Nicks’ big night changes the narrative, significantly


If Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton wanted to push the buttons of receiver Hakeem Nicks by questioning his conditioning earlier in camp, it apparently worked.

Nicks, whose first August with the Colts had fallen somewhere in the gulf that resides between “blah” and “meh,” caught plenty of attention on Saturday night with a five-catch, 53-yard performance in limited duty against his former team, the Giants.  Now, Nicks is catching praise along with those passes.

And his starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, caught a little flak for the perception that he force-fed the ball to Nicks.

A couple of guys on the team asked me that,” Luck said after the game, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star. “[They said], ‘You were giving it to Hakeem on purpose, huh?’  I think you give it to the open guy on purpose.  It was just the way the game played out.”

It would have played out as six catches for 86 yards for Nicks, but a 36-yard gain was wiped off the board due to Nicks giving a wave to cornerback Trumaine McBride during the play.

“Coach Pagano definitely talked to me,” Nicks said of the 15-yard penalty. “He knew I knew better. He talked to me. . . .  I got caught up in the moment.”

If last night’s game is a sign of things to come, there will be plenty of moments for Nicks, the Colts, and the team’s fans to get caught up in.

And while it appears that Giants coach Tom Coughlin may have gotten caught up in the moment and slapped Nicks in the face after a game in which Coughlin’s starting offense looked horrible, that’s a pat on the cheek.  If Nicks does it again when the teams get together in the regular season, then it could become a slap.

32 responses to “Nicks’ big night changes the narrative, significantly

  1. Nicks is like many of these NFL players – you’ve got to keep ’em on year-to-year contracts so they’ll produce…

    Can’t handle the Big Mo’

  2. As a Colts fan, the mere thought of Dwayne Allen, TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne and Hakeem Nicks being on the field at the same brings a smile to my face.

    Now we just have to get through the drudges of mid August!

  3. Big night? I must have been watching a different game. He caught a couple of dinkers and dunkers and still was running with the ball in one hand out in the open like a loaf of bread.

    I lost all respect for Nicks last year watching him give up on routes. Maybe since he got paid he’ll try now. But to try and tell me he had a big game or stood out in any way is insulting to me as a football fan.

  4. NYX is an exceptional player with a bad attitude, really not much of a surprise. on that note, if nicks decides to play to his full potential the AFC better watch out for the Colts

  5. .
    Nick’ big night with 5 catches for 53 yards fell just short of Flipper Anderson’s NFL record of 15 catches for 336 yards.

  6. Man, Nicks used to be one of my favorite players. He just seemed like a class act that was always giving it all for the team. I know the compartment syndrome seemed to sap a lot of his ability the past few years and he really just hasn’t looked the same, often giving up on routes. I think a new start was needed for everyone involved and I wish him the best.

  7. The Browns could have used him right about now…really slept at the wheel letting WR corp. Become soooo lean. And for that matter, when I see the Bears, who might just have the best starting duo of WR’s, go out and sign FA Santonio Holmes, I really think Ray Farmer (Brown’s GM) must like living dangerously. If they could use Holmes, there is no doubt in my mind, the Browns surely could have as well. I suspect Farmer is waiting on cuts from New Orleans or another team with a strong receiving corp. But it’d been nice to have picked Nicks in the off season instead of Burleson, I believe.

  8. The only part of Hakeem Nicks that isn’t made of glass, are his stone hands. A third of Eli’s INTs are balls that hit Hakeem’s hands before the DBs. It’s like he was playing volley ball sometimes. He’ll be hurt by week 4.

  9. We made a colossal mistake letting nicks go. He’s a WR1 and there’s no doubt. We lost the ego battle because of cheapness. Now we have a slot WR and a bunch of scrubs. Nice going Reese.

  10. He’ll be injured by game 6 and play at 50% or less the remainder of the season after missing a few games. Even though Giants offense looks like garbage right now I am glad he is gone. He sued to be one of my favorites until he turned into an always injured diva.

  11. As someone who isnt a fan of either team, the Giants do a good job of showing guys the door before they become liabilities while the Colts give up 1st round picks for running backs that can’t run.

  12. This was a flash in the pan– Nicks is still the 3rd option once the Regular Season begins… and uh, wow the Giants look terrible. 1/7 for six yards, Eli?? Whoa.

    Luck might be this year’s MVP

  13. Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Luck are the five elite QB’s in the NFL. Welcome to the club Andrew and sorry about the Luck Eli!

  14. Shame on you Giants fans for knocking this guy. Offensively he was the reason we even got our 2nd Super Bowl. We paid Cruz and what has Cruz done now that he has Nicks double teams?

    It was a heart breaker to let him leave but he did not want to be in NY. Everyone claims ( I used to think this way) that they want to be in NY then why do half of us leave?

    Good Luck Hakeem……

  15. The guy was a beast for the Giants when he was healthy. He doesn’t have a bad attitude. He played hurt the last two years. If he stays healthy he’ll be great for the Colts. Andrew Luck will love him.

  16. >”He got a penalty for waving? What happened to the NFL?”

    Golden Tate got pinched for the same thing last season against St. Louis. Ridiculous if you ask me. Gives the game a bit of flavor.

  17. Hold up. The waving taunt negated the whole play?? What a joke. Say what you want about the “classiness” of Nick’s action or whatever, but to wipe out the entire play is absurd in and of itself. I really don’t understand why the NFL is trying to accomplish with putting even more on the backs of the already notoriously terrible officiating. Don’t even get me started on the new emphasis on throwing flags on defenses for touching someone…

  18. An opposing coach slaps the other team’s WR after the game? Is that considered old school because Coach Tom is a old tough guy? Will he be fined by the Commish ?

  19. I liked nicks, but he gave up last year. It was a contract yr and he wanted big $$$ or he wanted out. The kids still got along of growing up to do. At least 3 of his catches were against linebackers and the play after that little wave Rolle lit him up. Indys offense is gonna be killer though. That being said, all this worry about the Giants offense is bogus. The oLine consist of 3 new players who are still figuring each other out, and Indy blitzed a lot to take advantage of that fact. Expect to see that a lot this year guys. Elis gonna have to stop looking down field and let his receivers and RBS get that YAC. Hopefully he adjust because this new offense is built to capitalize on those blitzing schemes.

  20. Wow, that is one giant moniker. How are those cities embarrassments to the NFL? (I’ll ignore the Pittsburgh stupidity in hopes of an actual answer.) The teams, I admit, well a few are pretty sad and have been for a while with little indication of improvement, but you have a few recent playoff teams in there and that’s hardly embarrassing, unless missing the playoffs, like the Steelers did last year, is the real goal. Saying the cities themselves are an embarrassment is just odd. Is it their economies? Architecture? Lack of adequate parks? Or you just don’t like them….?

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