Jon Beason feeling good, might play in preseason


Jon Beason’s recovery from a toe injury is going so well, he wants to play in the preseason.

(Maybe he can play offense.)

The Giants linebacker said he remains on track to play in the regular season opener, and hopes to get a few snaps in before then.

“I think so, I feel pretty good, man. I’m going through the progressions,” Beason said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Today should be pretty aggressive getting after it and doing some things based off reaction as opposed to anticipation, which is what we do on defense.”

Beason has fought through numerous injuries (torn Achilles, microfracture surgery, shoulder problems) before in has career, so he’s used to adapting.

This time, he’s going to be fitted with custom orthotics, and wants to test his toe on artificial turf before he’s ready to declare himself ready.

“I feel like I’m really close, but I have to go out and do it and I want to test it, that’s going to confirm it for me,” he said. “Obviously, we play a lot of games on turf. Turf is more rigid than grass, so it’s going to feel really good on grass. In my opinion, we should only play football on grass, you do yourself a huge service later on.”

That he’s feeling good enough to consider playing over the next two weeks is doubtless a good sign. But the way the Giants are looking at the moment, they should save all their chips for the regular season, when they might need all the margin of error they can get.