Cleveland-Washington second highest rated NFL preseason game in ESPN history

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For a preseason game, Monday’s Cleveland-Washington preseason game drew a lot of attention — and viewers.

But it wasn’t the most viewed NFL exhibition contest in ESPN’s history.

According to ESPN’s Bill Hofheimer, Cleveland-Washington drew a 4.8 overnight rating, the second-highest rating ever for an NFL preseason game on the network.

So which ESPN exhibition game outdrew Johnny Manziel’s second-ever preseason game?

As it turns out, Brett Favre’s second-ever game with Minnesota garners the award. According to Hofheimer, the 2009 Minnesota-Houston exhibition got a 5.5 overnight rating.

From a ratings standpoint, advantage, Favre.

But from a memorability standpoint? Advantage, Johnny Football.

40 responses to “Cleveland-Washington second highest rated NFL preseason game in ESPN history

  1. It was five years ago this week that Favre signed with the Vikings and everything went completely nuts. Even though he threw that soul-crushing interception against the cheater Saints, it was a lot of fun following the team that year.

  2. Really, watching Manziel play a very average preseason game at best is memorable ?

    You must have a very low threshold of things you want to remember.

  3. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Aug 19, 2014 12:06 PM
    It was five years ago this week that Favre signed with the Vikings and everything went completely nuts. Even though he threw that soul-crushing interception against the cheater Saints, it was a lot of fun following the team that year.


    Seriously, why did he ponder passing?

  4. “Browns-Redskins second highest rated NFL preseason game in ESPN history”

    Fixed it for you political football wimps.

  5. i watched it and saw lots of good from RG3, but also a few down moments. i gave him a B- for his game. he gets an A for about 6 of his passes, but he gets an F for his pathetic interception and a D for his runs.

    As for Manziel, he gets a D and Hoyer get a D-. Manziel did drive the team (vs. the backups), but looked shaky vs. a team who CLEARLY knew how to stop him (thank RG3 for that) and Hoyer had the job in his hands and tried to just gift wrap it for Manziel. so that’s why i gave him a worse grade.

  6. NFL loves ratings and money. The Browns should tell them that if Gordon is suspended for any games Manziel will be buried on the bench for the entire year.

  7. This is what the league wants from preseason. I’m not exactly sure what it means when hype attracts more fan popularity than quality football play. Maybe it is just morbid curiosity?

  8. RGIII still hasn’t learned to slide. Jumped up limping and talked about getting “ping ponged” around a little bit. This game is more of a showcase of who’s gonna get hurt first and worst.

  9. Let me start off by saying I’m a die hard redskins fan. That was a pretty sloppy game (as expected considering is the 2nd preseason game) but it’s clear that both teams have a way to go.

    1) RG doesn’t look quite comfortable yet but it appears he’ll make some outstanding plays followed by some really stupid mistakes.

    2) Too many penalties. It’s going to be a long while before the zebras stop tossing flags like dollars bills at a strip club. I’m not sure how this will end up but for now this is ruining the game.

    3) Johnny Football….. I’ll admit I was excited to see what you could do in the NFL, but man it’s time to grow up and stop being a brat. You are a QB of an NFL franchise. Start acting like it.

    4) Again RG : Learn to slide dude and stop taking useless hits. You should have played baseball as a kid.

    5) The Browns will have a serious run game even without a QB.

    6) The Redskins looks like it won’t miss a beat.

    7) Washington Oline: A TON better than last year. I know that there is still a long way to go but for the most part it looked pretty damn solid.

    8) The browns defense will keep things close for them. If they can straighten out the QB situation they’ll have a chance to win some games.

    I expect 7-8 wins for the redskins and 5-6 wins for the browns. But like the lottery “hey you never know!”

  10. That Skins / Browns game was kinda like watching a QB horror movie- Manziel and Hoyer running for their lives, while also waiting for the inevitable gruesome knee injury for RGIII.

  11. That was also one of the worst preseason games in nfl history, is RGME trying to get injured again??? Are the browns really that bad on offense???

    And for everyone ripping norv turner, how’d his quarterbacks look compared to manziel/hoyer and RGME?

  12. “Hey Johnny I need you to go towards the Redskins sidelines and do something that’s going to make you the number one target for every defender in the league. But here’s the catch, it also has to dissuade companies from giving you endorsements.”

    “You got it coach!”

  13. So much hype signaling absolutely nothing. Both Manziel and RG3 will be out of the league in 5 years if this keeps up. If they last that long.

  14. Are you kidding! This was horrible football and all the QB’s (Manziel, Hoyer, RGIII and Cousins) all stunk. The only thing this game was good for was the Connor Shaw Audition- he might get picked up by another Team after he is cut. He has the same skill-sets as Johnny Football without all the Hype. An undersized, under achiever with great desire to extend plays and find a way to win. If he can be groomed by a patient team with a Veteran QB; he might blossom in a few years. I for one would like to withdraw my Viewership from the ESPN Tally on the grounds that I was embarrassed. I only wish these Teams were on the Dolphins Schedule. We need all the Wins we can get.

  15. THE, worst, horrible football game in the history of the sport. Manziel looked like a cow on ice skates, RG3, or as IMus calls him,,RJ3 looked as lost as Manziel but this is his third yr and the guy still won’t slide. What a crock,,,,,turned it off before half time.

  16. I cannot believe it was five years ago that Favre signed with the Vikings. I have to admit that it must have been very exciting for the ex-hero of your greatest nemesis to nearly lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl berth and a (likely) SuperBowl victory. Shakespearean drama at it’s best. I agree it must have been a lot of fun.

    But…you have to know…there isn’t a Packer fan within 1000 miles that did not predict a boneheaded grasp of defeat from the jaws of victory by that guy. As fun as he was to watch for all those years, he was not the sharpest crayon in the box. We love him, and we’ll welcome him to the Packer Hall of Fame (which, if you haven’t seen it, is pretty damn impressive,) soon. He surprised and disappointed you, I know. He didn’t surprise us.

  17. There’s a lot of bored people out there with nothing better to do…..that first half was horrible…..

  18. Cleveland-Washington second highest rated NFL preseason game in ESPN history

    and those numbers don’t take into account the large P2P audience forced to watch illegally because of the ridiculous black out rules …

    so much for Pre-Season Live …. well almost live … it was live at the time ….

    hell, I still can’t watch it with my paid subscription … and it’s 8:10 the following night ….

    I give ’em “the Manziel”

  19. Anybody remember that cheapshot low block Favre through in the 3rd quarter of that game? Can’t remember who he did it to but the guys knee was shredded.

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