Antone Smith wasn’t impressed by Clowney


On Saturday night, Texans rookie defensive end Jadeveon Clowney impressed everyone with a pair of hits on Falcons players.  Everyone was impressed.  Except one of the guys Clowney hit.

Just a guy,” running back Antone Smith said, via 610 Sports Radio in Houston. “I don’t see anything special. He’s just a guy. He’s a guy who plays defensive end. He plays pretty good. Made a good play.”

Understandably, coach Bill O’Brien disagreed.

“I think that Clowney has come in here and worked hard, he’s a very instinctive player for a rookie,” O’Brien told reporters on Sunday. “He’s a hard working guy.  He’s a guy that when he’s played in these games, he’s played well.  He’s been able to show his pass rushing abilities.  He’s been able to show his defense against the run ability.  He’s dropped into coverage, so he’s done a lot of different things for us and he just needs to keep improving and that’s what he’s going to do.”

We’ll side with O’Brien on this one.  While Clowney’s coverage skills definitely need some work, he’s fast and quick and explosive to the backfield.  Even if one of the guys he trapped in the backfield doesn’t want to admit it.

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  1. I think if he works hard he will have a great career but he will get a reality check week 1 against Trent Williams. Trent isn’t Baker and isn’t second team.

  2. Nothing like a Texans fan from Vancouver to set us all straight. But seriously, I remember someone saying similar things about JJ Watt a couple years back, even after JJ ate him up multiple times. The more dismissive the quote, the funnier.

  3. He had a good hit where he wasn’t blocked, and a sack. I guess he looked good, but the media is blowing his performance way out of proportion.

  4. If the Clown is able to turn into a J.J. Watt, that team will be extremely fortunate to have two guys on the same defense who play at the defensive player of the year level.

    The Clown has the ability, time will tell.

    Having J.J. around to talk to, learn from etc… is fortunate for him.

    The Clown has one of those incredibly high ceilings.

    Time will tell if he’s able to reach it.

    P.S. If the Texans don’t get a QB, it won’t matter anyway

  5. vancouversportsbro says:
    Aug 17, 2014 6:28 PM
    As a texans fan, he seems over rated for now. This is preseason, let’s see what he does in the regular season.


    The guy is showing THE EXACT SAME ability that got him drafted #1 Overall! How is he “over rated for now”? If anything he’s AS ADVERTISED which is quite special.

    —-A Giants Fan

  6. They’re trying to use him as a joker in a 3-4 like Parcells used LT.

    It may very well work. I hope to see him fulfill his potential.

    I can’t back my Noles brother on his comments about Clowney though.

  7. He gained his entire rep in college based on one play in a bowl game where he was unblocked.

    Maybe he’ll turn out to be a great NFL player but right now he’s a rookie in the NFL who’s only played 2 exhibition games, until he does things in actual NFL regular season games then he is just a guy.

  8. I watched the replay on his hit on Smith and for those of you who say he wasn’t blocked you’re partially correct. He wasn’t blocked because the LG was supposed to kick him out when the LT cracked down the line. The OG was either extremely slow or Clowney was too quick (probably a bit of both), but it wasn’t a complete missed assignment. They wanted to block him, but he was too fast. Great play by him, but OC’s will definitely not be calling similar schemes against Clowney for runs away from him. They will probably run right at him instead.

  9. Isn’t Antone Smith a 28 Year Old bench warmer for the Falcons?

    lol – dude jealous Clowney is actually doing something in his early 20s – not riding the bench for YEARS.

  10. He has made the most of the opportunities presented to him thus far. He’s not LT yet, but I’m not seeing anything to feed his haters.

  11. People overlook the reason he’s “not blocked”. It’s because they can’t block him, in many cases.

    Hell, they try, but can’t. He’s coming off surgery too.Imagine if you were to draw that assignment.

    As for the player comment: that’s typical nonsense from a modern athlete.The smart thing is to build your opponent up, so when you beat him – you’ve done something. So if you beat “just a guy”, what have you really done.

    Our education system has failed us.

  12. I love the “nobody blocked Clowney” comments.

    You either didn’t actually watch… or you don’t understand football.

    On his hit against Smith, the left guard pulled and was supposed to block Clowney but Clowney was too fast and he couldn’t get there in time. Sure it looks like he was unblocked, but in reality he just got there before the blocker did.

    On the subsequent play, he went right around the LT on the outside and sacked Ryan. To say that play was unblocked is to say you didn’t watch the play.

    The guy is a beast. He’s lightning quick and that’s obviously evidenced by his play so far. I think he’ played a total of 4 series this preseason and has blown up plays in the backfield 3 or 4 times already.

  13. Winehard

    Great point. I was about to post the same thing. If you watch the replay, Blalock (LG) faked a block towards the NT and headed towards Clowney, around the back of the LT. He just was WAY too slow. And you are right- OCs will learn fast not to do that because the Clownster IS that fast.

    For those who say Clowney is overrated, ask yourself if your team had the #1 pick, who would they have taken? At least 30 of 32 teams would take Clowney, probably all 32 would have.

    It is preseason, but he clearly has the talent, ability and upside to take #1.

    And to those who say that we should ignore those 2 plays because it’s preseason, if he HADN’T made them, and was relatively silent, you would be the first people yelling – “Clowney sucks – he isn’t doing anything!!”

  14. Before we anoint Clowney as an elite pass rusher, let’s wait til regular season. There’s no doubting his insane ability and potential, but anyone can be a preseason warrior. As for Smith, I like it better when he keeps his mouth shut.

  15. ease up….it’s only preseason time will tell, but i would put some money on it, that he will be a pro bowler sooner or later.

  16. Clowney is a lazy turd, smith is 100% right.

    Big deal he tackled a RB in the backfield in a pre-season game. He’s NOT walking around with the Lombardi Trophy and definitely never will on that terrible Texans team.

  17. Since he can’t even cover a scuttling turtle out of the backfield right now, its obvious every team on their schedule will try to exploit his weakness which means he will be a lot less effective after he is burned a few times in real games. Let’s be real, what team will not pick on him when his pass coverage is so poor?

    Of course he will eventually learn how to carry out his position’s pass coverage duties, but so far, he is awful and any decent receiver can beat him.

  18. Obviously doesn’t have heart. Was mad at the NCAA and took his junior year off. We have the same problem with Suh.

  19. Sounded like some sour grapes from Antone. If Clowney can work hard and play to his potential the Texans will be fun to watch with Watt and Clowney.

  20. Guys…. He’s not getting blown out of proportion. The guy has played approximately 20 snaps and has 3 highlight reel plays. That’s pretty impressive.

    Also, to people saying he isn’t blocked. Time to understand that he was blocked on the sack. He also was attempted blocked last week with a TE. He destroyed them both. And the “unblocked” hit on the RB? The guard was pulling. That’s a good guard as well on Atlanta. He was simply way too fast for the blocker to get there in time.

    Get ready everybody. He looks really good…. This could be fun to watch. Wish he was on my team!!!

  21. Antoine Smith may have suffered a concussion from that hit Clowny nailed him with. That would explain that jib bearish he is spewing.

  22. Some people keep bringing up Clowney was unblocked on the play he hit Smith. Maybe you should watch the replay over and over again and see how because of Clowneys speed made it look that way. If you watch the replay you will see a falcons guard pulling to block back side pursuit but the blocker couldn’t get there in time because Clowney was to quick to the ball carrier.

  23. LOL at all these uneducated “fans” who know nothing about blocking schemes in the NFL. If you knew anything about football you would see the two blatant blown assignments that allowed the clown to make his two only plays of the game.

    #EducateYourself #GetOnMyLevel

  24. That’s funny – I was at the game last night – I do believe that Mr. Clowney was even LESS impressed with the play of Antone Smith….

    By the way, dude, he cleaned your clock…..!!

  25. So, if I have all the haters correct, if Clowney were to break the sack record this year, it wouldn’t mean jack if he wasn’t ‘blocked’ on every single attempt?

    He could break through the iron curtain and sack Vladimir Putin and haters would complain about how he did such a perfunctory job

  26. At least there’s a few posts that show someone’s watching line play.

    Clowney flat out beat their guard on the running play and 1st team left tackle on the sack. Did it with great quickness off the snap, speed to close, and power to finish the play. If he can keep that up he’ll force opposing OCs to adjust their blocking schemes; which they already have to do for Watt. Exactly why they drafted him.

    He still has a way to go in pass coverage. And show he can do it when the games count. Good start, tho.

  27. Antone Smith is ridiculous.This players missing assignments is ridiculous.Clowney has been on the field a minimal amount of plays and has raised total Hell.Take a look at every play he has made,The Arizona game he just simply beat the hell out of a TE that was all over him and pushed him clean out of the way.Last night he sacked Ryan and was beign tackled by the RT that was supposed to block him.Every so called missed assignment,is because Clowney has vanished from players who are supposed to block him.This is a dangerous player,and with him and Watt on the field at the same time opposing offenses are in deep trouble.Clowney is a damn good player get used to it.

  28. Clowney’s always good..for one or two plays a game. Then he pulls his best John Cena impersonation, and you can’t see him.

    No matter how many excuses he makes, all you have to do is look at that 2013 season. Three sacks.

  29. My guess is week one he will spend a lot of time on the left side against the Redskins. I don’t see him outright beating Trent Williams, he’s got to develop his technique. Trent is a perennial pro bowl player, some might even say he’s top 3 LT.

    If Clowney picks up JJ’s work ethic, the league will be on notice. As of now, he’s too raw.

    This is the NFL, his highlight reel plays made on blown assignments will be few and far between.

  30. LOL at people who says he’s unblocked big deal. Well blame the OC’s then. Shame on you for not blocking a 6-6, 260, 4.4 freak of an athlete.

    To us who know football and see those TE and OG hands being too slow, we understand how quick this guy really is.

  31. His last year of “college” (didn’t take any classes, USC is a joke) raised a lot of eyebrows with him taking games off. He’s motivated right now, but we’ll see three years in motivated he remains or how defenses adjust to his speed. He’ll need to develop moves and watch a lot of tape to improve.

  32. 1. he wasnt blocked. (just because someone was “supposed to” or “really trying to” block you, doesnt mean you were blocked)
    2. if you’re going to assess the quality of the play, consider ALL the factors, not just the end result. i’d argue that his speed negated the attempted block of the guard, and he was able to get a free run on the ball carrier. what people need to figure out is WHY he was unblocked. sometimes it’s the scheme and the backside DE is not supposed to be blocked because he’s not supposed to be that fast. Clowney is, so the scheme looks like not such a bright idea. But that probably has more to do with it being preseason.
    3.If you suspect this kid is the freak they’ve projected him to be, why in the world would you use the preseason to show him how you (or other teams) intend to block him once the games count?

  33. If he wasn’t blocked who did he put that inside arm rip move on? a ghost?

    He beat the block on the TFL and blew right through the block using speed and technique on the sack.

  34. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in Atlanta should be allowed to talk any kind of trash after promising false hope to one of the greatest Tight Ends in history only to end up with a humiliating 4 win season last year.

    This is including your “Roddy”.

    Go home Atlanta, I would say you’re drunk but you’re actually sober which is even worse.

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