Andy Reid: “Precautionary” to hold Jamaal Charles out after “freak thing”


The Chiefs played without running back Jamaal Charles on Sunday night because of a foot injury, but there’s not much concern in Kansas City that they’ll be without their most important offensive player for a significant amount of time.

Coach Andy Reid said after the game that precaution was the major reason for leaving Charles home when they went to Carolina to face the Panthers.

“With Jamaal Charles, he twisted his foot and kind of freak thing,” Reid said, via the team. “It didn’t happen at practice. It was after practice [when] we were leaving and so, we held him out. Precautionary measures. I think he’s going to be fine but I left him back at home. We’ll go from there but he’s doing well.”

Based on Reid’s comments, Charles would seem to have a chance at playing against the Vikings on Saturday. Given Charles’ importance to the offense, though, it also wouldn’t be too surprising that the Chiefs balk at playing him in a preseason game with anything more than a hangnail so we’ll have to see how the week plays out.