Boone, 49ers impasse lingers

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With preseason preparations more than halfway over, the holdout of 49ers guard Alex Boone continues.  While not much new has emerged regarding the impasse (a recent report suggested that other teams have interest in trading for Boone), a pair of competing reports from Monday shows that the parties remain dug in.

Gil Brandt of reported that the 49ers have offered Boone a contract that would place him among the 12 highest-paid guards.  Matt Maiocco of reports that, if such a deal truly had been offered, it would have been accepted a long time ago.

An unnamed source told Maiocco that the 49ers have offered Boone an extension to his current deal, apparently with new money that would kick in after the two remaining years of his current contract, at $2 million in 2014 and $1.2 million in 2015.  Maiocco explains that the 49ers don’t like to tear up remaining contracts and to replace them with new deals.

Of course, that’s what they did with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, taking the last year of his rookie contract at roughly $1 million and adding roughly $12 million.  Then again, Kaepernick’s structure was so ridiculously team-friendly that the 49ers would have been crazy to not seize the opportunity to get him signed through 2020 at a time when he was only 16 regular-season games away from hitting the open market or forcing application of the franchise tag.

Speaking of Kaepernick, it’s hard not to wonder how he feels about the 49ers’ decision to not use some of the cash and cap space he deliberately left on the table so that he’d have help around him.  Especially when the guy holding out is one of the five guys who helps Kaepernick avoid getting injured.

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  1. Niners offered him $1 million for every point they scored total so far in the preseason, with $10 million for every TD the Niners scored in their new stadium so far.

    He said “no thanks” to the pay cut.

  2. If the 49ers really offered Boone a fair deal and he turned it down, I hope they dig in and make him sit out until week 10 or whenever he HAS to report for the year to count. Then when he does show up make him pay the $1M+ in fines he owes. Then make him sit on the bench the rest of the season.

    If he’d have just showed up to camp he’d already have a new deal. Everyone knows he is underpaid. Both sides could have saved face.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that he believes he should be paid top guard money, or maybe even tackle money…

  3. Well it’s either they keep him or Mike Iupati. They may also want to re-sign Crabtree and Davis at some point.

    So many mouths to feed, so is Boone really worth keeping? He should take the offer.

  4. Woah….way inaccurate with the Kap money there.

    Kaps final year wasn’t modified.

    The 13 million you speak of was NOT an increase in salary. It was the entire signing bonus for the extension through 2020.

  5. This team has so many problems and drama.

    Worst is that new stadium which has no presence or homefield advantage like Candle, Seahawks, Arrowhead etc.

  6. IF they truly made that offer and he declined he should fire his agent. Admittedly I have limited exposure to his play, but that whole line seems much more stable in run blocking than pass blocking and top 12 sounds about right. Maybe it’s even a tad high? Niners fans what say you? Seems kinda crazy with Iupati set to hit free agency at the end of the year that they would give the much lesser of the two that kinda money.

  7. Kaepernick didn’t leave money on the table “deliberately” so they could sign players, he left it on the table because he had no leverage. Between his penchant for 4th quarter meltdowns and the then on-going date rape investigation, he got the best deal he could.

  8. Hes laughing at the way the talent the niners have show cased in the last two pre season games and is thinking these guys are laughable!!!! hes like heck I was not even drafted and I still think im a better player……lol
    If the 49ers preseason games were known ahead of time that theyd look like a bunch of bumms
    why buy a ticket????

  9. I’m a Seattle fan but I think Boone is a great player and should be in fact paid like one. Kap took the hit (however naive) in his contract to keep players like Boone. Therefore not paying Boone disrespects him as well as kap because of the sacrifice he made. That being said, I still think kap is a tool.

    Sherman can be one too, you guys don’t even get to see the ridiculous Chevy commercials he does here. Wonder if kap is doing them down in SF.

  10. Ok, the 49ers are not going to the playoff again this year. Hang over from last year’s Championship game and lack of team chemistry. Sorry Niners fans.

  11. u4iadman says: Aug 18, 2014 6:27 PM

    This team has so many problems and drama.

    Worst is that new stadium which has no presence or homefield advantage like Candle, Seahawks, Arrowhead etc.

    You’re right about the new stadium not having a “presence” yet, or an advantage for the 49er’s – that takes time. Here in Chicago when the Bulls moved into the new United Center from the Chicago Stadium there was no presence/advantage at the UC for them either, they looked kind of flat playing there. The Bulls and their fans had to put the “presence” into the UC and that took time and some good victories before they actually had a home advantage. The 49er’s and their fans will have to go thru the same process.

  12. realitycheckbaby says:
    Aug 18, 2014 6:30 PM
    Niners >>> Steelers


    Wait, what?!?! Jumping ‘wagons already? Haha just kidding reality. TBH, the Steelers are the only team that have had it “better than the Niners”. Of course I’m speaking historically in terms of SBs. I wish the Niners were the ones with 6 SBs…but hey, 5 isn’t that bad.

  13. He’s a top 4-5 nfl guard and you think he should take top 12 money ??????? Goodness their are some major major morons patrolling three message boards . Who in their right mind would take a new deal that makes him immediately grossly underpaid . That’s why hes fighting the current one !

    No he definitely should not have accepted an undervalued deal bc he deserves more . Many of you fan boys don’t understand logistics , most nfl players are NOT RICH and merely upper middle class while in the NFL then immediately middle class upon leaving and unless they have a post career or a real degree they quickly blow through their nfl salaries before a couple years. Has nothing to do with money management when you don’t save all your two three year money and live on it forever, eventually no matter what you will run out .

    Problem is when your a pro bowler and all pro you Deserve much much much more money bc you’ve earned it by reaching that level and your career can end anytime due to injury or lack of production . As a pro bowl player you DESERVE fair market value not one third of your market value which puts you on part with the average or just better than average guard. When you reach the top of your profession you expect to be rewarded . He’s grossly underpaid bc he was no where the level he is now when he signed this deal . Sorry but anyone saying accept the deal is a moron in my book .

    He will be traded and get paid and winning is all good but you still must be paid winning lasts in memories and is good for aging players young guys need their pay day in hopes of wetting up their own lives as long as possible, before they can worry about winning only . Stupid stupid stupid situation for people to Chime in on without at least having some respect and perspective of the mans value and situation . Nfl money is not guranteed he needs to get a raise or hold out until he gets one.

  14. Sounds like Shehawk fans are a little scared. Or just don’t know how to act after winning a SuperBowl. Or both. Why else would you come and run your mouth about a right guard. Lol

  15. Boone is acting like he wants the $ over all else. Team isn’t being cheap, just can’t pay everyone with the salary cap. The team that gets the most for its $$ wins. Seahawks had a lot of bargain players last year.

    Trade him, get good value, everyone wins.

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