Report: Jerome Simpson faces another suspension


For the second time in three years, Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson may start the season by not being permitted to start the season.

According to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Simpson missed practice on Monday to travel to New York for an apparent appeals hearing in connection with a suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

Last November, Simpson was charged with DUI and refusing to submit to a chemical test.  In January, Simpson pleaded guilty to careless driving and refusing to submit to a chemical test following a plea deal.

It’s his first alcohol-related offense, which means that the standard penalty would be a pair of game checks.  But his history under the substance-abuse policy — Simpson’s three-game suspension in 2012 arose from felony drug charges — puts him in line for a suspension following a first offense for an alcohol-related violation of the law.

Simpson’s trip to New York suggests that he has been suspended by the league, that he exercised his right to an appeal hearing, that the hearing has been conducted, and that the Vikings will get an answer before the Vikings face the Rams on September 7.

77 responses to “Report: Jerome Simpson faces another suspension

  1. Obviously this fool doesn’t get it.

    If he still hasn’t realized that he needs help after taking a couple of game checks out of his back pocket, then maybe he just doesn’t need to play in the NFL.
    There are tons of guys out there who want to live their childhood dreams and this guy doesn’t either get it or care.

    Cut your losses Goodell…
    Ya can’t fix stupid.

  2. Looks like both Adam Thielen and Rodney Smith will be making the team after all!

  3. The minute Simpson is let go the cheese heads will pick him up. He is much better than what clowns in little WI have bc all they have are busted players.

  4. You can’t do any good for your team when you are suspended.

    WR is probably one of their worst positions. With Jennings losing a step and Patterson still learning, this is something the Vikings didn’t need.

    At least whomever they trot out at Qb will be looking to turn around and hand off to Peterson.

  5. The fact that the Vikings continue to re-sign this drunk driving, drug dealing, piece of garbage shows just how classless (and tasteless) that franchise is.

    Not to mention desperate. The dude is the definition of mediocre. Over his last four seasons (not even going to count his first two, when he wasn’t even good enough to see the field for the Bengals), he has averaged 36 catches, 500 yards and 2 TDs per season. One touchdown in two seasons with the Vikings.

    He’s a poor man’s Bernard Berrian, and Berrian didn’t have off-field issues. The man wouldn’t even make the Packers roster, while the Vikings are giving Simpson second, third, fourth chances because they need him.

    SKOL Vikings Dynasty!

  6. Once again, the Minnesota Vikings are a miserable, morbid franchise. Where is the Poet at? Hmm? Oh, that’s right, he’s waxing the Lombardi trophy in Seattle while having the privilege of watching such a magnificent Seahawk team practice.

    Herp de derp PED’s right back in your face!

  7. I don’t think Mr Simpson will be long for the Vikings or the NFL if he doesn’t get the help he needs for his substance abuse problems. He is a very talented young man, and I pray that he finds the necessary help to get these issues under control.

  8. Way too much stress in the NFL. Players have to get up and go play a kids game, deal with more women than they know what to do with, and then figure out how to spend all that money or find a way to save it so they can golf and live in mansions and resorts after retirement at the ripe old age of 35. Who can blame these guys for substance abuse.

    NOT! Get it under control Goodell…these guys are driving on our streets, living among our children. Fix it for your precious shield, but do it more for our communities as the right thing to do.

  9. Q. How do the Vikings count to 10?
    A. 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 0-7, 0-8, 0-9, 0-10

  10. Simpson is expendable in that they don’t really need him, but he is the only true outside-the-numbers deep threat on the roster right now. Norv may want to keep him around if the suspension isn’t for too long.

  11. Well, the Vikings could always sign another receiver who, if it can believed, has an IQ actually lower than Jerome Simpson. Cris Carter’s son, Duron Carter is tearing up the CFL right now. The perfect Viking.

  12. That’s it! He is no longer eligible to earn promotion to the Seahawks. He will have to stay down on the farm team until he cleans up his act!

    Go Hawks!

  13. Nothing in Brian Murphy’s column says it’s an appeal hearing.
    Never assume anything. Responsible journalism 101. oops…forgot where I was.

  14. With the emergent of younger talent like Rodney Smith and Adam Thielen, Simpson was not assured of a spot as it was. Looks like this may be the end.

  15. As a Packer fan, I’m not going to slam the Vikings because they continue to have more controversy up in Minny than they do wins.
    It’s not their fault they keep drafting players who live on the wild side.
    If they want to help this young man, they should get a cruise ship and set up a nice ocean cruise for him and several of his teammates. Oh, wait a minute! They tried that once and it backfired, too!
    Oh well. Can’t help them, I guess.

  16. This is one of the first news (even if its bad news, what else would you expect?) about those vikings, and its also one of the first times I can´t see any pftpoet stupid comments.

    He is the first one to comment about 31 team´s news, but not about his own team? Well, who would care about them vikes… I mean, cassel might beat their future HOF teddy, cassel!!!

  17. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Holier-than-thou Packer fans may want to look up the name Koren Robinson.


    And see what? That he was also on the Vikings?

  18. My goodness. 39 comments and by my count, 35 of them are fans of other teams just here to make absurd superlative comments about Simpson, the Vikings and Minnesota.

    Guys, it might be time to find a more productive hobby. This is borderline deranged.

  19. It must be heartbreaking for Goodell to suspend a player from the team he worships.

  20. 5 straight weeks and 5 straight articles about the dysfunctional Vikings in a negative light. This owner should be forced to sell or just move the team already. They have become a stain on the NFL.

  21. The knock on Simpson in Cincinnati was that while he was the most athletically-gifted WR on the team he was so dumb he didn’t know where to line up half the time and could never learn the playbook.

  22. PFT Poet? Hello PFT Poet? Oh, I get it. You’re all mouth until it’s the Vikings that screw up. You’re beginning to bore me!! SKOL!!

  23. The minute he’s let go the cheese heads will pick him up instantly. He’s better than what they have bc clowns in WI played music too loud that TT can’t get the pick in on time and always seemed to get the wrong guys. With or without Simpson Vikings are playoff team. That’s the fact whether you trolls like it or not. Tell me when Jan. comes around.

    Packers knocking on Bridgewater playing against 3rd and 4th strings D of Cardinals. At least Bridge Beast mode will eat your 1st string D alive. LOL!!!

  24. Vikings 11-5 at worse
    Packers 10-6 at best
    Bears 8-8 at best
    Lions 7-9 at best

    Trolls don’t bitter about my comment. It’s the truth, face reality clowns!!!

  25. Look, Simpson was trouble when he was with the Bengals. Had he been a good citizen, does anyone think the Bengals would have let him get away?

    He does have some talent, its just that the other 31 teams look at the big picture and conclude, they will develop their own WR’s because he is not worth the trouble. The 32nd team is the Vikings who seem to have a penchant for signing WR’s for money they could never get elsewhere (Berriman and Craig Jennings come to mind)

    This is what happens when you finish in last place on a regular basis, you become desperate and do stupid things.

  26. This is stupid. You have some of the biggest movie stars who publicly promote the use of marijuana, along with music performers and all sorts of other “celebrities” and you never see them being suspended by their employers. In fact, many times it is encouraged and leads to more revenue. They are looked upon as heros and every TV show is thrilled to have them as guests. I’m not a drug user, but you have something that is legal in some states, and near legal in others. Here in Michigan just about anyone can pick up a medical card for about $75. If someone is under the influence of drugs whole at work, I can see where an employer should have the right to suspend or terminate said employee. But what someone does on their off time should be their own business. Within reason. Unless your employee AKA “player” is high at work while on the clock where it can affect their performance performing their job or cause a safety risk, it should be left alone.

    -or- as an alternative, maybe these players should switch their drug of choice to vicodon,norco,percocet,or oxycontin this these narcotics seem to be acceptable within the NFL. Just saying….

  27. Guys a team temporarily gets an extra roster spot if a player is on the a PUP/suspended/injured reserve list. Also, everyone knew this was coming. Rodney Smith and Thielen could both make the team for now depending on the appeal process while Simpson serves but when Simpson is back from suspension unless someone else gets put on IR is decision time.

    Simpson has always been explosive off the line of scrimmage, but he doesn’t get the concept of not letting the defender get between him and the ball and he doesn’t do all the little things like sliding away from the coverage. If he can’t figure it out 5 years into the league, he isn’t going to get it, so either don’t have him run comeback routes, nor put him in a role where he needs to box out defenders… or else don’t have him on your team. Slants, drag routes, fly routes and posts and corner routes is all you want him running…

    And just know that this guy had pounds of weed on him when he is getting paid millions not to so he probably has a serious psychological condition and needs help. Spielman has been pretty smart, and I’m usually in agreement with his decisions, but I don’t get the infatuation with Simpson.

  28. I lose my damn good job if I fail a random drug test, get a DUI or even tell a lie. So I don’t do that stuff since I like my job. Stricter policies on their end would have the same results. Weed out the garbage. And with the cost of a taxi at even their minimum salary, it is absolutely absurd to ever get a DUI. It’s called “I don’t care.” And you get it when you’re worshipped from pop warner on up.

    ps… not everybody you see in the media who gets busted for that type of stuff are addicts. Most are just stupid.

  29. “Most days I wish I’d never met you ’cause then I could sleep at night. I didn’t have to walk around with the knowledge that there was someone like you out there. I didn’t have to watch you throw it all away.”

    – Prof. Gerald Lambeau, Good Will Hunting

  30. Q. How do the Vikings count to 10?
    A. 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 0-7, 0-8, 0-9, 0-10

    The worst start in Viking history was 0-5 in 1962, their second year of existence. Fresh joke, though.

  31. Holier-than-thou Packer fans may want to look up the name Koren Robinson.


    And see what? That he was also on the Vikings?

    No, that the Vikings cut him after he got a DWI and the Packers immediately signed him even though he was facing a one-year suspension.

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