Antoine Bethea goes down with a concussion


The 49ers didn’t play several of their projected defensive regulars in Sunday’s game against the Broncos and they saw one of the ones that did start leave early with a concussion.

Safety Antoine Bethea went down after being blocked by Broncos rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer on a play in the second quarter and going down to the turf hard. He was able to walk off the field under his own power and the 49ers later announced he was done for the day. He’ll be evaluated under the league’s concussion protocol and won’t return to full practices or games until he passes the necessary tests.

Craig Dahl replaced Bethea and had remained on the field with the team’s second unit as halftime approaches.

Linebacker Patrick Willis, cornerback Tramaine Brock and defensive linemen Justin Smith, Ray McDonald and Ian Williams were all held out of the game for the 49ers, who gave up scores to the Broncos on both of the two drives featuring the rest of their first stringers.

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  1. Bethea will be the best quiet FA pick-up of the year. Can’t believe the Colts let him ago. Or that nobody has been talking about him.

  2. I know that haha. I said best FA pick-up didn’t I? But choosing to let a Pro-Bowl player walk especially when you’re weak in the secondary is stupid. They didn’t cut him but they didn’t make an effort to keep him either. It’s not like he broke the bank in San Fran.

  3. Bethea sucks. One of the worst safeties in the league per PFF. Now concussion issues like Reid? That secondary is a joke. Lynch and Michael will feast on how soft it is without Dorsey and Whitner.

  4. Lol at the PFF know it alls. How much do you pay for that membership Leonard Hofstadter?

  5. Come on Sea-boy…

    They spent all week in Baltimore, did not practice on Tuesday or Thursday.

    They do this every pre-season. Don’t show your cards… They play Denver and S.D. In pre-season and during the season.

    Our 1 – D team was hardly on the field. I will say, I was a bit bummed with Crabtree’s efforts. If the ball his the hands you gotta put it away… That being said by an guy sitting on my duff watching the game… LOL.

  6. Seahawks proved last night why they’re the best team in the NFL. Santa Clara proved today why they’re going to be one of the worst this season. Hawks got the NFC West locked up. 0% chance Santa Clara beats us this season – FACT.


  7. Niners looked pretty weak.
    Not a good look for the inaugural season at Levi’s.
    Kaepernick in particular looked less than average.
    Of course, he IS less than average, but…

  8. What a disgraceful performance put together by San Fran embarrassing the NFC West. They’re run is over, they won’t beat Seattle in this lifetime.

    1. Seattle 14-2
    2. Arizona 11-5
    3. Rams 10-6
    4. Niners 8-8 at best


  9. Lotta Fear in C-Hawks land. You know when you fight the first guy to run away is the one that does all the talking lol
    —————————- do know the team has to score points to win right?

    Santa Clara fans…their funny!

    Go Hawks!

  10. Ditto. Don’t care what excuses they make about the 1st-string defense not being out there; the 1st string offense *was* out there and did nothing, which was also the case in Baltimore. Now let’s beat down the next several lines of defense by the 49er apologists:

    1) Preseason is to get practice in and work out the kinks – except you get practice DURING PRACTICE, not on the field during the game. Kaepernick should be figuring out how not to overthrow his receivers during the week.

    2) They didn’t practice. In that case, you’re hamstringing yourselves and deserve the beat-down you got.

    3) It was vanilla. Sure, just like it was vanilla for Peyton…and for Flacco the week before. They didn’t seem to have any problem moving their teams down the field and scoring.

    4) Preseason doesn’t count. Preseason is an evaluation period. In that light, it does count. So do the poor results displayed. You may not expect to win the game, but you should expect better performance that has been shown to date.

  11. A lot of Seahawks “fans” are chiming in on the 49ers preseason game. That means its over for the 49ers and teams will take them lightly? Please take the 49ers lightly and make them the underdogs, that’s going to be a big mistake come regular season and the playoffs.

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