Report: Bon Jovi, Jim Kelly have discussed teaming up to buy the Bills

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Hall of Famer Andre Reed has said, “F–k Bon Jovi.”  Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is considering a different arrangement.

With the individual efforts of Kelly and rocker Jon Bon Jovi not producing much success when it comes to purchasing the Bills, the two parties have considered a last-ditch effort to win the franchise.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Kelly and Bon Jovi have had conversations about joining forces.

Kelly and bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach reportedly have met with the trust responsible for selling the team, in the hopes of being matched with a group that has the cash to make the purchase.  It’s unclear whether a Bon Jovi-Kelly arrangement would include Gundlach.

Even without him, an expanded collection of big-name partial owners runs the risk of too many voices steering the organization.  Bon Jovi presumably teamed up with a pair of Toronto partners because he doesn’t have the cash to buy the requisite 30 percent of the team without financing.  Kelly clearly doesn’t.  So who would actually run the team?

Per Graham, it possibly would be Kelly.  Jim and his brother, Dan, reportedly want two percent of the franchise, lifetime jobs, a cash payment up front for their services, and final say on all football decisions.

While that may seem like a large slice of a baked circular pastry hovering in the airspace above Western New York, aligning with Kelly could be the only way that Bon Jovi and company would have a chance to buy the team.  So even though Graham reports that the Kellys possibly would give up the “final say” demand in order to climb into bed with Bon Jovi, they should hold firm.

Without Jim Kelly vouching for the intentions of Bon Jovi and the Toronto-based two, they’re not getting the team.  So they can have the team and not have final say over football matters, or they can have a much improved chance at getting the team and not have final say over football matters.

It seems like a smart choice.  Then again, “smart” isn’t something that the Bon Jovi group has been displaying much of.

UPDATE 6:45 p.m. ET:  And the wife and daughter of Jim Kelly have both denied that Kelly would align with Bon Jovi’s group, via Twitter.  And Tim Graham has doubled down, suggesting via Twitter that Jim should check with his brother on the issue.

41 responses to “Report: Bon Jovi, Jim Kelly have discussed teaming up to buy the Bills

  1. The Kellys better have an iron clad contract stating that they always make the football decisions. Otherwise, Bon Jovi and his cronies won’t think twice about stabbing them in the back and taking control of the team. That’s generally what rich business owners do. Not to mention not overly talented rock stars.

  2. How much $ does Jim really have?
    In the scheme of trying buy an NFL Franchise it can’t be that much, especially this far from being out of football.


  4. Where’s the other 950 million coming from?

    Oh yeah, Toronto.

    Keep the Bills in Buffalo.

    The Raiders, Rams and Jaguars are probably for sale, though.

  5. This whole idea of moving an NFL team to Toronto is ludicrous. Toronto doesn’t have a stadium that could support the 70,000 fans NFL stadiums need to have and unless Bon Jovi and his Toronto stooges are willing to pay out of their own pocket to build a stadium(something the owners wouldn’t like) there would not be a stadium for the team. The City of Toronto is near broke and won’t be able to pay it. The Ontario is beyond broke and the Federal government sure isn’t going to hand over money for a stadium.

  6. @buffaloisadump: just move to Toronto already. Nearly 3 million people. Of course, few of those 3 million will attend Argo games. Few will attend Bills in Toronto series games. But, trust us NFL, we are the most passionate football fans around. You can call the CFL minor league and any other description you’d like, but it looks bad on the city when the only franchise in Toronto that wins championships is ignored. How is it that London can sell out games quickly but that great market in Toronto can’t sell out an NFL game in 5 efforts. I’m a huge NFL fan living in Toronto, but have zero interest in ripping off another cities team. Regarding Corporations galore. You would sure need them to build the stadium as PSL’s in the Toronto market would be a comedy show.

  7. It’s Tim Graham.

    Didn’t he quit ESPN because they demoted him, or wouldn’t promote him? Just curious.

    I will say, Mike Rodak is even worse. Lol.

  8. Why would anyone give final say to someone that’s been out of the NFL for 18 years, and that persons brother?

    I don’t care how big of a Bills/Jim Kelly fan you are, that can’t sound too appealing.

  9. Not sure what Kelly has done in his life to make him assume that he should have complete control over all things football? Yes Elway is doing it successfully but Elway also ran an arena football team prior to that and his dad was a very well respected football scout and coach.

  10. From the sounds of the rumbling coming out of Canada, they don’t want any other professional football teams in Canada other than CFL teams. Back in 1974, the WFL wanted to put a team in Toronto, but the Canadian government blocked it with the Canadian Football Act, forcing the WFL to put that team in Memphis. Although the act was never passed into law, there is speculation that the Canadians would enact a similar law to block any relocation of an NFL team.

  11. If Kelly hooks up with Bon Jovi, watch how all the Bon Jovi haters will suddenly now think he’s a great guy. I can’t wait to see this!

  12. “…Jim and his brother, Dan, reportedly want

    two percent of the franchise,

    lifetime jobs,

    a cash payment up front for their services, and

    final say on all football decisions.”

    This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  13. I have been a shameless Seahawk fan since opening day. I have never seen a concert photo of Jon Bon wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey. The band Metal Church were wearing Seahawk jerseys in 86. But still and yet, I dont want them owning my team. Youtube Metal Church ‘The Dark’, thank me later.

  14. Dan Kelly running the Bills?
    What a joke.

    Please, just sell it to Terry and be done with the drama.

  15. Um, you need to get your facts straight, NOT TRUE………via Jill Kelly @HJKforever · 1h
    Quick update on all the Jim ownership rumors. The things that you are being told by @ByTimGraham and the media are NOT ACCURATE! To think that anyone would think for a minute that Jim would ever link up with ownership that would move our BELOVED BILLS is ludicrous. Bottom line. We love the Buffalo Bills. We love our community. And we would never do anything to jeopardize either. Truth will win!

  16. All of you people giving thumbs up for the Bills moving to Toronto are nothing but trolls. You would think different if it was your team they were trying to take away. May you all rot in you know where.

  17. Tim Graham should be taken with a grain of salt, same with Bon Jovi, Bills aren’t going to anyone but Terry Pegula and will be in Buffalo for a very, very long time.

  18. Why does Jim Kelly or that other bickering Bill Andre Reed being taken seriously by anybody?Follow the money here.The one with the biggest wallet wins.As far as an earlier comment on how great Toronto is, that’s a joke.Traffic is a nightmare,dopey politicians,horrible weather just like Buffalo.Toronto only supports the Maple Laffs who have not one anything in almost 50 years.

  19. I rather think Jim Kelly has more brains than to attach himself to a group who wants to move the team to Toronto, a move for which there is very little public support in Toronto.
    Jim is smart enough to know that if he did that, his reputation and popularity would be less than Bon Jovi’s is here. If he did that, he would have no Influence or popularity in this community anymore. He could not endorse anything, no kid would support his football camp and he would likely be spat on in public. All of Buffalo that has signed get well cards for him and sent prayers and good wishes for his recovery would turn on him and chew him up faster than a Great White Shark could chew through a person.
    I would not be sureprised to see him and his family receive death threats and bomb threats from someone (not me. I am not that stupid) He and his family would have to leave town in disgrace.
    I would expect that Jim and his family know that, understand what the consequences are and would not be stupid enough to do something more dumb than Nixon keeping his tapes when he knew thy were a smoking gun.

  20. So an article about 2 people , who combined , could not afford to purchase the team? My and my buddies are discussing the purchase of the raiders care to write about that as well ? It has the same level of relevance as Jim and Jon allegedly talking

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