Graham dumps the goalpost dunk


If Saints tight end Jimmy Graham still intends to lead the league in penalties, he’ll need to find something other than the goalpost dunk.

On Sunday, two days after getting a pair of flags for a pair of post-touchdown Fine Slamma Jammas, Graham said he’s moving on from his trademark move.

“For four years and however many touchdowns I always dunked it,” Graham said, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Time-Picayune. “I just got to stop doing that now.”

While that will get him a pass from Sean Payton’s doghouse, it likely won’t allow Graham to escape the inevitable financial ramifications that will arise from Friday night’s decision to ignore not once but twice the league’s decision to erase the exception to the rule against the use of props.

“That’s just the rule, which is unfortunate because I just love the game,” Graham said.  “I have a lot of passion for the game.  I go out there on Sunday and it’s fun for me.  It’s just fun.  Act like a little kid out there, and sometimes I act like it.”

The rule became the rule because Graham knocked the goalpost askew last year on a Thursday night against Atlanta.  It he hadn’t, he’d still be able to throw it down after every score.

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  1. His trademark move? He copied that from Tony Gonzalez, who is a much better Tight End. What a selfish loser.

  2. Just squeeze all the air out of the ball like Bruce Smith in Little Giants. Take that, NFL.

  3. They only made that decision because Tony Gonzalez retired.

    Which is RIDICULOUS.

    What’s the difference? Who cares? WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM?

    Just more of the NFL needlessly trying to control things.

  4. Actually Sean Payton “Dump the Dunk”…. Good little boy Jommy way listen to your coach. You should have not been selfish from the start and just obey the “Rule”

  5. Jimmy? Who’s Jimmy? Oh you mean that scrub who’s scared of the LOB? The guy who’s on the Saints and was beaten down twice? The guy who plays for the most overrated team outside of Santa Clara or Denver? The team that the world champion dynasty Seahawks own?

  6. I have a lot more respect for guys who act like they are professionals who have been there before and belong there rather jump around like children who just got a pony for Christmas. Maybe I’m not much fun, though.

  7. I wonder if he realizes what an amazing, wonderful life he leads when this is the worst thing in it.

  8. These game delays of self expression need to stop so there’s more time for commercials, referee discussion huddles, and penalties.

  9. If the game wasn’t slowed down by commercials already, it gets even slower with all the ridiculous penalties that are called now. At least I was lucky enough to see Graham dunk in person.


  10. It’s almost as lame as signaling a first down after catching an 11 yd pass on 1st and 10, that’s how lame the goal post dunk is.

  11. I hope someone goes all mortal kombat on goodell and his girlfriends who are day by day ruining and taking the fun out of football.

  12. Jimmy sure does get a lot of hate here for being a great player who rarely causes any drama. It is only recently with his contract and this stupid rule that he’s been the cause of any stir, and the media made more of both than needed. Saints fans love Jimmy because he’s an overall great player, a player all his teammates love and he loves the fans back. Any other teams’ fans would love him too if he was yours.

    The goal post dunk literally had only caused a delay twice in the past 5 years and both ironically were at the Georgia Dome where Tony Gonzlaez was playing at the time. Maybe it was just the Georgia Dome’s field goal posts that were the problem. Of course, the Falcons’ president is head of the competition committee and this becomes a rule the second TG retired.

  13. “granadafan says: Aug 17, 2014 8:11 PM

    His trademark move? He copied that from Tony Gonzalez, who is a much better Tight End. What a selfish loser.”


    Big Graham will have a better career than that face lifting loser.

  14. Why not reprimand the Falcons for being the only team in the league with such shoddy goal posts? Nobody else’s goalposts fell apart, but I guess that’s what makes the Falcons such a second-rate organization.

  15. N”F”L- Let the dunking be done by real ballers (basketball), and the footballing to the real footballers. Laying an egg and throwing it aftrewards should be your celebration, Eggballers! :-“D

  16. The reviews are becoming more interesting than the games which are a series of commercials followed by a little football.

    No shuffle, no celebration unless you make a tackle. Remember those, they use to happen every play. Game was called rough tackle.

  17. He could still be doing it if he wouldn’t have gotten carried away and bent a goal post delaying a game. No one to blame but himself. Talks like he invented it or something.

    Goes back to 1975 with Dallas Cowboy LB Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson doing it after a pick 6. Also had a kickoff return TD too.

  18. No props…no teammates… I thought joy was supposed to be spontaneous, not legislated.

    All the planned celebrations started the rules. Chad took it to another level and put TD celebrations in the spotlight. Harsher rules…now this.

    Can’t we just go back to the spontaneous stuff again?

  19. They should have just made it penalty for any player who causes a delay of game to adjust the goal post.

  20. elks84 says:
    Aug 17, 2014 8:12 PM
    Why not make the rule a delay of game penalty if someone knocks off the goalpost?
    Because it’s unnecessary. Nobody wants to stop the game to fix a goal post and there is pretty much no good reason to even risk it.

  21. If you want to see dunks, perhaps you are watching the wrong sport?

    If you cannot find enough “fun” in football, without such a selfish act, perhaps YOU are not a very fun person, yourself?

    Maybe you would like to see NBA players “sack” opposing team players too?

    All in the name of fun, of course??

  22. Jimmy is great at catching the forward pass and then running after the catch. But does or I should ask, can he block? I’ve never seen him block before? Can he do that? I know he can, Catch ball, run with ball, dunk ball, bend cross bar. Give me Jason Witten twice on Sunday or Gronk at least they can block so the Halfback can turn the edge! He was right, he’s a wideout, not a tight end! I’m not a Cowboys fan and I can’t stand the Pat’s. But like I said, Give me a tight end that can, catch ball, run with ball and block for his QB and running back!

  23. Seems pretty simple. “Jimmy” wasn’t athletic enough to perform the stupid, copied touch down….celebration….so…….

    Go Hawks!

  24. I like watching players celebrate. As long as its not excessive and causing 5 minute delays. The Atlanta incident was rare. If one team doesnt like the other players celebrating, then dont let them score. If graham cant dunk, then cam shouldnt be allowed to give the ball to the kids in the stands after. Thats a delay of game to. What if one of the kids gets an allergic reaction to a players sweat on the ball, and the family sues. Then what? Will the NFL stop allowing fans in stadiums? Barry Sanders was one of the classiest players EVER. But if every player just walked up to the ref and handed him the ball each time, that would be a god awfull bore. Most of you fake fans that act like you know football will never know what it actually takes to work your whole life to into the NFL. You work your whole life, and because a guy wants to dunk the ball in the goal post, people call him selfish? Have you ever met the guy? Who are you to judge a guy bc he wants to have fun, and make the game more fun to watch. Same moron fat blubbering couch potatoes that agree with the dumb rules peyton manning has brought upon us.

  25. “…and it’s fun for me.” Therein is the problem. You are part of a team. You do not get a paycheck to do “fun for me.” Grow up and be professional or go amuse yourself in front of a mirror.

  26. The only problem I have with the whole dunk thing is that it became a rule, Graham said he would violate the rule and then did , twice. Against the wished of the coach. Perhaps he should work out a new dance, he could master the Ickey Shuffle and call that his creation as well.

  27. Class vs. trash. Give me class every time. His orchestrated, not spontaneous dunk is another brick in the wall of the dumbing down of sportsmanship in the sports culture. I don’t know who really wants their kid to identify with “check me out” immature, it’s all about me “athletes.” Parents! Show your kids what a role model should be.

  28. Graham overcame a really crappy childhood to find success and he’s good at what he does and is typically a team player and nice person. People demonizing him over something as stupid as this is really mind-boggling.

  29. I don’t want to see players celebrate when they do what they are paid millions of dollars to do.

    If they want to celebrate every time they catch the ball or score a TD, then they should offer us all public apologies when they drop a pass or fumble or miss a block.

    These prima-donnas don’t have any class.

    IF they want to celebrate, they can do it after the game. I pay to see a team kick the crap out of another team, not to see a frickin Broadway show.

  30. It’s too bad he doesn’t play in Green Bay, then it wouldn’t be illegal. The league always makes special exceptions for them. No planned celebrations for any team….except the Lambeau Leap in cheese land. No sale of phony stock certificates to finance stadium improvements for any team….except Green Bay. All teams must have one majority owner…..except Green Bay. See, he’d have no issues there…..

  31. Stupid rule. There’s so much hypocrisy behind it I don’t even know where to begin. Between the nba comparisons it draws to the players, to the fine he’ll get compared to Ray rice’s fine. The league is just a joke these days.

  32. People have been doing that in the NFL forever. The main ything he copied from Tony Gonzalez was being a selfish loser. Wonder how long it will be before he wants to sit out training camp.

  33. The trademark move that he swore he would continue to do despite the fines and penalties? Took all of one preseason game to go back on his word? Yeah, sounds about right.

    I’m Jimmy!


  34. So a dunk over the cross bar is the football move hes most associated with. I associate him with not showing up and delivering in the biggest game of his life. Thats what i remember about that guy. He was shutdown when it mattered most. Keeping dunking fool.

  35. Why all the vitriol over this play? Jimmy said he would still dunk and incur the penalties for charities . Such a selfish man! He did this in preseason. Pretty sure he has no intention of doing this in the rgular season. Get over it haters. He did nothing to hurt you.

  36. Time for something new Jimmy..that’s all..just keep on getting those touchdowns..maybe look at some of those cool dance moves of lance moore. Do those…that will certainly fill the void. Who s Jimmy!? The highest paid tight end in football history!? Tony Gonzales was a great tight end nobody’s disputing that..He didn’t bend a goal post so no one’s talking about him on this issue? just feels good for some reason to say this…so coming from the depths of my soul…Who Dat!!!


  37. Can’t wait to see the NEW rule on DBs holding WRs take effect this year. You want to talk about delaying the game? #SeahawkDynasty…NOT.

    I am a Seahawk


  38. Coach Payton: “Jimmy, I’ll make you a deal…the moment you do anything significant against the Seattle Seahawks, you can dunk it.”

    Jimmy: “But coach, that Bruce Irvin guy was a big meanie. He took my ball and kicked it away from me when I was trying to act big and tough in warm-ups. Those guys weren’t even intimidated by me at all.”

    Coach Payton: “Jimmy, as awesome as we all think you are here in New Orleans, there are a lot of people out there who realize you’re pretty much still a basketball player in a football uniform. They know you’re still a bit of a lily-livered, thin-skinned sissy-boy. I love you though.”

    Jimmy: “Means a lot, coach.”

  39. A lot of Saints hate coming from Hawks fans these days… Must be scared at the thought of the NFL cracking down on defensive holding/cheating and they know there is no way they’ll come close to repeating lol

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