Owners hesitant to give up preseason, even with expanded playoffs

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The NFL preseason stinks, and basically everyone hates it.

But apparently, not even an expanded playoff field will be enough to get it shortened.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, the expected 2015 expansion of the playoff field is not necessarily tied to fewer preseason games.

I’m not sure that we’ll see it being shortened,” Giants co-owner John Mara said.

Packers president Mark Murphy said the two concepts were “not necessarily” linked.

But while the additional revenues from more playoff inventory will be huge, it may not be enough to make owners give up the easy money of selling full-fare tickets to half-talent games.

“The proposal to expand the postseason is two additional games,” Murphy said. “That’s a pretty minimal impact, . . .

“I anticipate we will expand the playoffs. When will the vote take place? My guess is probably after the [2014] season. That way, you give people a little more time to think about it.”

Essentially, owners are thinking why give up money they don’t have to, until they have to.

Mara said more teams might go to variable pricing, which would cut into the gouging for preseason games (while charging a premium for the “better” games on the regular season schedule). And while more teams are going the joint-practice route, the football side is going to argue against the games they think they need to pick a 53-man roster.

“You never know,” Mara said. “Someone could put it up for a vote. Maybe you could see more scrimmages to deal with the player-evaluation part of it. But I just don’t know that I see us reducing the preseason in the near future.”

So what can we learn from this?

The only thing better than having your cake and eating it too, is having more cake, and making more money to eat it.

41 responses to “Owners hesitant to give up preseason, even with expanded playoffs

  1. Preseason does not stink – it serves a purpose for building a team and learning the system. Shortening the preseason would just mean that the games we are seeing now would actually count in the standings. I don’t think anyone wants that…

    Full price tickets for preseason games stinks!

  2. I don’t know who you think hates preseason, but I don’t. I’m intensely interested in seeing the guys who might or might not make the Giants’ roster and, judging by their comments, so are a lot of other people. The same must be true of other teams’ fans.

  3. Speak for yourself. I don’t hate NFL preseason.

    And there are other reasons not to reduce the number of games. For example, you should be aware that the first round of cuts is coming up, and some of those players will be picked up by another team. They’ll need to demonstrate well on the new team before the next round of cuts.

  4. I like preseason to see the young guys and position battles play out.

    What NEEDS to change is the price for preseason games!

  5. Real football fans don’t hate preseason.
    They look forward to seeing their team gel
    with the new crop of players.

    What football fans don’t like is being gouged
    at the box office for an inferior product, by overly
    greedy owners and NFL execs.

    Keep the 4 game preseason games and allow
    the coaches the time to properly prepare
    their respective teams.

    Stop trying to vacuum every dollar from the
    pockets of fans. If not, greed and gluttony will make Mark Cuban’s prediction come true.

  6. In my opinion, the NFL has one of the best, if not the best, formats for playoffs which I seems to be an opinion shared by a large majority of fans.

    But hey, why not dilute the current product to generate more cash for the owners.

    Makes a ton of sense, for them.

  7. The proposed swap of cutting some preseason and adding more regular season/playoffs doesn’t make sense because the majority of players who will be playing in the regular season do not play in the preseason.

    The preseason is for assessing personnel and getting ready for the regular season– both invaluable for NFL teams.

    Now the prices– that’s a different matter. The owners should drastically cut prices and fill up the stadiums, make it a very fun atmosphere to promote the home team and get fans pumped up for the season. They are missing a big opportunity here.

  8. If they cut the preseason it puts any team with a new coach and / or new systems at a horrible disadvantage. Also all rookies would be at an even bigger disadvantage than they are now.

    They’ve pushed the draft back later than it used to be.

    The offseason has already been cut back from what it used to be so the time for players to learn the playbook and team systems is already much more limited than it used to be.

    Yeah, the games are not exciting to watch but they are needed.

  9. .
    Meanwhile Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other billionaires have taken the “Giving Pledge” in which they commit to give half of their fortunes to charitable organizations.

    The NFL is an example of unbridled greed.

  10. For all of you who don’t pay any money for season tickets, just shut up and enjoy your free content. Of course you have no issue with it. The season ticket holders, (aka the backbone of the league) gets totally screwed on this deal and there is no other way to put it.

  11. The preseason is needed to evaluate new prospects in game situations. The NFLPA has negotiated almost all the contact in practice so how else can a coach get his new roster figured out? I for one do not hate preseason and I know the large groups of people I watch football with year in and year out do not hate the preseason either. As fans we like the idea of putting in our 2 cents evaluating each guys performance! We just don’t like the fact that it still costs an arm and a leg to go to even a preseason game…

  12. The NFL preseason is very important part of practice and preparation Roger Goodelle is a complete moron he doesn’t care about the quality of the game or the safety of the players one bit he just wants more money. Hey Roger you’re not the reason the NFL has become so popular over the last 10 years it’s called fantasy football and you have nothing to do with it. You’re not going to make more money by changing the way the game of football is to be played. Stop trying to be Vince McMahon and turn this game into an act. NFL fans like to see professional athletes compete.

  13. Let me get this straight…according to many comments here, you all apparently don’t watch the first half of preseason games, you watch the second half to see the scrubs that are fighting for a roster spot and to see the team “gel”. Is that right? Because you are absolutely in the minority here. I watch the first half, then either fast forward through the second half, or go spend an August night enjoying the weather.

  14. I don’t hate preseason either. Camp battles are great to follow, and it’s always fun to try and figure out if the offense/defense is just trying something out, tweaking something old, or actually practicing a play that’s already in the playbook.

    Charging full price for preseason is stupid though. Money grab.

  15. The 1st 3 preseason games are needed for evaluation purposes. That last game is a farce. Coaches already know who they want on their roster and are just trying to get through that week without any of those guys hurt. At least with the Eagles, I’ve never seen where a player’s performance in that game was any type of factor on whether a player made the team or not. Go with 3 preseason games and more joint practices and scuttle that last week. Just give teams a bye week to be fresh for the real games.

  16. The pre-season is a public interview for 1184 players league wide, and for them it counts the most. There are many injuries in training camp and these games serve to showcase their abilities for other teams if not their own.

    Blaine Gabbert sure looks great in team practice, but the pre-season says otherwise. Keep the pre-season to make sure the best 53 are on each team.

  17. If you eliminate the preseason, you’ll basically have the first few weeks looking like preseason games. Nobody is going to want that… nor does any fan really want an 18-game season. The NFL is totally lost sight of the adage that you should give the fans what they want.

  18. Who are these people who hate the preseason? Yes it’s no where near as good as the regular season but subpar nfl is better then no nfl at all. Its why we watch NFL replay which is even worse then the preseason because we know the outcome of the games. I know at least in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York area we all get excited for the beginning of August because that’s when football returns.

    No one I know wants to get rid of the preseason in favor of more practices, and they certainly don’t want to wait to late August before they see their team take the field. Adding two post season games that don’t extended the amount of weekends we have nfl action is no substitute or consolation.

    They would have to find away to still have football on tv 25 weeks a year starting at the beginning of August before they can even consider doing away with 2 games, preseason or not. Unless they want even more disillusioned fans. Considering the greedy egomaniac running this league, he probably wouldn’t even take something like that into consideration.

  19. I don’t hate pre-season either, I enjoy watching players who in the regular season won’t play to much an injury happens. Like some said, it also works to work out some kinks and try out some new stuff. 2Games is to few, I think 3games is fine.

  20. The only thing that would make owners abandon the x-games is if the people paying the money stop doing so. Don’t buy those season tickets if they include x-games especially the first two games. The starters play a series or two and that is all. Why waste your hard earned cash on something like that? Moe the lawn or clean out the garage and stop making the rich richer. The owners should just donate the profits from the x-games to charity and than watch how soon they stop playing them. Maybe donate the profits to the older players suffering from concussions and stuff. But Nooooo! Cuban was right, tooooo greedy. The people, they can stop the greedy. If they so choose.

  21. Drop the preseason and either add a D-league or a summer league for the young guys like the NBA does. 2-3 preseason games are not bad but I tend to watch the first quarter and a half or so.

  22. With the CBA limiting training camp, two a days, and when pads can be used in practice it has made the preseason games an absolute necessity. The first couple games of the season are already riddled with poor play and injuries until teams get up to speed. Limiting preseason games would just make the quality of play horrible and just increase injuries exponentially. Can’t have both. Either have serious practices where coaches can really make their players practice or have a bunch of preseason games but you can’t limit training camp then reduce preseason games and expect something more than sandlot ball come game 1.

  23. What I enjoy about preseason football is the NFLN showing each and every game. Doubleheaders, tripleheaders. This is a great time of year to be an NFL fanatic. This can also be a confusing time of year for idiot casuals who are unable to separate facts from fiction.

  24. Gave up my club seats. I can watch at home on my projection 92 inch screen. Don’t care what they charge.
    Football is football. Preseason necessary to get the kinks out and form a team. Baseball charges less for spring training games, so should the NFL.
    Eventually the gold mine might run out of gold.

  25. Here’s what makes Roger different from Tag and Pete…those guys stood up to the owners and said “NO” when they floated stuff like this around.

    Roger is nothing more than a lapdog who does what the owners tell him because he’s scared he’ll lose his job if he disagrees with them. You know what, I don’t even think the owners respect him, let alone like him at all.

    I mean, how could you respect somebody that’s nothing more than a “yes man” in a nice looking suit?


  26. Pathetic,,,good word. Ive watched about 10 min of two preseason games and that was way to much. The flags in last nights game, combined with two very lousy teams was to much to digest at once.
    Why not just put every team in the playoffs and have a one game elimination tournament. It could be like Hockey,,,2-14 teams can claim entrance to the playoffs and their fan base will believe they are the greatest. Anything could happen,,,a 2-14 team could win the SB,,,,lol,,,lol,,,lol,,,lol,,, 🙂

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