Manziel will be ready for Steelers, if he’s the starter


If rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel wins the starting quarterback job in Cleveland, he’ll be ready for the Steelers.  And the Steelers surely will be ready for him.

Manziel addressed the issue in a Saturday session with reporters, as the question of whether Manziel or Brian Hoyer wins the Week One job dominated the day.  Again.

“I don’t think that I’m ready for Pittsburgh right now,” Manziel said initially.  “I’ve only played one game, but the more and more you see it, the more you get familiar with it, I think the better it will be.  I think there are guys who have played in this league for a long time who can sit there after years and years of playing games and still don’t have it all figured out.  It’s tricky stuff, but at the same time, we’re doing things on offense to try and throw them off their guard, as well.”

Asked whether Manziel will be ready for Week One at Heinz Field if need be, Manziel showed the savvy of a veteran.

“It’s not saying that I’m not ready or that I won’t be ready,” Manziel said.  “I don’t want that taken out of context. It’s just right now the second preseason game.  I’m not ready to go out and start Week One because there’s a lot of time left until that point.  For me, there’s plenty of weeks left for me to learn, preseason games, get adapted to the speed.  If I was the starter for Pittsburgh for Week One, then you have to be ready. You have to be ready for Week One.  It’s the opening week of the season.  It’s a big game.”

Yes it is.  And with Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau already saying that his team expects Manziel to be the starter and the Steelers honoring the late Chuck Noll that same day, it’ll be a big game for Pittsburgh, too.  And when three Steelers simultaneously hit Manziel when he dives forward to end a designed run, Hoyer may need to be ready, too.

“[Pittsburgh] is so far from what I’m thinking about right now,” Hoyer said.

Pittsburgh is far from what anyone else is thinking about, too.  It seems that everyone is thinking about what coach Mike Pettine will think of the performances of Manziel and Hoyer on Monday night in Washington.

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  1. Whoever is named the starter, their coach thinks they are ready (or at least the most ready that they have), so this is really a non-story!

  2. I remember when steeler james Harrison put a old style hit on Colt McCoy and the Browns still let him play.

    Are there any old steeler players that would still put an old fashion hit on Johnny, saying…welcome to the show?

    Hoyer would be the smarter player to start and if he gets hurt, (who knows, he could be injury prone), then Johnny could come in.

  3. It kills me how every Manziel article makes a reference to him getting hurt. He’s on the smallish side and plays reckess; I get it. But remind me again how many games he missed in college. The kid played in the SEC. The only conference in college football that plays defense and is littered with pro talent. Just saying…

    Go Browns!

  4. I’m so tired of this QB battle. It’s akin to asking which guy you want guiding your non relevant, hapless and woebegone franchise to yet another losing season. Yay

  5. Instead of running a new coach, I say we run that know it all twerp goldhammer so we don’t have to listen to him run his mouth all year.

  6. I am so sick of people comparing the SEC to the NFL. How many players from the SEC make it to play in the nfl? Hint: not all of them. How many NFL players make it to the NFL, all of them obviously. Linebackers in the NFL are faster, stronger and play at a much higher level.

    That said, manziel plays far too wreckless, i’ve seen videos from camp that show him rolling out and getting some “amazing” throw. What everyone seems to ignore is the DE or OLB that has to juke manziel because he iant allowed to hit him. Hoyer showed last year he deserves the job, and QBs benefit from sitting a year. Its a no brainer.

  7. Johny is about 6′ and 210lbs, Vick is 6′ and 215lbs. How many games has Vick missed cause he got hit? It’s not if he gets injured, it’s when he gets injured.

  8. Hoyer will start in Pittsburgh. Johnny is not ready and there ain’t enough time for a kid who played only two tears of college football to learn enough to start.

    Johnny’s time will come. Be patient folks.

  9. JF has played backyard football his entire life. Now he has to deal with learning a huge playbook, and untold number of related things on the field. Hell no, he’s not ready now, and likely won’t be when the time rolls around. There should be a Heisman Trophy Club that gets together every Sunday to watch real football being played. 🙂

  10. Manziel has played in how many plays in one preseason game, come on folks how many other teams would want him starting. Only Cleveland that has been dying for a QB. One thing for sure he better be careful what he says about any team he plays and starting in Pittsburgh old, slow or whatever they have become, will not be an easy start.

  11. Does it matter?
    Hoyer had a drive ending beautiful deep out dropped at the 9 by Austin, and had anther drive ending pass dropped inside the 5 by Gray

    As long as the Browns lead the league in drops no QB will excel.

  12. it’s hard to understand why so many are convinced JF should start, is even close to be ready to play in an NFL game or will start. don’t paint me as a “hater” of him, just someone who understands the game a little.

    true fans/supporters of JF should want him to sit until he’s both ready AND needed.

  13. If the Browns want to stay within 28 points they should go sign a free agent. Pitt just has way too much class. Its like a NASCAR driver against a go cart driver. COME ON MAN!!!

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