Jay Gruden expecting fair treatment from brother Jon


Washington coach Jay Gruden probably doesn’t have to worry about getting ripped on tonight’s Monday Night Football broadcast.

But that’s only because his brother Jon rarely rips anyone, rather than because of preferential treatment.

“Jon is Jon,” Jay said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “He’s going to be positive if he can, but if I do something that’s out-of-line ignorant, I’m sure he’ll call me on it. . . .

“Jon is very good at what he does. He won’t jeopardize what he does for my feelings. That’s for sure. He never has.”

Jon has called games Jay has been involved with before, when he was offensive coordinator in Cincinnati. But with Jay in his rookie season as a head coach, there may be mistakes.
But considering his brother generally praises everyone to a ridiculous extreme, it might be hard to tell if anything’s different tonight.

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  1. Jon should come back next year and coach the Cowboys. The Redskins/Cowboys rivalry would become the NFL’s most talked about and both teams could use the publicity.


  2. Love Chucky. He’s my favorite broadcasting clown now that Madden is retired. It’s funny when he gets worked up to the extreme. During the Eagles-Skins opener last year, even we Eagles fans were saying “Alright, settle down, Chucky.”

  3. .
    If John Gruden is so smart, why isn’t he coaching?

    I don’t watch ESPN and I don’t watch pregame shows. It’s a case of addition by subtraction.

  4. Top 5 Greatest Redskins:

    1. John Riggins
    2. Sonny Jurgeson
    3. Art Monk
    4. Charles Mann
    5. Ricky Sanders

  5. That’s right, Jon rarely if ever rips anyone, he’s a horrible announcer which we expect out of espn. It’s great to have mute on the remote.

  6. In other words he expects Jon to gush over his work like he does every other player and coach.

  7. Oh you mean REDSKINS coach Jay Gruden. Grow up already and quit riding a trend the team has had it’s name over 80 years and now you decide to be a hypocrite.As far as real Indians that really have a concern…I don’t agree but respect your opinion and concern….as far as all these other people who suddenly want use it as a platform for attention and something to write about you are unprofessional hypocrites.

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