Drew Brees plans to play this week


Saints quarterback Drew Brees was a full participant in practice on Sunday for the first time since his oblique strain and he plans to add another first when the Saints face the Colts on Saturday.

Brees said he has been targeting the third preseason game as a return to game action since getting hurt in early August and the return to practice on Sunday puts him firmly on track to make that happen.

“Today was my first day to be full-go. I’ve been taking it very slow,” Brees said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I wanted to make sure it was all good. I’m still not 100 percent, but I hope by Saturday I am.”

One way that the Saints hope Brees’ return helps the team is with the penalty problem that led to 22 flags in Thursday’s game against the Titans. Brees said that coach Sean Payton told the team it was up to them to fix the problem and Brees said the team’s “leaders take control of the team.” The Saints will likely have their offensive leader back on Saturday, so we’ll find out if that helps keep them from hurting themselves all over again.

23 responses to “Drew Brees plans to play this week

  1. Drew…

    Even at your age, with the deteriorating arm, reluctance to scramble for a first down, you are still one of the top three quarterbacks right now in the league…

    Quit trying to throw with the young turks in camp and just keep yourself in shape as your head coach and this offense, now mated to a good defense can more than compete for the title…

    Just, when your contract is through, don’t hang around trying to kid yourself and everyone else that you still have it; just geaux out and enjoy all the free meals in the best city for food in the world that you can enjoy as you’ll have earned it…

  2. Brees is easily a Top 10 QB of all time and possibly a Top 5 before all is said and done…
    And he plays for the SAINTS……WHO DAT!?!

  3. I’ve lost count. LOL

    Vikings can have Ryan, Pure, or Fig Leaf & they will still be where they are. The bottom. #Farve-NFCChampionshipMVP

    I’m waiting Ed……………………….

  4. Top 5 NfC south qbs:

    1.Cam Newton
    2.Matt Ryan
    3. Mike Glennon
    4. Ryan Griffen
    5. Josh McCowen

    Brees is on the decline and at his old age is slowing down considerably. He no longer has zip on his passes, or a bounty program to spoon feed him a Superbowl . kinda sad to see the saints lack of relevency since they got caught cheating. The only spiral you will see on the field is a team effort sputtering downward spiral. Time to bring back the paper bags for another 20 years saints fans.

  5. Let the haters hate. That is what they are here to do. Drew is an elite QB. With Cook, Colston, Stills and Graham, point will be easy.

    Offense ranked #1…top 5 defense….sounds like a playoff team to me. Geaux Saints!

  6. Brees is the man, but injuries like this creep up on you as you get a little older. I’m sure he doesn’t actually plan to play until age 45, but if he plans to try, he can count on more of this type of thing.

  7. In all seriousness, why don’t we just fast foward to the Super Bowl, because NO ONE is beating the Hawks! Santa Clara proved Sunday they can’t score or defend and the ‘Aints QB is isn’t half as good as Danger-Russ Wilson.


  8. Brees is clearly on the decline and there’s no back up plan in place. This team really is going to struggle for the next decade. Even the lying, cheating, pill popping coach is halfway out the door to Dallas.

  9. You guys that say Drew Brees and the Saints are in decline… where do you get this stuff? Is this some sort of comedy routine or are you just that ignorant?

    The Saints played in the divisional round of the playoffs last year. The beat the Eagles and then went toe-to-toe with the Seahawks (Superbowl Champs) in an away game in Seattle.

    Drew Brees threw for over 5,000 yards last year, just like he did in the three prior seasons.

    I guess you guys have to come up with stuff to give yourselves hope when the Saints come to down…but this is getting ridiculous.

  10. Top 5 Vikings QB

    1.Brett Farve (Saints 2009 MVP)
    2.Brett Farve (2009 NFC Championship MVP)
    3.Brett Farve (2009 Choke Artist of the Year)
    4.Fran Tarkenton (The Tankster)
    5.Randall Cunningham (He was a good QB)

    The Vikings can’t win if you spoon feed them puree’ their food in liquid form. When were the Vikings relevant? 1975? 1985? Let’s see what old Ditchwater can do.

    What now Ed…?

  11. misterseahawk says:Aug 18, 2014 2:06 PM

    In all seriousness, why don’t we just fast foward to the Super Bowl, because NO ONE is beating the Hawks! Santa Clara proved Sunday they can’t score or defend and the ‘Aints QB is isn’t half as good as Danger-Russ Wilson.


    You gotta be juicing w/your team? Really. LOL

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