As expected, Cowboys deny that Jerry’s son snatched draft card


As you might imagine, it didn’t take the Cowboys long to deny the story that Stephen Jones had to snatch the Johnny Football card out of his father’s hand on draft day.

According to Sean Lester of the Dallas Morning News, a source in the Cowboys draft room denied that version of events.

There aren’t many details in the denial beyond the fact the Cowboys said “did not,” to author Jim Dent’s version of “did too.”

It’s clear that the elder Dr. Jones had a six-shooter in his pocket for Johnny Manziel. But it’s equally clear that the economic realities of the Tony Romo contract would have made such a move impractical.

But the sheer amount of fun it would have led to still makes us wish Manziel would have ended up there.

34 responses to “As expected, Cowboys deny that Jerry’s son snatched draft card

  1. They should hold up a card that says…”Welcome to the most mediocre franchise in sports”…

  2. I find it funny that this is spun as though the Cowboys immediately swung open the doors after hearing this and ran out screaming trying to deny this. It didn’t take long for the Cowboys to deny it, or it didn’t take long for the media to go get a response from them?

  3. With the exception of his daddy’s eyeglasses, I find it hard to believe that Stephen would ever grab anything out of his daddy’s hand unless specifically told to do so.

  4. .
    For decades Cowboys fans have been praying that someone / anyone would stop Jerry’s draft day destruction of Dallas.

  5. The endless hype machine know as the Dallas Cry boys. Give the media a free buffet and drinks at the bar on Jerrah, and they talk em up like they are relevant, even in their own division, let alone the Conference. The irony of it is when tony romo gets popped and goes down hard, every time Wheedon throws a pick the camera will go up to Jerrah’s suite and the “what if” commentary will turn the old boy full on red.

  6. If you believe that this actually happened, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you…

    Also, the inability of an owner/GM to pass on a “glamor” player without being physically discouraged DEFINITELY fits the profile of a guy who has taken three OL with his past four 1st round picks. Yup. For sure.

  7. C’mon, guys, you know Dent is now back watering massively.

    Think about it, unless the Cowboys have access to Star Trek Transporter functionality, exactly how would the ‘draft’ card that was supposedly in Jerry’s hand in the War Room in Valley Ranch, Texas get to the Commissioner in New York?

    There is no ‘draft card’ at Valley Ranch and the Cowboys Draft War Room was being televised before and after the 1st rd pick was made. I was watching it. There was no ‘draft card’ and Jerry can be heard saying, “So it’s Martin, right?”

    It’s an idiotic story concocted by an idiotic reporter given credence by idiotic haters.

    What Dent is reporting is an embellishment of something Stephen said in jest. It didn’t actually happen.

    It’s a little late in the season for this kind of garbage reporting, isn’t it?

  8. There’s no way anyone would be strong or quick enough to snatch a card away from an elder vampire like Jerry Jones.

  9. Darin Gantt, I don’t see why you reference “the economic reality” of drafting Manziel…..doesn’t the rookie pay scale take care of that for the first 4 years of his career ? I don’t understand why you use that as a reason for not drafting him. Manziel would have been paid the same (or close to the same) as the guy they drafted in that slot. They’re paying that guy. The rookie contract scale takes care of the economic reality you reference. I don’t understand.

  10. STOP IT!!! Enough already – Dallas took Zack Martin, and that was the BEST pick on the board. I don’t want to hear ONE MORE WORD about that little punk that Jerry may or may not have almost thought about possibly maybe drafting!

  11. I sincerely hope that this denial is true. For a moment I thought I detected a lucid moment in the Jones family. I want things to keep going with them as the currently are. And hopefully when the torch is passed, Stephen is as successful as Jerry at running a once-proud franchise into the ground.

  12. If all eagle’s fans could leave the room until they win a championship, that would be great.

  13. Cueghost, I’m not debating the draft pick. I’m asking why Darin Gantt references the economic reality. Don’t close your mind. I understand your point. I’m just asking why is economics even noted as a reason to not draft somebody – anybody. So here’s your ONE MORE WORD.

  14. the don’t need manziel — the distraction, the fact that he is not an nfl qb or both — to stink.

    they stink already.

    as long as romo is their qb and jerry jones acts as gm, all other nfc east fans smile and know dall has no shot to win division.

  15. I live in DFW and this story is bunk.. There are no cards in the war room, they use a telephone. There was no physical altercation between father and son, there are camera in the war room. Good job PFT for making something out of nothing. The guy that wrote this book wasnt there. He is a long time sports writer here in DFW but was not in the room. he is trying to sell a book.

    As for all the haters, if they did take Manziel you would be saying how stupid the Cowboys are. They took the top guard available in the draft and you still call them stupid. Best O-Line in football for a long time. Soon the defense will be addressed after this season cause they will have cap room without Miles Austing and D-Ware on the books. Carr will probably be gone too unless he has a good year.

  16. and last year Romo had a 96.7 QBR… 37TD and 10 interceptions. Tell me how bad he is.. He cant play on the defensive side of the ball. No other QB needs to score 35 points a game to win. Romo is not the problem, the defense is and has been.

  17. Little Stevie to Jerrah: (stamps feet) “Daddy, I’m gonna hold my breath and pass out if you take Johnny!!!!!”

  18. Johnny Manziel and Jerry Jones: peas in a pod.
    Out of control egos based on little except celebrity.

  19. The economic realities aren’t the only things that holds sway in this situation. Romo’s surgical-back realities, along with his age, are also factors.

    Jerry, you blew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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