Bears agree to terms with Santonio Holmes

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The Bears have a hole for a third receiver, with Marquess Wilson injured.

They’re attempting to fill it with a veteran.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Bears have agreed to terms with Santonio Holmes.

The 30-year-old was a shell of himself with the Jets last year because of a foot injury, but if he’s well, he could contribute to a dangerous passing game.

But it remains to be seen what he has left.

50 responses to “Bears agree to terms with Santonio Holmes

  1. Long as he isnt a distraction. I love the signing.

    SN: Jay Cutler has zero excuses now. Bears fans have blamed his receivers, o-line, and last year the defense. Time for Jay to step up and get us to the next level.

  2. This reeks of desperation, to me. Weems was horrible on returns Thursday, and the other receivers clearly haven’t stepped up. If Marshall or Jeffrey go down, I’d be extremely skeptical.

  3. CANCER CANCER CANCER in your locker room…nothing but headaches and will be injured after week 3…oh not to mention he SUCKS, with love #JETSNATION

  4. ? Im curious why we signed this guy when Josh Morgan has clearly been stepping up in Wilson’s absense. The problem is we’re high on Weems for some reason when clearly he was a 1 year wonder for Atlanta in the return game. His receiving skills are atrocious. If only Johnny Knox wasn’t obliterated by that cheap shot anthony hargrove what could have been…… Holmes will be off the team by week 4, you can bank on it

  5. This could turn out to be a great move, at this point in Holmes career he is a #3 guy. Bears fans should be excited about upcoming season. Green Bay won’t cakewalk through NFC North.

  6. Low risk move for the Bears, why not check if he has anything left? The guy’s ego would be shut down hard in the locker room, it’s preseason week 3 and nobody wanted anything to do with him. Doubt he’s a cancer in the locker room because he’ll just want to keep his paycheck

  7. This is an excellent signing for the Bears. In my opinion, they could have the best offense in the league. If they can raise the level of their Defense back to where it was in 2012, WATCH OUT NFL…….

  8. It is what it is. He’s not the piece to push us over the hump. He’s a short term answer to provide depth at the wide out spot. He’ll prob end up getting cut once Wilson is ready to play.

    Good signing imo

  9. As a Bears fan, I don’t mind this. Sure, Holmes has that reputation, but Marc Trestman has turned two malcontent idiots into respectable human beings. If he can do that with Marshall and Cutler, Holmes should be no problem. He’s not there to catch the ball anyway, just to take a d-back off Jeffery, who is a top 5 receiver. Don’t forget, Alshon also had a rep at South Carolina, but has been nothing short of a perfect NFL player under Trestman.

    But the defense still blows. Briggs is fat, old and slow, Peanut has never been a great cover corner and he’s getting up there in age. First round draft pick Fuller is hurt. And the d-line is mostly new to the Bears and looked terrible in preseason week 2.

    If an offense can carry you to a Super Bowl these days, the Bears have a chance. But don’t bet on it.

  10. The Bears have a bigger problem; the defense. They can’t stop the run, the first two weeks they haven’t even slowed anyone down. That is just basic fundamental football. They are being manhandled across the defensive line, and adding Jared Allen probably made it worse. He has a reputation for being soft against the run. The Packers are going to cram Lacy and Starks down their throats.

  11. I agree with everyone, his attitude needs to change and it’s time to be humble and a team player.

    To the Cutler haters? No excuse? He did well last year, you want the guy to play defense too? Leave your hate at the door. Tired of dumb Bear fans who finally have a QB and want to run him out the door. This year its all up to the defense. PERIOD

  12. Low risk move…I think the locker room will be fine, Marshall will keep Holmes in line…When Wilson returns, they’ll need to let Holmes go, ’cause no way he’ll like dropping off the depth chart.

  13. Maybe Holmes was complaining in New York because nobody can throw a football there. Josh Morgan has looked like a solid stand in as a 3rd option and Wilson should return this season. Don’t really understand this one, but I don’t really understand the teams regard for Eric Weems either.

  14. bubbybrisket says:
    Aug 16, 2014 10:50 AM
    Jayson Cutler isn’t an elite QB.

    32 56
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    Of course he isn’t. I’m a long time Bears fan who was born and raised just outside of the City and have worked in the City too.

    There are 4 ELITE QB’s in the league right now, in no particular order…

    P. Manning

    There are several others who are very good and knocking on the door, but they’ve not crossed the threshold to become elite.

    We’ve all heard and no of one year and one hit wonders.

    One GREAT season doesn’t make one ELITE.

    To be ELITE, one has to maintain that level.

    Their average play has to work out to being elite.

    An above average QB for 10 yrs could have a season or two that was elite but his overall body of work didn’t reach the elite level.

    Jay is an above average QB but he is NOT elite.

    Jay’s NEVER had ONE season with a QB rating of even 90.

    27 TD’s is his career high.

    So no, Jay Cutler is not an elite QB.

  15. Nothing to lose with this guy. Trestman will not put up with his poor attitude or misbehaving. (ie. M. Bennett)

    The Bears passing game will be unstoppable, really already is….

    The Defense is the only thing holding the Bears back.

    Can the defense stop the run, is the only question….

  16. I don’t see a problem here. The Jets had a terrible offense that didn’t seem to have any direction or leadership, and wanted him to be the #1 WR. He’s a number 3 (really a number 4 or 5 target for Cutler behind Marshall, Alshon, Forte, the Black Unicorn, and really, Marshall again depending on the play) at best in Chicago, he won’t need to be nor should be he be a leader with guys like Marshall there, and no one expects much out of him. So sure, why not?

  17. I’m hoping this means the end for Eric Weems. He is brutal as both a receiver and returner yet the Bears keep putting him out there.

  18. Strange to hear that the Bear’s weakness may be there D. Some of the regular defensive powerhouses like Chi, Pit, and Bal are weaker on that side of the ball. Very strange for me.

  19. alshonbrandontandem says: Aug 16, 2014 1:53 PM

    Gotta love the Packers fans bashing on our defense. Like yours is anything special.

    Compared to the current Chicago defense, the Packers might as well be the 85 Bears.

  20. With all the rule changes banning defense, especially with this new outbreak of “illegal contact,” Holmes ought to still be able to flourish.
    He carried the 2008 Steelers in the postseason with his YAC and amazing kick returns. He not only was a Super Bowl MVP, he also was the 2008’s Postseason MVP. Glad Holmes played for Steelers when he did. He’s never been adequately replaced.

  21. I think this is a DECENT signing for the bears. He won’t come in and be expected to carry the load. They have Marshall and Jeffries. Which, is the best 1-2 punch in the NFC north. But now you bring Holmes in as a 3rd, and he will have some space to work. Marshall isn’t what he once was, but Jeffries is the man over in Chi town.

    Chicago get’s their D straightened out, and the pack won’t even sniff a division championship. But they are the second biggest Jeckyl and Hyde team. Right behind Detroit. Detroit will light up the score board one day, and the next throw the biggest stinker out there. Chicago, if Cutler plays like he’s capable of playing, could very easily be an 11+ win team this year. But it’s all on Cutler and the D.. Just depends on which Cutler, and what the D is like this year.

  22. I can’t wait to watch this dumpster fire in Chicago when it unfolds. They’ve added nothing but low character players that will collapse when everything goes south.

  23. calvinthegreat82 says: Aug 16, 2014 3:24 PM

    Santonio Holmes (as a #3) > Golden Tate (as a #2)

    Santonio Holmes 5 years ago, yes, Holmes current state, no.

    There is a reason no one picked up Holmes, he’s a locker room cancer and injury prone. Now the Bears have two cancers, Bennnet and Holmes, and Marshall will be a third when the Bears are losing. Good luck with that dumpster fire brewing in Chi-Town.

  24. blackandbluedivision says:
    Aug 16, 2014 10:41 AM
    Long as he isnt a distraction. I love the signing.

    SN: Jay Cutler has zero excuses now. Bears fans have blamed his receivers, o-line, and last year the defense. Time for Jay to step up and get us to the next level.
    The D still has to show up and prove they’re SB caliber as well. The STs needs a definite upgrade and the Bears have to stay healthy for the most part. I do get though, Cutler’s an easy target.

    The Holmes signing actually didn’t change much. He would have to be his old dominant self to keep Wilson off the field if/when he gets healthy. I do see it as a no risk, reward signing. On paper the Bears are SB contender but it doesn’t fall squarely on Cutler.

  25. This is a good signing for the Bears. I don’t understand why some seem to think this is a short term move until Wilson comes back. If Holmes is producing and Wilson comes back Wilson will be below him on the depth chart. Wilson has proved NOTHING. He had 2 catches for 13 yards last year. Yes he has talent and is liked by his fellow receivers and Cutler, but if Holmes comes in and keeps his nose clean and performs well Wilson will not force Holmes to the bench.
    If Holmes flops it’s no big loss for the Bears either. This is a move with upside, nothing more.

  26. hyzers says: Aug 16, 2014 1:29 PM

    “Adding a washed up WR to your roster doesn’t do anything to help the softest defense in the NFL.”

    No, but adding guys like Allen, Houston, Young, Fuller, Sutton, Vereen, and Mundy did.

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