Jeff Fisher: Rams running back Isaiah Pead tears ACL


The injury suffered by Rams running back Isaiah Pead Saturday afternoon was a serious one.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher told reporters that Pead was believed to have suffered a torn ACL during a non-contact spill while returning a kickoff.

The 2012 second-rounder had been supplanted by Zac Stacy already, and with Tre Mason coming aboard this year, there was no guarantee he’d have had a chance to make an impact unless it was on special teams.

Now he won’t be able to do that.

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  1. Why do the Ram’s still play two run a pass and a punt, Come on open the play book to Bradford! At least 10-15 time I saw the Packers move 8-10 in the box because the whole stadium knew it was a run between the tackle! If you want that play to work show them so many different looks, some swings to Tavon, or anything, do you only know 5 plays! I knew exactly what you were calling! When will Brain understand that he doesn’t have the same pieces the Chiefs had Marty never won a playoff game! So big deal it got him to the playoffs if you never get out of the first round! That would describe this team with that off frame of mind, you don’t have that def you have been counting on we still played 10 yrds off their receivers! the Packers played press because they knew we would run! Also your 5 round QB sucks quit playing him!

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