Roddy White not a fan of the preseason


The Falcons had a long night in Houston, losing 32-7 to the Texans and possibly losing left tackle Sam Baker for the entire season.

So what does receiver Roddy White takeaway from that or any other preseason game?

“Nothing,” White told reporters after the game.  “You get nothing out of exhibition games except for a lot of peoples conditioning, what shape they are in, and if they are able to go 60 plays or not.  You learn how far your young guys have to go, grasping concepts and things you want them to do, but other than that the veterans go out and play.  Everybody just tries to get through this thing and try to stay healthy as possible and make it to game one.  Like today, our left tackle got hurt and we don’t know if he is going to be ready for the season or not.  It’s stuff like that, that tells you a lot about these games.  I know you can get hurt at practice but playing unmeaningful games and getting your left tackle hurt, I just don’t know.  I don’t know what you judge from these preseason games.  I’m not a fan about them, but we have to play them.”

Sentiments like that could make the NFLPA more likely to agree to a two-team expansion of the postseason in exchange for a one-week shrinkage of the preseason.  It’s an issue that continues to percolate as the 2014 season approaches, especially since the NFL has sent fairly strong signals that it hopes to grow the postseason by 2015.

But with any preseason game, it’s possible that one team will be treating it as an extension of practice (like the Falcons apparently did last night) and the other team will view it as an important step in the growth of the team (like the Texans apparently did last night, after getting wiped out last week in Arizona).

Four weeks, three weeks, or one week, it continues to be a necessary evil for veteran starters, a proving ground for young players, and a critical tool for shrinking the roster from 90 to 53.

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  1. Baker has gotten hurt in the regular season, preseason and probably getting out of bed. The guy is always hurt. Not the best example to use. Imo injuries like this are going to happen sooner or later. Whether it happens in preseason versus week 2 is largely irrelevant.

  2. Agreed Roddy. I’m not a fan of pre-season either. It’s unwatchable football.

    Only thing that come out of it is an injury to a starter in a meaningless game.

    If college football doesn’t need pre-season then the NFL shouldn’t need it either.

  3. No preseason games would show you exactly how good a coaching staff and front office are at picking and melding a team. Every year an excellent veteran is lost for the season due to a preseason game injury, robbing the fans of his play when it means something. Do like college and get rid of the preseason altogether. fans hate the preseason, the owners force them to by the worthless game seats in their season ticket package. Go straight to the season, keep the camp open longer for the coaches to get a look or train their team then, cut it to 53 players and get on with it.

  4. When you were a rookie, I bet you loved preseason. To get a roster spot! Now, it’s meanness since you made the team. Not for the guys trying to make a team. Stop crying and play

  5. Too many people make big deals out of preseason because the NFL and these games are hyped so much. Last week Texans fans predicted gloom and doom based on one game, this week they’re fired up again. No one understands that these games mean nothing, and they’re not played the same way as regular season games. The only people that love these games are the coaches and owners who profit off them.

  6. I, for one, love the preseason. You get to see the young guys from the past few drafts who are making their way up the depth chart. You get to see positional battles. I want to see the second and third team guys fight to make the team. This year, you also get to feel the refs out. Think of it this way: preseason games are fancy intrasquad practices. I’m sure that coaches don’t mind the games. They get to evaluate young guys in game settings.

  7. If you hate the pre-season, just ask fans who pay full price for what are nothing but glorified, overhyped scrimmages where the teams’ best players play a series of two, if it all.

  8. I’d rather have this injury now than during the postseason…

    Roddy White continues to show how ignorant and stupid he is when his mouth opens…

    Injuries are part of the game, deal with it…

    And they’ve got a draft pick that’s a pretty darn good one to take his spot…

  9. Come opening day Kenny Vaccaro will make sure that Roddy’s not a fan of the regular season either. Crybaby.

  10. I’m pretty sure that Sam Baker was born with a back and knee injury. Came right out of the womb and straight into back surgery.

    What a bust. And Dummytroff, your days are numbered. Anybody not worried about this team because “it was just a pre-season game”’re in for a rude awakening. These guys are going to be as bad as last year. if not worse.

  11. To everyone that constantly whines about getting charged full price for preseason tickets here’s a thought… don’t buy season tickets! There are plenty after market options on ebay/stubhub, etc. Of course some people just like to complain so they’ll just find something else to carry on about.

  12. Pre or no pre… the never-ending argument. And the fans still have to pay full price for pretend football.

  13. Oh Roddy, always got something to say, unless you lose a big game, then coincidentally you are at a loss for words.

  14. Let the excuses start now..Failcons are already retreating and the real bullets haven’t even started flying yet. Rex Ryan and Junior Gallette are licking their jobs.

    Dirty birds 5-11 confirmed

  15. Veterans and players the coaches know are going to make the team shouldn’t play in the preseason period. Play the kids trying to make the team, play the the players that are in position battles and get to game one healthy.

  16. I like the preseason as well. Last years preseason told me alot about my Seahawks. I was particularly fond of a second year linebacker named Malcolm Smith. He made a name for himself in the preseason. He ended up intercepting the last play of the NFC Championship game and was named Super Bowl MVP. If it weren’t for the preseason he likely would have lost his spot to a hybrid defensive lineman as the Seahawks front office made a billion moves last year.

  17. chc4 says:
    Aug 17, 2014 9:56 AM
    To everyone that constantly whines about getting charged full price for preseason tickets here’s a thought… don’t buy season tickets! There are plenty after market options on ebay/stubhub, etc. Of course some people just like to complain so they’ll just find something else to carry on about.
    Exactly! Don’t buy season tickets. Give up prime season seat locations so some of us can get the tickets and resell them.

  18. Roddy got hurt in the “all important” third preseason game last year. The foot injury lingered until about week 10 or 11, when the season was already out of reach.

    I don’t blame him. Watch Roddy in the slot this year! 90 catches.

  19. brownsmakemecrazy says:Aug 17, 2014 8:08 AM

    Agreed Roddy. I’m not a fan of pre-season either. It’s unwatchable football

    Yeah let’s push those 4 unwatchable football games back into the regular season where they count. That’s a great idea.

  20. I hate the preseason too.

    It is a scam for owners to get fans to pay full price to watch backups play, and puts the starters at injury risk for the small amount of time they are out there.

    Preseason NFL football is like soccer – team go out and scrimmage, and no one really cares if they win or lose the game.

  21. I was at that game last night. Obviously Roddy isn’t the only Falcons player that doesn’t care for preseason. I thought the teams had switched uniforms for a minute…

  22. Roddy White not a fan of the preseason….neither are we. ive been watching football since 6 or 7 years old. thats 46 years ago. the games i have watched this year are utter crap. i know the drill, starters pulled after 3 series, scrubs come in. i would never pay full ticket price for this garbage. thats why i have a hi def big screen, and can switch to something else when i feel like it.

  23. Not saying this solves everything but you could remove the preseason by keeping 90 players and have a reserved grade were your top 45 players play in the regular season games (prob 20) and other “inactive” players play in the reverse grade match which will be great for develop young players and giving fans a good warm up match.

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