Cowboys like what they’re seeing from Rolando McClain


The Cowboys are woefully short on playmakers on defense.

So that might be why they’re talking up Rolando McClain, almost as if they’re hoping he takes a job and makes it his own.

Owner Jerry Jones didn’t need prompting to praise the twice-retired linebacker after Saturday’s game against the Ravens, McClain’s first since 2012.

“I liked what 55 did out there,” Jones said, via Tim McMahon of “He got some good snaps, more snaps than I thought he might get and he did real well. We knew and felt that he was good in coverage and he showed tonight that he drops back good, got a good feel for coverage out there.”

They need someone to make a difference in the absence of Sean Lee, but have given Justin Durant the bulk of the work in the middle with the starters.

But after McClain led them in tackles, forced a fumble and batted down a pass, they have to consider sliding the solid Durant outside to get McClain on the field.

“Hard to assess it without watching the tape, but he definitely showed up a couple of times,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “There was a play right on our bench where he pulled the ball out, and he’s done an excellent job running to the ball, being physical as a tackler and then getting the ball out. He’s done that all throughout training cap.

“It was good to see that show up a little bit.”

Getting McClain to show up on tape hasn’t been the challenge throughout his career, it’s been getting him to show up. But the Cowboys appear inclined to give him another chance.

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  1. the other side of this strange equation is that if rolando mcclain, at this stage in his career, is your stud, then your defense STINKS.

    it is becoming clear that, in the nfc east, dallas and nyg will both be terrible.

  2. Durant has been playing well, better than expected.

    McClain was dominant early on but his play became less so as he tired. He did some really good things and some not so good things. All part of the process of playing the game after over a year layoff.

    I don’t think he’s going to ‘retire’ again. He seems to have a level head and has matured since the birth of his child. Funny how children can make us better people like that.

    I wouldn’t expect McClain to start at MLB at the beginning of the season, still too much ‘rust’ to knock off and conditioning to improve, but, if he continues to make progress, he would definitely be a candidate at mid-season.

  3. The Dallas Cowboys are the highest profile and popular team in professional sports. When some players get a star on their helmet the pressure is too much. Others, like McClain, thrive. That’s just the way it is with America’s Team.

  4. As a Giants fan, I couldn’t be happier that Jerruh’s glasses are so fogged up he can’t see that he’s watching Rolando McClain. The eye in the sky don’t lie. This guy’s been a sieve since day

  5. A sieve since day one in the NFL with the Raiders, and fellow Crimson Tide guy Ozzie Newsome gave up on him with the Ravens because he knew he couldn’t play. The eye in the sky don’t lie– check the tape. The cowboys are going to take a run at the NFL record for most yards allowed again this year.

  6. Your probably right there stash. What’s going to be real interesting is when they go up against the Giants, who are making a run at history themselves. Its going to be exciting to see which teams ineptitude wins out. Who will it be? The team that could give up the most yard in history or the team that could gain the fewest yards in history? Intriguing to say the least.

    No Line, no Tight Ends, no Running Backs, no Quarterback, 1 Wide Receiver.

  7. Guys, it’s called ROTATION, as in Durant and McClain will BOTH be in at MLB on different plays. AND, given what I’m seeing from the line on BOTH sides of the ball, the back ups in the secondary (Mitchell, Green, Dixon, Patmon) as well as the offense THIS could be a year when the Cowboys whoop a surprise on the entire division!
    Oh and Stash if you LIKED those 27 LAST YEAR? You’re gonna LOVE the 37 THIS YEAR! LOL

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