Book claims Stephen Jones stopped Jerry from taking Manziel

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones has acknowledged that he almost drafted Johnny Manziel, and that he talked about it with his son Stephen at the moment the Cowboys were turning in their card. But a new book says it was a more dramatic scene than that.

According to author Jim Dent in the new book Manziel Mania, Stephen had to physically restrain Jerry from turning in a card with Manziel’s name on it, and if it hadn’t been for Steven stepping in, Manziel would be a Cowboy.

“Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones had snatched the Manziel card straight out of his dad’s hand. Otherwise, Jerry would have drafted him and JFF would have sat for at least three years behind Tony Romo,” Dent writes, via the Dallas Morning News.

If Jerry watched Manziel’s sub-par performance on Monday night, he may be thanking his son today.

58 responses to “Book claims Stephen Jones stopped Jerry from taking Manziel

  1. Good move Stephen … The Cowboys will get another shot at a franchise QB in the next draft . They will have the number 1 pick after going 3-13.

  2. Well either Stephen is going to look like a genius or poppa will cut him out of the will entirely.

  3. Sounds like Stephen has a place in this league, we all know the old man holds the team back and Manziel has shown us all he is not going to change for anybody even if he’s out of the NFL because of it.

  4. I’m a little concerned as an Eagle fan the next generation of the Jones family might be competent enough to operate the franchise.

  5. Stephen saved the Cowboys from further embarrassment by taking that draft card away from his father.

    Now they will only have to deal with the embarrassment of yet another 8 – 8 season. (or worse)

    On the bright side, the Cowboys will have another chance to pick up Johnny Manziel in about 2 years after the Browns admit their mistake and cut him loose.

  6. Well first off…it’s a huge lie. He’s already been called out for it by multiple members of the Dallas media.

    Secondly, there’s a “war room cam” and not a single person saw this event happen.

    Third…THERE ARE NO DRAFT CARDS AT THE TEAMS FACILITIES. Those are in New York, where the draft takes place. He took Hyperbole, and tried to turn it into fact.

    Jerry may have wanted Manziel, but it didn’t take much convincing as you could see on the war room cam.

  7. In the modern era the “card” with the players name on it is turned in in New York, at the draft. Jerry is in the team headquarters at Valley Ranch. The name of the choice is communicated via phone or computer to team reps at Radio City. While the story has the desired effect, Jerry didn’t have to be restrained from “turning in the card”. Just more sensationalism to help get publicity for a book.

  8. I don’t buy this story at all. Why would JJ have a draft card in a board room in Dallas? Wouldn’t the pick be called in or emailed to NYC?

  9. There is no way in hades that the Cowboys or fans can take some moral high ground on any team’s player. Manziel hasn’t beat on his mom, gotten busted having a coke party, ran a smuggling ring or killed his best friend.

  10. What truly blows my mind about this article is that there is a book about Manziel mania already. The guy hasn’t played a real down regular season game yet and they have a book about him? Wow

  11. Im pretty sure this was the same story when JJ wanted to sign deion sanders..only lil Stevie threw his father against the wall…Im having a hard time believe this in the war room in dallas

  12. I believe this account. Their war room looked like it had a great deal of tension when Martin was selected with the first pick. It’s too soon to give Stephen Jones blame or credit regarding the Manziel pick.

  13. I’m not a Cowboys fan but Stephen doesn’t have the gift of marketing that his Dad has. Stephen probably got a good O-lineman, but Johnny Football sells seats and increases TV ratings. Jerry understands that and shouldn’t have let his son take the card. Billionaire owner/GMs deserve more respect. I’m sure I speak for NFL fans who follows the other 31 teams.

  14. he needs to sit behind somebody for 3yrs.. maybe by then he’ll learn how to act like at least a 16yr old instead of a spoiled little crybaby

  15. well i don’t know about this guys reporting regarding the draft pick, but if he thinks tony romo’s replacement won’t play for three years, he’s drinking the same koolaid as jerry….

  16. As the ultimate authority in any organization, you get tons of requests/thoughts/input from people ALL the time.

    Jerruh obviously never really made a concrete decision on who he wanted, so he was easily influenced at the deciding moment. That’s pretty bad – as a GM you shuold know exactly which players you want to take in which order, and why. Guessing and second guessing is Millen Territory.

  17. “If Jerry watched Manziel’s sub-par performance on Monday night, he may be thanking his son today.”

    Or, in a few years when the kid has matured into a decent QB, he may be kicking his son.

  18. “While the story has the desired effect, Jerry didn’t have to be restrained from “turning in the card”. Just more sensationalism to help get publicity for a book.”

    The only time pft will bother to de-bunk claims is when it has to do with claims by the Washington team about the support of their team name.

  19. You think there is too much media coverage now?? Imagine if JFF had gone to Dallas….. ESPN would have created a whole new channel just so they could run the coverage further into the ground.

  20. Hey, campcouch what was that rolled up dollar bill for? May he was spying on tiny strippers. LOL!! Johnny a rich little kid that does what he wants. Like flipping fans off on camera. And not carrying about it at all. Maybe we should call him the “Cleavland Clown”. No JJ Jr. made a great choice. He would of been on the bench for at least (3) years. Cause there is no way he’s better than Romo.

  21. This story has already been debunked by people that were in the room. At the 16th pick Dallas wanted Shazier which Pittsburgh got one pick before that. The comment made at the time from one of the Jones’…so it’s Martin.

    JJ mentioned the “discussion” about Manziel on an NFL Network interview earlier in camp. Don’t think for one second he didn’t know the “buzz” that it would create for the haters and keep the Cowboys in any discussion about an over-hyped, rookie QB that was bound to get TONS of attention in the media.

    As someone stated, he is a marketing genius. Plus for the haters…he’ll do or say something that really will occur that you can then latch on to for your predictable dribble you so love to spew when the Jones or Cowboys name pops up in a PFT headline.

    Just be patient!

  22. Good lord @ what people will print just to use the name “Manziel.” PFT should show some restraint about him, I mean he really hasn’t done a whole lot as a pro football player other than give Washington the middle finger, has he?

  23. Good job, Stephen. Damn you. My Browns would have had a real NFL QB had you not stepped in. Yes, we wouldn’t have the hype, but Tebow had hype and no skill and how did that work out? Flash but no substance is Manziel. It doesn’t help that Shanihan has the most complex West Coast Offense this side of the pecos – which is more complicated than the West Coast Offense itself. Stephen just HAD to interfere, didn’t he?

  24. while some may say jerry is a marketing genius, i think it was more right place right time. but since he’s also in the football business, perhaps we should rate his genius in that field….

  25. Go ahead. Add fuel to the JF fire. This adversity will only make him better. Kid was running for his life pretty much all game yesterday. He will be good…no…he will be great.

  26. Gosh what an epic fail that would have been. After watching the miniature Brett Favre in action last night, JM would have been nothing more than an underacheiving distraction. Finally something broke the Cowboys way for a change, and this is directly attributed to Stephen Jones, hopefully the future voice of REASON for this organization.

  27. You know what’s going on around the nation right now… people are talking about the Cleveland Browns… About a preseason QB battle on the CLEVELAND BROWNS….

    You know what Jerry Jones like more than anything… people talking about the Dallas Cowboys…

    I guarantee he is regretting not taking Johnny Football, if not just for the national spotlight it would have brought him. Zach Martin may be a good player but nobody cares nationally.

  28. Hey greymares, as a fellow Birds fan I’m equally concerned. Now the Cowchips are going to be in a position to draft a real quarterback with real potential next year like Mariotta, Winston or Hundley.

  29. From what I’ve seen, quarterback is the least of the Cowboy’s worries. Romo is the only man in the history of the NFL who could throw for 530 yards, 5 TD’s, lead his team from behind to take the lead with 2 minutes left only to have the defense give it back again, and have the headline:

    “Romo Blows it Again! Late Interception keys Bronco Victory.”

    Seriously, that guy is the whole team.

  30. Wait….someone actually thinks Romo is gonna last another 3 years? That’s the real story here.

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