Pettine says fight at Browns practice went too far


Sometimes coaches like seeing a skirmish on the practice field because it shows that players are fired up and competitive. But Browns coach Mike Pettine didn’t feel that way when a fight broke out at practice today.

“I just thought it went a little too far,” Pettine said afterward. “I understand and have spoken on fights before. That’s going to happen sometimes. That’s the price of doing business, but I thought we got out of the realm of being good teammates. Also, I just think overall practice, to that point, I thought was a little too sloppy for my liking. It was kind of a culmination of the sloppiness and then the length of the fight.”

Pettine made everyone run wind sprints after the fight, even players who weren’t involved. Pettine said “It’s a team sport” and he wants players to know that a penalty for one player is a penalty for everyone.

“The thing I was pleased about was how they responded after,” Pettine said. “I thought they were sharp. They were focused. They practiced how they should, but I just told them after that we don’t need a traumatic event to kind of snap us back into place, that we need to be mature enough and professional enough to be able to handle tough circumstances and practice well.”

With training camps winding down, we’re probably running out of stories about practice-field fights. Pettine hopes this was the last one in Cleveland.