Giants offense is simply offensive at this point


Odell Beckham was wrong.

Not only is the Giants offense not one of the best in the NFL, it might not be one of the top three offenses in New Jersey (I haven’t broken down any Rutgers or Montclair State tape yet).

Giants quarterback Eli Manning left the game after a sparking 1-of-7 for 6 (six!)-yard start. In two preseason games, he hasn’t completed a pass over 10 yards, or found Victor Cruz yet.

The Giants are losing 20-0 to the Colts at halftime, with both Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselbeck getting the Colts into the end zone.

If it’s any consolation, the Giants aren’t running well either, with Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams combining for 34 yards on 12 attempts.

Some growing pains were to be expected with new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo installing a new system.

But this is just painful to watch.

It’s far to early to panic (we think), as the new system is being accompanied by a lot of new parts. But this group needs to show something soon.

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  1. He’s won 2 Super Bowls but unless Eli has another good to great season in his career he’s going to be very borderline for the Hall of Fame. Just too many clunker seasons.

  2. I couldn’t be happier that we’re crapping the bed in the preseason. Let the Philly fans bask in august glory like always while our bandwagon gets lighter and lighter. Not like we haven’t won a bunch of hardware before when naysayers were doubting us. Hate on dopes. It fuels us. Ask the whiny pats fanboi.

  3. Giants are in the basement again, and they need to put coughlin out of his misery. Time for a fresh start with the franchise, which may include Peyton’s little brother who’s been pretty ordinary to bad since the last Super Bowl.

  4. Why do the giants have 5 prime time games this season???

    Why does Eli still have defenders in the media??

    The more excuses you have for a QB the less worthy of support he is.

    The Giants had no quality wins last year. Why all the hope??

  5. Some credit belongs to the Colts’ defense. Their front 7 played strong and put pressure on Manning. The secondary was forcing turnovers (although negating them with stupid penalties). It was a surprising performance.

    NYG’s offense definitely looked awful though. It seemed like Manning started desperately throwing deep as soon as the pressure started coming.

  6. Suicide is never going to be a productive answer to an unpleasant present, please don’t do that and stick around to enjoy watching the resurrection process instead. It’s going to be neat!

  7. justintuckrule says: Aug 16, 2014 9:19 PM

    I couldn’t be happier that we’re crapping the bed in the preseason. Let the Philly fans bask in august glory like always while our bandwagon gets lighter and lighter. Not like we haven’t won a bunch of hardware before when naysayers were doubting us. Hate on dopes. It fuels us. Ask the whiny pats fanboi.
    Be rational. Being doubted doesn’t mean you’re ready for a magical run. It means you suck.

  8. The McAdon’t O? Almost makes you miss the Gilbride mad bomber O. But we gotta give it time. Somehow good things happen when we stink it up in August and Tom and Eli put seat cushions on the hot seat. Remember we we’re 0-2 and gave up 80 points in those first two games in ’07 and we were calling for Bill Cower at halftime of the Cowboys game in ’11 before we came back and went on a run. So faith exists… But this is so ugly so far that you can’t drink this girl pretty. C’mon guys!

  9. politicallyincorrect says: Aug 16, 2014 10:02 PM

    Redskins going to win NFC East very easily
    No one ever accused you of being rational.


    Obviously the word is ending. It’s preseason. Yes 1-7 for six isn’t good but also you’re not playing a full game either. That line can easily turn around into better in a full game.

  11. It’s the first 3 games under a new system for a new offensive coordinator , give it time . The Giants are slow starters & are streaky & can get hot & give any team worries . I feel like we need to throw to Cruz more , he’s not being targeted enough . & tbh Eli going down with an injury this season could possibly be good for us cus Nassib has a cannon .

  12. Like I said… We’ve won hardware before in seasons where know-nothing’s have said “we suck”. Keep it coming. Hate has fueled us to two glorious sb wins that will stand the test of time. I’ll make you a pin if you’re team wins the preseason division title.

  13. Giants will play the Colts in the regular season…do ya think they will show them anything??? The end of the day Giants are 3 – 0….that at the least shows depth.

  14. In his first or second possession, I noticed Eli threw a couple of 30+ yard passes into tight coverage. Looked like he was praying for a pass interference call.

  15. I think Eli is gonna have a tough year simply because they didn’t do enough to fix the offensive line. They could have taken any number of lineman with their pick and instead opted for Beckham, WR not exactly being a position of extreme need like offensive line was. I think Reese will ultimately regret that decision and also not giving Eli a better tight end. He’s at his best when he has a safety valve at TE similar to what Romo has in Witten

  16. Eli has always been average at best. Granted the Giants beat NE twice when it counted the most (which I enjoyed) but they did so with tremendous play by their defense. If his last name wasn’t Manning the media would have chewed him up and spit him out a long time ago. Any talk however about him someday belonging in the HOF is laughable.

  17. Eli is blessed that the super bowl seasons will ensure that not matter how bad he plays the fan base won’t turn on him because the reality is he will never be decent again.

  18. 3 preseason games and you are ready to throw in the towel? That’s fine. I didn’t expect miracles right out of the gate with so many new pieces on the O-line and a new offense. It’s gonna take time.

  19. I said it then & now again if it wasn’t for the two circus catches from Tyree & Manningham Eli has 0 superbowls PERIOD they won those not the great play of Eli…

    He was done once the Horse Shoe fell from his Ass….

  20. Eli without Plaxico is not a very good QB. He could just throw the ball up there and pray, and Plax would make him look like a genius. Now, they are just INT’s.

  21. If Eli ever gets into the HOF it’s because of his last name and the fact that the media gives teams from the northeast the most attention.

  22. It’s laughable that Eli would even be considered for the hof. He is a latter day Jim Plunkett. It looks like he is finished. If his name wasn’t Manning and he didn’t play in the biggest market in the country there would be no talk of him in the hall. What a joke. Eli is the very definition of Mediocre.

  23. As a giants fan, I’ll say this: I hate west coast offense… Gilbrides playbook was very good, it was his play calling that was questionable… If we kept the playbook but had someone rational (no shotgun draws on 3rd and 20) and not as predictable (again that accursed draw play) we may have done much more…

  24. I love how most of the comments come from bitter fans who can’t stand that we’ve won Super Bowls, so they can’t (rationally) talk trash. But it won’t stop them from trying. Not a single comment about the actual topic at hand. Yawn.

  25. I am not sure if it is a lack of education, but so far all I hear is hateful comments about Eli. Eli has given the Giants 2 SB rings, and 9 excellent seasons. One season his o-line sucked. Using Eli as a scapegoat because he never defends himself and he is an easy target is mean. It seems this society does not like kind, sweet, sensitive guys. If Eli was a macho conceited person, then you trolls would like him. This society is a lost one.

  26. Were we all watching the same nine “excellent” seasons, Edith? Leading the league in interceptions can never be consider anywhere close to half of excellent, or is that a societal issue too?

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