Watkins has bruised ribs


Bills rookie receiver (and potential savior of the employment of everyone in the football operation) Sammy Watkins gave the team (and everyone in the employment of the football operation) a scare when leaving Saturday night’s preseason game against the Steelers with a rib injury.

The good news?  The ribs are not broken.  The bad news?  The ribs are still bruised.

The team announced after the game that it’s only a bruise, according to the Buffalo News.  And while “only a bruise” sounds better than “broken,” anyone who has had bruised ribs knows that running, walking, moving, and/or breathing can be quite painful while the bruise heals.

Coach Doug Marrone specifically used the term “contusion” when describing the injury, which is the same thing as a bruise but sounds fancier.  The Bills won’t be very fancy if the injury slows Watkins down into the regular season.

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  1. TLDR; Watkins has “contusion” fancy word for bruise. Anybody who things he is missing regular season time is either misinformed or crazy.

  2. In a pretty hard hitting game, there were surprisingly few injuries. Always good to see after a game, especially a off-season game. The Steelers only reported one so far, a dislocated shoulder for a third team guard. If this was Buffalo’s only serious injury, both teams came out of the game in very good shape.

  3. All the Boofalo opponents will be targeting that spot on his back in every game…looks like he isn’t very durable.
    Hit him again…harder, harder!

  4. Haven’t seen the game yet but I keep getting the feeling EJ has chemistry with Woods and Hogan but is missing an opportunity to get some solid deep ball play (in game) with Watkins. These two guys have the opportunity to save their skins as well as those of the football operation in Buffalo.

  5. Normally guys don’t jump up and kick you in the ribs, typical Steelers revenge tactic after being burned all week.

  6. Please stop with the “we drafted him to save our jobs” nonsense. It’s played out, and completely based on your assumptions.

    The bills haven’t made the playoffs in 14 years and they’ve been conservative all throughout in drafting. Could it be they just decided maybe doing something different and aggressive and uncharacteristic would maybe change their fortune?

    Noooo, that would be to sensible and not draw enough clicks for you, would it?

  7. Patskrieg dot com says:
    Aug 17, 2014 9:45 AM
    Does this mean a break from the the daily updates of how he’s dominating Bills practices?

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    Aww are we upset that anybody would dare report on anything other than the Patriots?

    Here’s a thought: and I know it’s difficult to comprehend from anybody in BAAAAAston. The sports world does not revolve around your city . Sure your city has had one hell of a 15 yr run and in fact, seeing as my grandfather lived most of my life in Boston, I was thrilled they won the World Series but you need to get over yourselves and in fact, I can’t wait for you to remember what life was like before B and B

  8. Browns fans… Even if it is a top 10 pick.. You’ll blow it like you always do. You haven’t been relevant since Ernest Byner. Your best QB ever is a drunken mess while ours is a revered man and a hall of famer.

  9. Shazier kicked Watkins in the back. He was overexcited to be on the field. It’s a bruise. Who doesn’t have a bruise this time of year? Day one, he will burn up the league. Meanwhile, Browns fans have a QB who has 3 whole starts under his belt, one of which a Bill tore his leg off. the other guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. throw in a junkie WR, no RBs and a new HC, and you have the recipe for a no.1 pick of your own making. Your owner should be on parole the next time you make the playoffs…..maybe.

  10. People come back from broken ribs in three weeks. He has a contusion, he will be fine come kickoff.

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