Blandino sees extra points changing, soon


The NFL’s preseason experiment with making extra points harder has come to an end. But the NFL’s plan to change the extra point has just begun.

NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino says he believes a change to the extra point is coming, soon. Blandino told guest host Mike Florio on the Dan Patrick Show that after seeing NFL kickers make extra points less than 95 percent of the time through the preseason — as opposed to more than 99 percent of the time last regular season — the league will continue to look for a good solution to what has become football’s most boring play.

“We’ve actually missed eight. The experiment’s over. We had 141 attempts and we missed eight, which is 94.3 percent in terms of accuracy, which is lower than the 99.6 where we were,” Blandino said. “I think what you’re going to see is this play is going to change in the very near future. I don’t know if it’s the 15-yard line. I think we’re going to gather all the information we can from this experiment. I know there were several other proposals, several other ideas. We’ll gather all of that, the Competition Committee will get together once the season is over and we’ll come up with a proposal. I’m sure some teams will propose some things but I do anticipate this play is going to change.”

It’s ultimately up to the NFL’s 32 owners to decide what to do with the extra point, and if there’s no rule change that can garner a three-fourths majority of the owners at a league meeting, then there will be no change to the extra point. But Blandino sounds confident that a consensus is building. This may be the last year that the extra point is good 99 percent of the time.

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  1. And I see less NFL on my flatscreen. I don’t care about watering down the league or making things “more exciting”, I care about quality football. This is a cheap ploy to get people to watch and bring in more as revenue, nothing more.

  2. If their whole point is taking the automatic nature out of the extra point, instead of kicking the extra point from now on, just line up at the two yard line and run it as you would a two point conversion.

  3. I like the idea of keeping the 3 point field goal as is but requiring the person who scored the TD to kick the extra point.

    That would be fun to watch.

  4. I liked the experiment of moving the extra point back to the 15. It made me interested. The other solution is to automatically give teams 7 points for a touchdown or 6 if they choose to go for 2. You could also consider moving the 2 point conversation to the 1 yard line to entice more teams to try.

  5. Great change in my opinion. Kickers are too good. I know other posters have complained about the idea of having a game hinging on an extra point but that just makes it more exciting for me.

  6. Changing things for no reason, good job NFL. Clearly, this is something more people want to see–games being determined by extra points…

    I’ve never seen such a successful business more out if touch with its consumers.

  7. Dear NFL

    Please stop changing things that aren’t broken.

    We don’t need more playoff teams.

    We don’t need to change extra points.

    We don’t need a penalty on every play where a defender so much as glances at a receiver.

    We don’t need an 18 game schedule.

    I appreciate that you saw a concussion concern and as much as I didn’t like the softening of the game, at least those changes had good intentions.

    Otherwise, leave the game alone. Everyone involved is already making PLENTY of money. Quit being greedy, or you’re going to be very surprised at how fast fans will abandon ship when you throw out a mediocre watered down product. This idea that the NFL is too big to fail is a joke, because just as fast as the NFL cash cow has escalated into a billion dollar industry, an exodus of fans can pull that rug right out from under you.

    STOP. Just stop.



  8. With this news I am sure little Macy Crosby of the Packers is curled up in a ball sucking her thumb wondering if a job will still exist for her!!

  9. I’ve done some, probably too much, thinking on the movement of extra points back, and the most crucial difference would become penalties assessed on touchdown resulting plays.

    Say Jimmy Graham dunks the football. Normally, the coach will enforce the 15 yards on the kickoff, take the touchback, and there really is no effect on the game [statisticaly, it was going to be a touchback anyway]. Graham’s wallet is just thousands lighter. Now with the extra point being 33 or so yards, coaches will begin enforcing on the extra points. Graham’s unsportsmanlike conduct would result in a 48 yard extra point. Even false starts and offensive holding calls would make a difference.

    Depending on your view of kickers and their importance, that would be huge.

  10. Jay Feely has an interesting take on this in MMQB. Obviously he’s a kicker so he’s got a bias but he makes some good points.

  11. You tweak a product to stay competitive. But what exactly is the NFL competing against? They (virtually) own a monopoly on professional American football.

    Changing a successful product for the sake of change makes no logical sense at all.

  12. Again the NFL is trying to fix what isn’t broken. If the extra point is good for the decades it’s been in use. no reason to change! What next? Alter the shape of the ball!

  13. Goodell, Blandino and Fisher, the three stooges of the NfL. Whatever they decide you know it will be the wrong decision. Ex jet employee Goodell has been wrong in every decision he has made, from an overreaction to spygate to a serious under reaction to wife beating to the defensive “emphasis” now this. .When will the madness stop.

  14. Why after the most exciting play in the game (a touchdown) do you need another equally exciting play? It doesn’t need to be nonstop action. This isn’t a Michael Bay movie.

  15. Well sure there will inevitably be more misses from further away, but why is that a good thing? That’s a lame way for teams to lose games, and it creates a strong likelihood for very competitive football matches to be determined by this rather nuisance of a play. I hope they go with one of the other options on the table and find a more creative way to change the PAT system, but kicking from the 15 isn’t very appealing.

  16. do we really want and/or need kickers at all?

    I get offended seeing these “non athlete” “non football player” types wearing the uni…. , perhaps if they only allowed “real” players to kick and not these “kickers” (only allow an offensive or defensive starter to kick)

  17. It was nice to see a few misses for once. Unlike most of the recent rules changes I think this is a good one.

  18. The NFL is becoming like the NHL with all these gimmicks to attract fans. 10 years ago, there was nothing wrong with the game, and all this tinkering just makes things worse. It is usually about $ for them but usually bad for the everday fan.

  19. I can’t wait for my team to score that last minute, game tying touchdown and be jumping out of my seat with excitement. Only to have the kicker miss the extra point.

  20. Because that’s what we want… More games to hinge on the freaking kickers.

    Just wait until Manning drives the broncos down the field in the closing seconds of a key game to tie it up…. until the kick goes wide right.

  21. Change it already. It can only make the game better. Automatic is not exciting at all. Shootout kicks in soccer. Now that’s exciting!

  22. renbutler says:
    Aug 19, 2014 11:51 AM
    Please, kylexitron, you HARDLY represent “everyone.”


    No, but judging by the thumbs up/down ratio, he does apparently represent 80% of people on this issue.

  23. Games decided by missed extra points. Nobody wants that. You have EARNED that near automatic extra point by scoring a TD.

    You know what’s a boring play? A touchback on a kickoff as opposed to a kick return which is one of the most exciting plays. The NFL has nearly done away with kickoffs.

    The extra point is barely noticeable in the game. TV shows the replays of the TD, then they break away for a second to show the XP, then back to more replays of the TD.

    This is a stupid change that will make kickers more important and extra points have too much influence on the outcome.

  24. I think we’re all missing a “point.” NFL likes extra points.

    After a touchdown, consider the next few minutes….

    [go to commercial]
    [go to commercial]
    [go to commercial]

    If extra point goes away or gets changed too much, so does some money.

  25. I think you should change it so that the kicker actually has to hit the upright with the ball. It would be much harder then kicking it through two uprights. And although overall I think most kickers can do it consistently I don’t think they would come anywhere near the 95 to 99 percent!

  26. If the NFL is really that gung ho over changing the extra point, make teams try to score from the two yard line after a touchdown. If they want to go for two, put it on the four or five yard line. Problem solved!

  27. motobus says: Aug 19, 2014 11:39 AM

    Changing things for no reason, good job NFL. Clearly, this is something more people want to see–games being determined by extra points…

    I’ve never seen such a successful business more out if touch with its consumers.

    Have you ever heard of AT&T? They suck more than Preseason Baseball.

  28. Am I the only one around here who doesn’t care about the extra point? It’s a glorified commercial break, it’s not supposed to be difficult or anything.
    Maybe they should make the kicker get drunk before extra points and spin in circles, that would be entertaining.

  29. How about you have three options after the touchdown. 1.) From 15 yd line kick for 1 point or try for 2 point conversion. 2.) Kick from the 35 yd line for 2 points 3.) Kick from the 45 yd line for 3 points. A lot of potential strategy there.

  30. The CFL extra-point line-of-scrimmage is the 5-yard line. The NFL should adopt the CFL rule. It makes the EP kick essentially a 22 or 23 yard FG and gives a larger field for a possible 2-point conversion.

  31. Add this to the stop letter above:

    STOP charging to watch preseason games on our computers and then blacking them out if they are on local TV. We paid you to see them live on our computer because we don’t have or can’t get local TV and therefore you are ripping us off.


  33. It`s not the PLAY that`s boring, it`s the endless commercials before it , after it and immediately following the kick off.

  34. When the weather gets bad late in the yr for 10/11 teams the percentages will go down even more and it will be even less automatic, if they adopt the rule. I bet it would decide a handful of games and have less gms go to OT.

  35. Isn’t it comical how all these changes they want to make are always supposedly “for the fans” yet an overwhelming majority of fans are against them?

    – The extra point was never an issue for fans. No fan wants to see their time drive the length of the field for a TD but then have the tying point dependent on a long extra point. The kicker should play that big a role if the offense failed in its job (getting into the endzone). But it succeeded in getting a TD yet the outcome is still now dependent on a guy not involved in 99% of the game’s plays ’til that point. That’s ridiculous.

    – Most fans don’t want an 18 game schedule which only increases the odds that players on playoff teams will be playing with injuries if able to play at all. It’s a brutal sport. SF lost an all-pro guard and all-pro LB in Iupati and Bowman in the NFC championship game. Do we really want to see SB teams missing half a dozen key players each in the biggest game of the year?

    – Poll after poll shows most fans do NO’T want more playoff teams. They’re fine with an occasional 10-6 2013 Cardinals team that misses out because it’s better than rewarding multiple 8-8 teams year after year.

    – There was never an outcry for more flags for PI or defensive holding. If anything, the issue was too many borderline PI calls being made that resulted in bogus 40-50 yard gains. Last night’s game was unwatchable. We’ve already become conditioned to expect a flag on every play now. You can’t watch a play and just enjoy it anymore because the play ends and you find yourself frozen for a few seconds … staring at the screen waiting for ‘flag on the play’ to be displayed. It’s sucked the life out of the game.

    If they really wanted to change something, they should get rid of ‘automatic first down’ for defensive holding. Why is it an automatic first down? Why should a 5 yard penalty also have such another heavy penalty attached to it? Just make it a 10 yd penalty and be done with it.

  36. I think they should change the point value of the field goal, based on distance. For instance a field goal of less than 30 yards would be worth 1 point, 30-39 yards would be worth 2 points, 40-49 yards would be 3 points and anything 50 yards or over would be worth 4 points.

  37. I don’t mind making the extra point more difficult. Let these kickers earn their damn money like everyone else. Of course the first time the rams lose because of this Ill be mad as hell.

  38. YEAH! Stop Ruining football!
    Every generation of football fans that thinks the current version is getting a little soft. Even though the sport has been drastically changed over and over and over and over again.

    For every “golden age” that the current crowd pines for…there was the same group crying about ruining the game from their even older “golden age”

    Seriously. Get over it. Sports evolve.

    Every single person who can honestly gripe about the game being ruined/changed from its “pure” form has been dead for over 100 years.

  39. People who threaten not watch NFL over such a rule change are hilarious. Does anyone really believe they will stop watching the thing they can’t get enough of, over a single play?

    They probably watched last night’s Browns-Skins game too, and that was far more offensive, for a far longer period of time.

  40. Jerry will do anything to get Romo & his Cowboys into the playoffs & win the super bowl by influence the referee & changing the rules to the Cowboys benefit. How About Them Cowboys! ! Jerry the unofficial nfl commissioner.

  41. Any change shouldn’t be the distance from the goal but the width of the goal posts…sorry, but 94% to these conservative coaches is still too high for them to wager on 2-pt conversions…narrow the goal posts & then consider distance

  42. Why not use the drop kick like in rugby? Depending on where you score in the endzone determines placement of where the ball gets kicked. Score under the goal post, you kick from middle of field. Score in the corners, then you kick near the sideline. Much more interesting and is definitely not automatic.

  43. I would prefer they quit messing with rules for the most successful game in the world. But, if they really want to change the extra point play, how about this to make it interesting? If you get a TD, you get 7 points. Then you can DECIDE if you want to try a play (not a kick) for an extra point, from the 2 yard line. If you decide to forgo the extra point try, you get the 7 points and kick off to the other team. If you decide to try for an extra point and you make it, you get an extra point (total 8). If you decide to try and you don’t make it, you lose a point (total 6). In that way, you don’t waste any time for a meaningless play if you are happy with 7 points, but if you decide to try you can risk losing a point if you fail. Just a suggestion instead of messing with the distance for a kick, etc.

  44. Getting it below 95% seems a bit extreme.

    Even in 1970 (the year after the merger), the NFL completed 97.4% of all extra points.

    For most of it’s “modern history” the percentage was between 97-99%.

    Again, I haven’t heard anyone from the NFL say what percentage they WANT. It’s really not that hard to pick a distance to get that.

  45. Question:

    What happens on a holding penalty under these rules?

    Can the offense then decide they would rather go for a two-point conversion instead of a now 43 yard extra point? If so, is the holding penalty then enforced from the two?

  46. The constant flags kill the game. You get long runs called back, big passes negated, kickoff returns nullified. I doubt that there is any other sport that surrenders that many big plays a game to flag happy refs.

    The defensive secondaries are now being called for everything that even looks like a contact. A 105 yard interception return nullified in the Seahawks game and it was the wrong call….geez.

    The free flying flags need to change and quickly. Sometimes you look at flagged plays and you just shake your head. If the guys were just allowed to play….

  47. Can anyone explain to me why we need to change the extra point? Why do we need to make it harder? Why do people want to see 60 minutes of football decided by a guy who plays 1-10 plays a game and doesn’t hit anyone?

  48. I just cant help but think that they have spent way too much time over thinking this whole thing….
    why don’t they eliminate the extra point, put the ball at the two and if its run in, thats worth 1 point, and if its passed in, its worth 2….

  49. Please don’t change anything that ain’t broken so NFL can squeeze in additional revenues and with endless commercials. The NFL will end up allienating every fan. If it doesn’t stop the NFL will become irrelevant in 30 yrs or less. Mark Cuban May be right after all.

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