EJ Manuel on offensive struggles: It’s frustrating, I’m not going to lie


The Bills starting offense played the entire first half against the Steelers on Saturday and coach Doug Marrone left them on the field for two fourth downs in the red zone, but they’re still looking for their first touchdown of the preseason.

Any time an offense struggles, there are going to be questions about the quarterback. That’s especially true with a second-year quarterback who was drafted in the first round, so EJ Manuel is in the spotlight in Buffalo. Manuel was 17-of-27 for 148 yards and an interception against Pittsburgh and said he felt that the offense was “close,” but that didn’t make it any less disappointing when the night came to an end.

“Coming off the field, it was frustrating,” Manuel said, via the Buffalo News. “I’m not going to lie.”

Marrone complimented Manuel’s play, saying Manuel moved the ball down the field put the team in position to make plays. Being in position to make plays is only half the battle, though, and the Bills can’t pat themselves on the back too much after failing to execute when it mattered.

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  1. As Bills fan I’m really not worried about moving the ball down the field…but this defense better be ready to score some TD’s because I have a feeling we’re going to settle for a ton of FG’s.

    Their only hope is Watkins being a miracle worker in the redzone.

  2. Make Jeff Tuel the starter. Mind you, it’s not because he’s better than EJ, it’s just if you look at what writes/posts on social media his nickname should be “The Bass Master” and that would be the best nickname in the whole NFL.

  3. big bills fan but I am starting to worry about EJ being the guy. I expected up and downs but where is the ups? he looks like he just doesn’t grasp the plays and is always looking for the dump off. his good plays look average and his bad plays look really bad, I hope he works thru it and I want to see him play the entire next game or until he puts 2/3 scoring drives together in a row with no mistakes. I hope he gets it soon, season and front office depend on it and I like the coaches and front office so want the team to succeed. GO BILLS!!!

  4. Manuel sucks….he’s never gonna get it, waste of a first round pick.

    Add in the fact that Buffalo doesn’t have a first round pick next year and you’ve got yourself another decade of failure.

    Thanks Buffalo!!!

  5. The play calling last night was a joke.

    If your play calling doesn’t do anything to utilize the weapons you have, it doesn’t matter if Peyton Manning is your QB. I get it that it’s preseason and they’re not unveiling their true play book. But it’s a joke. And if last seasons play calling is any indicator I don’t have any confidence it will improve.

    Bracing for another season of what could have beens, for the 15th year in a row.

  6. I feel bad for manuel. I like him more than the other 2nd year QB in the afc east, but peopke give him a harder time. People should scrutinize the diva that cried after not getting drafted round 1.

  7. It is the preseason so you can’t read too much into how teams play, but it sure looks like the Bills fans can look forwards to another year of bottom feeding.

  8. EJ is not a good QB right now.

    He struggles hard to look off his first target, this has often generated poor throws, throws into good coverage and limited gains when he hits the intended receiver but forgets the other ones that might be wide open.

    He does have room to grow, but right now I’m leaning towards the option that the Bills kind of reached on him in a weak QB class, I’m even doubtful if he is much better than his FSU predecessor Christian Ponder.

  9. Folks that say E.J. sucks and shouldn’t have been a first round pick realize that he didn’t pick himself in the first round right?

    It’s the TEAM that chose him.

    They reached for him.

    He is what he is. Can’t knock him for being what he is.

    The team made the mistake.

  10. Jameis Winston would have been the savior for this franchise. Instead, that pick will be auctioned off by Cleveland to the highest bidder.

  11. Manuel is still not ready to be the #1 QB. Might be some day, but not yet. If only one of the vets brought in last year had worked out, to lead and to teach. The poor offensive play calling doesn’t help.

  12. I was amazed at how many former Steelers are on the Bills. Between Buffalo and Arizona they’ve got half the Steelers’s draft picks over the last 10 years. Dennis Dixon would have played better than Thad Lewis!

  13. Give the Steeler defense, last night spearheaded by Ryan Shazier, a lot of the credit for the Bills offensive problems…

  14. It’s preseason… The play calling is vanilla and the timing is still being worked on. And jets fans commenting. Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Kellen Clemens.,Old Brett Favre, Mike Vick.Just realize the last time you were relevant it was groundbreaking that your QB in a pantyhose commercial. And didn’t EJ smoke your defense last year? 37-10. At least Pats fans can back up the talk with a good team. Your just like your coaches and players all talk and no results.

  15. I really thought Manuel was a reach for the Bills. I never really thought he’d be special watching him at FSU. Guys like him and Geno Smith are going to go by the route of Jamarcus Russell…..Sad for Bills fans.

  16. Been a Bills fan since 92. And I’ve seen a lot of qbs come and go in Buffalo, and EJ just isn’t the answer. I watched the game today on NFL replay and boy did I see a lot of bad throws and a lot of bad reads. Even when he made completions, there were other guys he could of thrown to for more yardage. He likes to check down a lot and he still stares down receivers. That 3rd down and 1 in the red zone where woods was wide open, he threw a really bad pass which should of been a piece of cake throw. There were other plays also where he was wildly inaccurate. Granted he’s young but I don’t see much upside in his game. It’s going to be a long year fellas, embrace it now and be ready to accept what’s coming.

  17. Doug Marrone is in way over his head. Why the Bills would hire a coach who had an unremarkable college coaching career is beyond reason.
    That’s 2 straight games (also last year in the regular season) the Bills have gone to Pittsburgh and made the Steelers look invincible. Making matters worse, the Bills still couldn’t solve the Steelers even after spending a week practicing with them.
    Just be thankful the Bills drafted Manuel and not Landry Jones.

  18. The Bills drafted EJ the Awful even though some people at FSU cautioned it was not wise…they watched him and he was injury prone and extremely inconsistent in college.
    Bills don’t get it, never have and never will…..rust belt city, fans who will never see a winner, much less a playoff team, and let’s line up for the next idiot owner. no bidders with a brain for this team….this franchise should just go away.

  19. Manuel like many young QB’s has no touch on the ball.Every throw is a fastball.Kapernick although on another level,is the same.

  20. swagger52 says:

    Is it any wonder that Brady and the Patriots are always in the playoffs? I wish the Ravens had such sad-sack teams to play twice a year.

    The Ravens lost to the Bill’s last year.

    Head to head last year, the AFCE had two more wins than AFCN. It wasn’t all the pats either. Overall, the AFCE was #3 in wins, and AFCN was #5 (that’s next to last). It would appear the weaker division is the AFCN.

  21. When the Bills drafted Manuel I was hopeful that he would be the best quarterback in the draft.
    Good news is, I truly think he is the best one.
    Bad news is, none of them are any good.

  22. Well Doug you deserve to struggle when you refuse to make CJ Spiller the focal point of this offense.

    For 5 years now the Bills have wasted CJ Spiller’s talent.

  23. Bills fans will have to be patient some more.
    Their team is young and talented, but it will
    take some time for the team to gel.

    Manuel will be fine if his OL can buy him
    some time. Manuel will be as good as him
    linemen allow him to be.

  24. I’m so baffled by the many arm-chair GM’s and QB guru’s bashing EJ. A.) It’s the Pre-season. B.) This is the most talented roster he has had to work with on offense, dating back to FSU, majority fresh faces. C.) He has played exactly 9 1/2 games. I was worried after the Giants game, but he’s made strides since. Played well against Carolina, and was a bit erratic against Pitt, but made good decisions, just needs to work on ball placement. The only thing that bothers me is he locks on to his primary read, or just dumps it short (Not “Captain Checkdown” short mind you.) The 3rd and 27 to Chandler, great read. Don’t force it down field, hit the intermediate and try and get into field-goal position. The throw to Chandler in the end zone was perfect, Chandler needs to do a better job of boxing out similar to how Ertz did it the night earlier on a throw from Sanchez. The pick was a good read, poor throw. Chandler can dominate the seam, even when covered like that, but give him a chance to get it. I thought Hogan took a step back and was blown off the field by Woods. Not a bad problem to have 3 #2 WR’s though, except we now have a true #1 to lead them.

  25. Oh, and BTW, even though the Bills didn’t find the endzone, the score could have been 12-13 at half had we not gone for it on 4th 2 times. It’s pre-season, if I see it weeks 2-5, then I’ll be worried.

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