Ravens start Bernard Pierce instead of Ray Rice

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When the Ravens’ starting offense took the field for the first time with 3:25 left in the first quarter, they looked like they’ll look in the opener.

As in, without Ray Rice.

The Ravens opened with Bernard Pierce at running back, which is how they’ll probably go into the first two games while Rice serves his suspension for knocking his wife unconscious.

The Ravens didn’t need an offense early on, with Courtney Upshaw’s fumble recovery for a touchdown backed by Deonte Thompson’s 108-yard kickoff return touchdown.

14 responses to “Ravens start Bernard Pierce instead of Ray Rice

  1. I heard he left the game with an injury. His wife is laughing so hard, she peed herself. Good times.

  2. Getting him ready to replace Rice for two games as starter. Pierce did 7.9 yards per carry. That’ll work. Likely a committee backfield or hot hand when he’s back. Go Ravens.

  3. They had one offensive series late in the 1st q so I’m not really sure if they ever faced the first team defense. He only had seven runs so its not worth splitting hairs on which ones count. But the RB squad having 4.9+ ypc per game for the last two games is an improvement and a positive sign.

  4. Flacco’s contract set Baltimore back a half decade at least. Mosely looks like he may have been a little over-rated… I don’t think this team is going to the Playoffs.

  5. jmb, you’re a Steeler fan right? Should we bring your running back’s performance in the last game into the conversation? I mean all of them, every one. The best rushing performance was the backup quarterback. Even if we used your number he still out performed everyone.

    It’s one preseason game and you are arguing a ypc based off 3 runs. It’s ok to be afraid of him and the revamped offense.

  6. Canton Bulldogs, I know the Steelers have running issues. If you want to talk about last week Bell averaged 6 ypc.

    But Pierce averaged 2.9 last year, the worst among RBs with at least 150 attempts, averaged 3.7 last week and averaged 3.3 against the starters of a notable bad defense. I believe Flacco was 1-7 for 4 yards against the starting defense too, how is this offense revamped?

  7. It’s an entirely new offense with a new OC, many new position coaches, new run blocking scheme, new identity, and healthy parts. That is what I mean as a revamped offense. What all of us are trying to do is see if it works.

    You are trying to point out why it doesn’t using a very small sample of data selected to reinforce your point. I still don’t know if it works but I like what I see so far including the run game performance with all backs and all lineman in both entire games. Pierce in particular seems ready to go as starter which is what I said that started this.

  8. No canton bulldog, you put out an inflated stat against back ups against the worst defense in the league last year. As far as last week, moving the ball on the 49ers doesn’t seem as hard as it was in years past. They just got humiliated by the Broncos.

    Last year the problem was the o-line. This year it’s everything new. Raven nation has an excuse for everything.

  9. Kubiak’s blocking schemes are less complicated than Caldwell’s which has already shown to be a good thing.

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