Sports book makes Brian Hoyer favorite to win Browns’ starting job


If all goes according to plan, Browns coach Mike Pettine will name his starting quarterback for Week One on Tuesday.

And though Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel will both get work with the first-team offense tonight at Washington, one online sports book believes there’s a clear favorite to win the job.

BetOnline has made Hoyer a -280 favorite to be the Browns’ Week One starter, according to Dave Mason, sports book brand manager for the company. The odds suggest Hoyer has about a 73.7 percent chance of capturing the job.

Manziel, meanwhile, is +200 to be Week One starter. In short, he has a 1-in-3 chance of winning the job, per those odds.

In short, here’s one proposition that suggests the Browns’ quarterback competition isn’t a coin flip, that Manziel is going to have to catch and pass Hoyer tonight. (Also, it’s here we mention that online gaming laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; the perception there’s a real favorite to win the Cleveland QB Derby is what interests us about all this.)

So here’s our question for the audience: whom does Pettine pick on Tuesday? Is Hoyer indeed the likely winner? Let us know via the poll and in the comments.

20 responses to “Sports book makes Brian Hoyer favorite to win Browns’ starting job

  1. As a Detroit fan, he did look scary against us when he was running the ball, but was not smart enough to realize he is in the NFL and that injuries happen easier. Hoyer has experience and is smarter, but it is quite evident that Manziel has more talent.

  2. The odds set by Vegas or any sports book have no bearing on which player is chosen their starting QB.

    Can’t say that Johnny only has a 1 in 3 chance.

    Vegas and sports books MAKE odds so people will bet and spend money on bets.

    When Vegas and sports books make a line on a game, they are NOT saying that team will win or should win by that amount.

    They are setting the line there to get people to place bets so they may make money.

    Vegas and sports books aren’t in the business to pick who is going to win or lose games…

    They are in business to get your money.

  3. I’m not sure whether Manziel will be successful in the NFL or not. But sitting him for a few weeks would be smart.

    The Brown’s schedule is brutal in the beginning. At least wait until the bye week to give Manzial time to learn. I’d say wait until they play the Jaguars in week 7.

  4. ^ I agree…

    I’d go along with 72.9%, maybe as high as 73.3%…but 73.7% is just ludicrous…

  5. Kind of hard to say before they play tonight.

    If JFB plays gangbusters without being reckless, probably he does. If not, Hoyer.

  6. Vegas wasn’t built on people being right….check the odds again after they close up the preseason.

  7. Id say Hoyer will start, but most people say then JM by mid season or so. But if Hoyer wins or even just beats pittsburg and baltimore he isn’t going anywhere. I think he will do pretty good and I am excited to watch him play this year. But I know it would be exciting to watch JM as well if not more so all I’m saying is if Hoyer wins JM is gonna be sittin and who know for how long.. that what?

  8. Hoyer will be 0 – 3 after losses to Steelers, Saints, and Ravens. Three good teams with Offenses (Ravens?) and Defenses. Let Manziel come in week 4 against the Titans and then he can face the Steelers. Hoyer is a 6 year backup quarterback that impresses a lot of people but didn’t in New England, Pittsburgh, and Arizona who all cut him.

  9. You go with the QB who’s going to utilize the pro bowl talent around him better. Last week Hoyer was hitting everyone while Manziel couldn’t even see his check down wide open with no one even close to being around and was taking every opportunity to make plays on his own which is sad because when he did decide to throw he was very accurate. That is way too easy to scout for opposing defensive coordinators so if you’re just going by last weeks game the QB competition isn’t even a competition. Manziel NEEDS to sit behind someone and learn that he’s not at A&M anymore running for his life during every other play because his offensive line is outmatched by bigger schools.

    Unless Manziel shows he can make plays with his arms and brain and not just his legs Hoyer is the better QB so he starts. He’s on the final year of his deal so if I’m the coach unless he’s absolutely terrible (which nothing indicates he’s anything close to terrible) you let him play and in 2015 it’s Johnny Football’s team.

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