Cam Newton’s rusty, but Jonathan Stewart isn’t


In terms of a small amount of work in the offseason, Cam Newton has every reason to be rusty. So does Jonathan Stewart.

Stewart’s handling it better.

The Panthers’ oft-injured running back is coming off last season’s ankle surgeries better than their quarterback is his own ankle procedure in March.

Stewart popped a 17-yard run early, and just scored a strong touchdown, giving the Panthers the offense they need.

Newton’s best play was drawing a deep flag on the Chiefs, as he’s 2-of-6 for 16 yards passing.

Newton missed almost the entire offseason program after surgery on his left ankle, getting some passes in the last day of OTAs. Otherwise, he’s been unable to work with his new receivers, and was on a strict pitch count in training camp, only allowed to run around from the pocket this week.

He’s shown the ability to run for his life a few times, but he’s overthrown a number of passes.

He’ll get better, but having Stewart back will help buy him some time.

17 responses to “Cam Newton’s rusty, but Jonathan Stewart isn’t

  1. Well I’m not sure how much credit he gets for drawing the flag, it was a gift from the defender who for some reason chose to get physically entangled with the WR without any inclination to look for the ball, plus the penalty was pretty weak since the receiver had a stiff-arm extended backwards towards the QB and in his chest (not very good replay angles however), so it looks like the new strategy is for receivers to try and get away with contact that gets blamed on the defender.

  2. Didn’t Stewart have his surgery in January, and Newton in March? That’s a significant difference, time-wise. Speaking of that, what is wrong with thestrategyexpert? You could put him on Jeopardy against a doorstop and a mop, and he still wouldn’t survive the last commercial break.

  3. you say Kitty is rusty… I say he pretty much sucks….

    I don’t think Kitty has much real talent.. asset is primarily size and ability to bail out plays.. I don’t think he has talent or potential of the top 4-5 higher potential young QBs

    Kitty was effective when made a game manager…he was not when he tried to be more… with talent level of panthers, what will happen when he once again tries to be more…. I see failure

  4. Anyway, I’m not worried about Cam. He was rusty starting off but that is expected just coming off of surgery and it being his first game. You could see him getting his groove back once the game started going.

  5. Newton is horrible. He’s not intelligent enough to be a QB in this league, and at least half of his focus is always how he looks when the camera might be pointing at him. (See silly Towel hoodie).


  6. If Cam can’t run then that offense is done.

    He’s not a good pocket quarterback and has shown no signs that he will ever be. Missing open guys is nothing new for him and has little to do with his injury.

  7. I just don’t get the comments. It’s like people don’t even look at the numbers before posting.

    Dude scored 30 TD’s last year(6th), with only 13 picks, in a ball control offense.

    He had a higher completion percentage than Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, and Matthew Stafford.

    It’s like every QB in the league other than the top 5 is garbage.

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