canty look like the first three up front for the Ravens this year, but it figures to be a fluid situation as the season unfolds. If Jernigan continues to show an ability to help the team in a variety of ways, he should see his playing time climb steadily on a defense that’s remaking itself after winning the Super Bowl two years ago.

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  1. He was in such poor shape in the national championship game that he was forced to stand on the sideline and suck wind during some of the most critical parts of the game. This says a lot about his commitment to the game and his conditioning. Once this guy gets a little money in his pocket that’s only going to get worse. Prepare for him to be a bust Ravens fans.

  2. “johnelwayishorsefaced says: Aug 15, 2014 12:03 PM

    He was in such poor shape in the national championship game that he was forced to stand on the sideline”

    Sorry to see how misinformed that you are. He had the flu. If you watched even a portion of his career at FSU, then you would know that not only was he FSU’s most talented lineman, but extremely hard working.

    So, readers, you can take the word of this guy above, or (2) separate NFL coaching staffs, who rave about the guy, who was a huge factor in a resurgent team that won a National Championship, even playing through illness. Your call.

  3. Don’t forget CJ Mosely the Raven’s first round pick. Please note both of those picks were chosen after the Steelers first choice. Steeler fans will have to live with that for years.

    I am smiling right now.

  4. I was surprised Jernigan didn’t go in the first round based on video I saw of him at FSU. It must have been because of a urine test at the combine that caused him to go later. He is going to fit in good with the Ravens defense.

  5. Along with having the flu, he was “sucking wind” on the sideline because he had singlehandedly shut down auburn’s rushing attack to allow FSU to get back into the game. They couldn’t afford to rest or rotate him because they couldn’t stop auburn with him out. Eventually he did gas out but by then FSU at least had a chance to win, thanks to his play. The ravens should be able to keep him a little fresher than that I would think, plus again, he was recovering from the flu.

  6. It is an interesting fact…Steelers chose 2 slots in front of the Ravens and both teams took 2 defenders in rounds 1 & 2: Shazier & Tuitt to the Steelers…Moseley & Jernigan to the Ravens…can’t wait to see how that turns out between them!

  7. High praise for this guy. I’m excited but it all changes when teams are doing it with all first string players for real. I think he’ll be fine and excel in time but he’s going up against bigger, more athletic monsters in the trenches. Especially in the AFCN.

  8. dumbaseinstien says: Aug 15, 2014 2:11 PM

    “after winning the Super Bowl two years ago”

    It was Ref game manipulation that made that happen, not the stinky Raven’s D.


    Or, I dunno, maybe the 34 points Ravens put on the score board might have had something to do with it too instead of a referee conspiracy theory. Do you wear aluminum hats to avoid the government spying on your brain?

  9. Jernigan, Williams, Ngata, Suggs Mosely, Smith and Upshaw will be the best NFL front seven in 2014. Add in Dumervil and McPhee along with Canty and Tyson and now we have a wicked pass rush with great depth. EASILY the best in the AFC North.
    Kubiak’s offense with the best offensive line in the AFC get’s us back to the AFC CH Game against Denver.

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