T.O. visits Cowboys camp, says he can still play

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It’s been nearly four years since Terrell Owens last played in an NFL regular-season game.  He still thinks he can play.

Maybe he can.  Still, but for a short stay with the Seahawks in 2012, no one has given him a chance.

Owens visited Cowboys training camp on Thursday, and he told reporters that he “absolutely” can still play.

What kind of question is that?” Owens said with a smile, via the Dallas Morning News.  “I worked out this morning.  Looking good.  Always looking to do something.”

So will the 40-year-old Owens get another shot?

“That’s all in God’s hand,” Owens said.  “I haven’t ruled it out.  I haven’t retired.  I’ve kept myself in good enough shape to go in and help somebody if need be.”

Last year, Owens said that if no one offered him an opportunity in 2013, he’d indeed retire.  The phone didn’t ring then, and it has yet to ring now.

That doesn’t mean it won’t ring.  But with each passing day, the chances of it happening get more remote.

Meanwhile, if Owens doesn’t return to the NFL this year or next year, he’ll be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2016.

41 responses to “T.O. visits Cowboys camp, says he can still play

  1. Quit playing around with the cowgirls and jerrah, and come home and retire where you belong and that is with THE 49ers #GONiners #Nobodyhasitbetter

  2. I’m confused. Has he retired or not?

    If so, then he’s eligible to be inducted into the HOF. If he’s not officially retired, then how could be he eligible for the HOF?

    BTW, wouldn’t it be 2017, since it’s a 5 year waiting period and the last time he played was in 2012?

  3. All the locker rooms he disrupted he made his own bed. Why don’t he go to Montreal and play with the other ultimate ” me” player Chad.

  4. It’s not his body, it’s his hands. He has lost the ability to pull in the football in heavy traffic over the middle. You can do all the crunches in the world and bust the 40 YD like nobody’s business. But if you can’t catch the ball due alligator arms, in fear of getting hit, you are no good to anybody.

  5. TO got a bad rap for real….in SF his agent screwed up his free agency paperwork and he has been bitter about it ever since at rightly so. and his TD dances and such rubbed the ole boys club/conservative fans and decision makers off….dude never did a ray rice, a josh gordon, a ray lewis, a brett favre one-eyed selfie, a marshawn lynch, or anything like that. h

  6. Hall of Famer, hands down. His locker room/bad teammate history shouldn’t be used against him because it would be a violation of rules.

    HOF VP joe Horrigan told the rich eisen podcast in aug 2012 that player’s evaluations need to be based on what the player did on the field and behavior cannot be taken into account. A locker room is off a field and being a bad teammate involves behavior literally, albeit bad behavior.

    If writers blatantly violate this rule they should be banned from voting.

  7. With T.O. it was never about anything but T.O. That’s why no one wants to give him a shot. He’s still too wrapped up in his stats, his targets, his touchdowns, his celebrations, HIS legacy.

  8. I see that TO has definitely not matured with age. That answer to the media, whether joking or no, demonstrates a lack of humility and sends a message to GMs that his ego is still out of control. Physically he can still play, but mentally, he’s a trainwreck.

    Take lessons young guys. Never burn your bridges while you’re still playing. The guys controlling the purse strings last longer than you do.

  9. I am the same age as T.O and could probably be built like him….if I quit drinking beer, quit sitting on my couch posting on here, and exercised.

  10. t.o is the man. 2nd best wr of all time. everyone knows who’s #1. t.o can still make corners look silly. i’d love to see t.o take shermam to school. 49ers should have signed him 3 years ago. we’d probably have at least 1 ring in 3 years. i still have t.o’s 49ers jersey. i think i’ll wear it on sunday.

  11. I’m embarrassed to admit that I do miss him in Dallas in some small way that I can’t explain. But man he had some mind numbing, teeth grinding, drive killing drops for us.

  12. TO has never gotten that its not declining physical skills that have kept him off the field, but the fact that he was one of the biggest locker room cancers in the history of sports.

    Why would any coach want such a disruptive person in their locker room ?

  13. Wow… you can tell a lot about what a person is like by what kind of fan they are… why anyone hates the cowboys so much when even cowboys fans (I am one, have been for 25 years, and will always be) know they suck, is laughable… You don’t see this much hate for worse teams. That being said….

    Yes, I think T.O. still can play WR…. maybe not a #1 , but definitely a #2 or #3 and ONLY IF his ego could handle not being a #1… that is a mighty big ONLY IF, but hey, sometimes when you lose everything it brings humility. Give the guy a shot… Personally, I think T.O. + Dez would be unstoppable.

  14. @ rajbais- Dallas loses nothing with Rolando McClain. if he makes the team they send a 6th or 7th round pick to the ravens. if he doesn’t make the team they lose nothing. please get your facts straight

  15. Although he’s a nutcase, I bet he could play, somewhere. He’s a hard worker, tall and can catch. You telling me the Jags couldn’t use? Only pause is that Patriots haven’t brought him in for a free look so maybe he is done, but I’d love to see him get another chance, even though I’m not a fan of his mouth.

  16. The longer he delays retirement, the longer the HOF will wait to add his name to a ballot. So as to avoid the debates about his merit as a member of the HOF, I hope he doesn’t officially retire.

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