Rex Ryan says Jets “won’t take anybody’s stuff” after penalty-filled night

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Many of this year’s preseason games have moved at a snail’s pace, largely because of the amount of penalty flags being thrown as part of the league’s increased emphasis on defensive holding and illegal contact.

Not every flurry of flags is due to those changes, though. The Jets were penalized 12 times against the Bengals on Saturday night, but half of those were 15-yard personal fouls and the Jets had a seventh 15-yarder that was declined by Cincinnati. The offensive line was particularly aggressive, with Brian Winters, Willie Colon and Breno Giacomini all getting flagged for at least one big penalty.

Coach Rex Ryan wasn’t upset at his team after the game, though. He said he thought his players were sticking up for one another in response to chippy play by the Bengals and said that his team wouldn’t ever do things any differently.

“We’re not here to take anybody’s stuff, period,” Ryan said. “Again, we’re not here to take anything from anybody. If a teammate is at risk, then we’re not going to take that. We want to be a clean, physical football team, and that’s what we plan on being.”

The Jets need to find a way to be physical in the regular season without winding up buried under a mountain of yellow flags because that kind of undisciplined play will cost them games. They saw as much last season when late penalties by the Buccaneers and Patriots helped put the Jets in position to win games that they probably would have lost otherwise.

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  1. We’ll take those penalties with that mindless bravado to the bank twice a year. Thanks Rex, signed: AFC East.

  2. That’s funny Rex. I watched the game and the Jets players were out of line on several occasions. I think they get frustrated because their 1st team can’t hang with the Bengals.

  3. Go ahead Rex, and encourage your team to keep making penalties. If you think that’s the way to the Super bowl…..sheesh!

  4. Giacomini was known for personal fouls when he was with Seattle. He used to move the offense backwards in critical situations. He will do the same with the Jets if he doesn’t change.

  5. Take note Jets opponents. Push the right buttons and you’ll surely get an additional 15 yards. Not the best strategy by Rex but I guess some would rather be known as the tough guys instead of the smart guys.

  6. Don’t be jealous of the best team in the AFC! Don’t get upset when Pryor knocks Gronk out! Don’t be envious when the Green And White win the Super Bowl! Don’t feel inferior with your Coach and Rex! Don’t be a sore looser! # TheRestOfTheAFCCan’tCompeteWithTheJets

  7. When Jets 1’s played against Bengals 1’s-The Jets got their asses kicked. Its not hard to be chippy with guys who will be on the street in another week!

  8. Know how you get even? Win the game. This kind of mindset is why his father was a loser as a head coach too

  9. He is always running his mouth, I like his attitude and confidence but that should be in house and the locker room and not through the media and press. You don’t ever see crap like this in the press from the true great coaches with winning teams.

  10. Weak excuse. I guess Terence Newman was playing “chippy” when Colon ripped off his helmet after an interception.
    That’s called being an immature sore loser Rex.

  11. Rex’s request to require all teams to play their 2’s and 3’s against the Jets 1’s in the regular season was not given a vote by the competition committee. It’s understandable that the team is showing that frustration now.

  12. They havent won anything since they were caught taping the Patriots in Foxboro in the 2006 playoffs.

  13. Jesus Christ Rex Time to COMPLETELY Hand over the reins of the Offence to someone else other than yourself (I’m try the offensive coordinator) & keep your dick beaters in the Defense ONLY!!!!!

    Not a big fan of Rex by no means but you gotta admit he ALWAYS puts a great Defense on the field on sunday….

    And that’s coming from a patriots Fan..

  14. Baby Huey says we’re mad as hell and not going to take it from anyone! Wah Wah Wah. The wind bag baby speaks…again. Love he’s on the hot seat.

  15. It’s the NFL.
    EVERYONE is a tough guy.

    Aren’t NY fans tired of this guy and his crap yet?
    Everything just comes across like a deflection of responsibility with him.

  16. Jets are pumping up for their Superbowl … the annual pre-season game against the Giants. For them THIS is the biggest game of the season.

  17. Week 8… Marty M will become head coach. Vick will start Jets will finish 6-10. The only redeeming part of this roster is the D-line and a couple LBs. The rest of the team is a hot mess. So Jets fans keep posting on Bills stories because you have a young QB learning to play like we do. The only difference is our QB has a good offensive line very good RBs and very good WRs. #billsarebadjetsareworse

  18. Something is brewing with this Jets team if they beat Green Bay in week 2 they will win make playoffs.

  19. All fans of AFC East teams other than the Jets are praying Rex stays; he’s good for almost guaranteed wins against the Jets each season.
    The man is a wind-bag.

  20. As a Patriots fan, I never tire of reading Rex’s comments. Please Woody Johnson, never fire this guy. True, his only talent is defensive scheming, since he has no ability to run an offense, can’t draft to save his life, is mismatched every week in game planning, can’t manage the clock, and generally has no idea how to run an NFL team. Which is why it’s so much fun to play the Jets. He’ll plan a strategic defense, and if his personnel can execute, that phase of the game will be competitive. But the rest of it is just pure entertainment: who will catch more passes this week, Gino’s receivers or our cornerbacks? Seriously, Woody, don’t let this guy go, Sundays just wouldn’t be the same.

  21. Jets/Bengals all-time record is 17-7-0 in favor of Gang Green. Bungles fans are the only ones chippy here. Loser fans of a loser team from a loser state. Must be demoralizing to be outshone by even the lowly Browns.

  22. I can’t wait for the first few reg season games to be over so the jets fans can go away as usual.

  23. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Aug 17, 2014 12:59 PM

    JETS win when it matters.

    January 9 20010 4:30 pm at Cincinnati Bengals W 24–14


    The last time the Jets won when it mattered was 44 years ago.

  24. Come on. Watch the 1s against the 1s and you know why the Jet’s were “chippy”. They talked all week about how they were going to manhandle the Bengals and then they came in and got their butts handed to them. Dalton went 8 for 8, 140+ yards and a TD. The Bengals got another TD because they pushed the Jets off the ball on the 1 yard line despite the Jets defense getting their hands on the ball carrier in the backfield. The Bengals starting offense and defense worked the Jets over. Pre season doesn’t mean a lot but I don’t think Jets fans have anything to crow about as a result of this game. I’d be worried.

  25. buffaloisadumpsterandtheirfansaremorons says:
    Aug 17, 2014 2:55 PM

    Lol at all the envious JETS fans. You maddddd???? 2 AFC CHampionship Games with Mark Sanchez. 8-8 last year when all you losers were predicting 3 wins. THIS IS THE YEAR.



    I agree… LOL at all the envious JETS fans.

  26. I actually remember a nice playoff win in NE in 2011 over the 14-2 Pats. I’m pretty sure that was the 2nd year in a row that NE sat home while NY went to the Championship. more to come.

  27. I can’t help but laugh at some of the jests fans that are actually bringing up the fact that they won “the game” last night.

    Really? Your whole take on that game was that you won? The future fast food franchise employees beat out the grocery store baggers and that was impressive to you?

    It didn’t even matter to you that the 1’s against the 1’s wasn’t even a fair contest the way the Bengals manhandled that “GREAT” defense Rexy has been bragging about so much this off-season?

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  28. Will he be ok with dumb penalties that costs the Jets a W in the regular season? No way he is coaching clean play at all times. He will cry unfair afterwards too.

  29. Great Coordinator, not fit to be a head coach. Statements like this after almost 6 years on the job is the proof.

  30. It should be noted that guns hochuli was the ref. the jets had quite a few players who were out of control but some of the flags shouldn’t have been thrown. And I am a bengals fan.

  31. That was a 6-10 team last year that got lucky with the two wins mentioned in the article, and with a late season scramble against low level competition, they managed to be 8-8. I think they can do it again, but more than that might be asking too much. For Rex, the bravado seems to motivate his team. I guess you have to go with what is working, and he can be somewhat entertaining, but largely, it’s obnoxious, and sadly, that’s been the history with the Jets.

  32. Can the boring Jets offense really afford to go backwards. Since they are a 3 yard and a cloud of dust offense 15 yard penalties are killers for them. Plus now that other teams know that they can get the Jets players to do something stupid and get flagged every team they play will starting acting “chippy”. This is Rex being the idiot that he is and allowing his players to lose games with their penalties. Hey Rex Mark Sanchez is available in a trade if you want him since Geno is nothing special.

  33. I’ve noticed how many Cincinnati fans want to point out how there starters were only in the game for a few series. I think they care more about the final score than the jets fans. I haven’t seen many jets fans bragging about the win.

  34. I see there aolt of Bengals fans up here that think the Bengals are a great team the jets was short handed last year with no offense no secondary you guys won the game Ok big deal, your QB did OK in A preseason game WOW lets go Bengals !!! you guys dont have a image can’t win in the playoff and wont win a super bowl any time soon so stop worrying about a preseason game and focus on the AFC NORTH,, like Baltimore and Pittsburgh and stop talking about a bum ass game that happen last year the JETS WILL be fine we have a image we talk Smack and get crazy but that who we are WHO TH BENGALS , FOOLS

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