Pagano guarantees McAfee will make a 60-plus-yard field goal


The Colts’ 27-26 preseason loss to the Giants on Saturday night ended with Pat McAfee missing a 64-yard field goal, wide left. But Colts coach Chuck Pagano says seeing McAfee miss that kick did nothing to diminish the teams confidence in McAfee from beyond 60 yards.

McAfee is the Colts’ punter, but he has a stronger leg than kicker Adam Vinatieri, so when the Colts want to try a field goal beyond 55 yards, they go with McAfee. Pagano says he’s so confident that he promises that McAfee will win a game with a long field goal this season.

“We see him make them all the time in practice, so I’ve got great confidence,” Pagano said. “I was completely confident and the kid was confident. Obviously he had the distance, just a little bit wide left is what I saw. Before this season’s over, he’s going to hit a game-winner from 60-plus yards, I guarantee it.”

That’s an odd thing to guarantee, as Pagano obviously has no way of knowing whether the Colts will even be in a position where they need a 60-plus-yard field goal at the end of a game this year. But Pagano seems eager to send McAfee out for a very long field goal at some point this year. Maybe even Week One at the elevation of Denver, where McAfee says he can make one from 75 yards.