After early stall, Cam Newton puts foot on gas and goes


The numbers didn’t look like much for Cam Newton.

But after his return to the field following offseason ankle surgery, he said getting through the night was an important first step.

I haven’t pressed the throttle all the way down to the floor until today, trying to see how much I can do,” Newton said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “It was kind of like a shock at first. It’s one thing where you’ve got to tell your mind that you’re not hurt.

“I’ve been treating it as much as possible and trying to get as much as I can to make it feel better so when it’s out there you know it’s supposed to hurt, and sometimes it does hurt, but it’s just like a temporary pain.”

Newton rebounded a bit after a slow start (gaining a single yard on his first three series), and led a pair of touchdown drives, with running back Jonathan Stewart getting in the end zone in his own comeback.

But it was Newton actually scrambling and having to test his left ankle that was the biggest hurdle to clear, as the Panthers have kept him from doing that through most of training camp.

“It was kind of embarrassing for me to lead my offense out there and not have a first down,” Newton said. “But when we did get things going it was fun to see, fun to sit back and watch.”

Given the still-uncertain state of their offensive line and receiving corps, they need him to do more than sit back.

But last night was a good first step toward him taking a more active role.

10 responses to “After early stall, Cam Newton puts foot on gas and goes

  1. It wasn’t Cam that worried anyone last night… The O-Line was downright awful. Cam can only do so much when he only has 1.5 seconds to throw/run.

  2. I just don’t understand the Cam hatred in any Panthers-related post in the least.

    In full disclosure, I love my Panthers and Cam is a big part of that, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m not biased. But the numbers and growth as a franchise back Cam up as an upper-echelon QB.

    He was brash and immature in his first two seasons. We all get that. You know what happens when 22 year olds age a couple of years? They’re maturity grows with them and you see that in the way he handles himself as a professional now.

    Statistics aren’t everything — but they’re a lot, and Cam has statistically had the most productive first three seasons of an NFL QB in the history of the game. Unlike running backs, QBs do get a bit better with age. Cam isn’t even at his peak yet and a full length career at this pace (where there is even some room for growth) could shatter an enormous number of NFL records.

    But somehow people continue to come out of the woodwork to degrade him. Aside from a bit of envy from all but about five teams or so, I just don’t get it.

  3. I’m not a Panthers fan, but I liked what I saw from Cam last night. He had that record setting rookie season, and a decent second year, and although the statistical improvement into the 3rd year wasn’t huge, he played better situational football, which in conjunction with better gameday coaching led to most of the close games being won instead of lost. Last night, I saw Newton anticipating and trying to throw receivers open. In my mind, that’s an important step mentally, to go from reaction to anticipation.

  4. I thought the entire offense, not just Cam, started slow.

    Similar to how the entire offense, not just Cam, turned it on in the second quarter.

    I know what we have in Cam, so glad to see him working back to his old self. But the best part of the game last night for myself was the play of our offensive line and secondary. Not perfect but not the disaster predicted. With our front seven and Jstew healthy and KB adding his skills the popular, predicted demise of the Panthers from first to worst continues to looks ridiculous.

    And any casual observer of fan comments on any site should not be surprised at the vitriol of Cam-haters (look it up haters). Every SEC fan except Auburn hates his guts and has a seriously whacked agenda. The superman pose puts off others but anyone who watches how seriously this young man takes his job will be a convert. No fingers, no rolled bills, no ridiculous clothes (Kap) and nothing but team coming out of his mouth to the press. Glad to have him leading this team and time for the rest of the NFL to see what we “Lucked” into. (get it?).

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