Brian Orakpo thought Johnny Manziel’s finger was “hilarious”


The NFL will likely not share their amusement, but apparently the recipients of Johnny Manziel’s Half-Bud Adams Salute thought it was funny.

Via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Washington outside linebacker Brian Orakpo used all 10 of his fingers to make Manziel’s “money” gesture after one of the three sacks Manziel took.

“I didn’t even notice it,” Manziel said, probably focusing on his 6-of-17 passing night. “I was really tuned in and more upset at myself about the first play on that drive not letting that ball fly to [tight end Jordan Cameron] as he was coming under. I kind of hesitated, and when you hesitate things close up.”

And then in the third quarter, when Manziel flipped the bird to the Redskins sidelines, that frustration was evident.

It was hilarious,” Orakpo said. “We were messing with him a little bit, just saying this ain’t college and stuff like that. We were having a little fun.

“Manziel flipped us off. It was something funny. We were all laughing on the sidelines.”

Again, they’ll likely not share that enthusiasm at 345 Park Avenue, since players have been fined for saluting their own sidelines that way. So the next time Manziel makes his traditional money gesture, he might have to put his fingers a little closer together.

42 responses to “Brian Orakpo thought Johnny Manziel’s finger was “hilarious”

  1. Dear Cleveland,

    Please feed Manziel to every first string Defense, so that this can continue to happen.

    – fans everwhere


  2. We should start a pool…..

    Everyone sends me 10 dollars, and the date you want. And we will all pick a date on which Johnny hits puberty. The person that picks the correct date wins the pot.

  3. Future jeopardy question:

    This previous Heisman trophy winning quarterback ultimately only played in 6 NFL games amassing 11 sacks, three interceptions and a safety.

  4. This dude is what? 20, 21 years old?? Granted, not the most mature out of these young QBs, but he’s got a crap load of time to get his act together. Favre, Vick, McNabb, just for some names weren’t always the most mature but they got their act together. Yes, he parties excessively but the reason he’s everywhere is because of sites like this, networks like ESPN, and the ongoing chatter by all of us. I don’t see him being a bust, I see him proving doubters wrong with some time.

    I already know all the thumbs down I’m going to get, but hey, we’re all either young or have been young once. We all choose to live life differently.

  5. maybe Johnny doesn’t like the Redskins name. of course the Redskins were laughing. the Redskins got to him physically and mentally and that is the only way Johnny could respond to the Redskins. . . . unlike Simms I will keep using name Redskins.

  6. I assume I should be appalled that a grown man gave opponents the one-finger salute. There is plenty of other heinous things going on in football that deserve far more attention.

  7. Maybe 2-3 years after he Ryan Leaf’s himself out of the league he can flick off his buddy Beiber’s “where are they now” cameras.

  8. Johnny boy already has, and was born into more money than anyone commenting here … Do you think he actually cares?

  9. All you dopes, and at least 30 starting NFL QBs, would have done squat behind that O-Line I saw yesterday. Why not save your juvenile, irrational hate for “Golden Boy” Shanahan Jr., whom I guarantee will destroy these Browns even more. No line, coach on the fence, Manziel is a first-year QB, not a line coach or coordinator. Even Jesus needed props for his miracles.

  10. Manziel? Who is Johnny Manziel? Oh…… Is he that that south end of a northbound mule? Yep…. That’s gotta be him.

  11. What is shows is he is not very professional. So the big question becomes does God-del go and hide or do as he has in the past give him a hefty fine.

  12. You all have to admit he is capable of playing at a high level. The problem is most underdog types play with a superior emotion and in College that worked. In the Pros, when you play by emotion; you die by emotion. If he gets the chance he will make some highlight reels, but ultimately it will be in losing efforts. Sorry Browns Fans. Oh and LeBron won’t save you either. He got his Rings and Money already.

  13. sounds like Johnny might have just lost his money phone hope he got the insurance.. another brick of cash sent to Mr Goodell

  14. Wait a minute, seems like “The Players from the Washington NFL Franchise Team from the District of Columbia” were hazing Johnny Football. I expect a full investigation by the league and the players union. Bleeding hearts, you will get your justice!

  15. Two examples of keeping your cool under pressure:

    Johnny Football gets teased by the opposition; flips them off.

    Under a constant blitz, Teddy Touchdown drives his team 83 yards in 53 seconds to a game-winning touchdown.

  16. So did I. Especially since he got outplayed by the Redskins’ second stringers
    well against the 2nd stringers he started to drive actually, but the 1st stringers were destroying him and his running vs. the starters and backups wasnt good and the Redskins defense was right, he cant run like he did in college. RG3 is clearly faster than Manziel and i felt that if Manziel struggled against them, then the reason behind it was who they play in practice. Manziel can run, but he’s more like a Vick. he’s elusive, but unlike Vick, he’s not that fast.

  17. Does Johnny look more like Alfred E. Neuman or Dewey Crowe from “Justified”??

    P.S. Please start him against the Steelers on week 1.

  18. “They said mean things to me, so I flipped them off!” pouted lil’ Johnny.
    Lovely to see him displaying his maturity level so prominently on MNF. I feel bad for the Browns thinking this kid was their savior.

  19. bblocker68 says: Aug 19, 2014 1:14 PM

    Does Johnny look more like Alfred E. Neuman or Dewey Crowe from “Justified”??

    P.S. Please start him against the Steelers on week 1.

    LOL! I was thinking the exact ame thing! Alfred E. Neuman. And I agree. Please let him start week one!

  20. jetsbandwagon says:
    Aug 19, 2014 12:05 PM
    RedSlurs=0 super bowls since 1992!


    But you’re team hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1968. Good luck with that buddy here take a Johnny finger

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