Dominique Easley no longer a “lost kid” after return to full practice


Patriots defensive tackle Dominique Easley went a long time without playing full-contact football after tearing his ACL while playing for Florida last September, leaving him feeling like a “lost kid” while he rehabbed before and after getting drafted in the first round.

Easley was feeling a lot less lost on Monday as he took part in 11-on-11 work for the first time as a professional player. Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal reports that Easley played “all over” the defensive line during the session and displayed a “quick burst” off the line during his time on the field.

“It feels real good,” Easley said. “I haven’t done that since last September so it’s just a work in progress. Trying to get better every day.”

Easley said he feels prepared mentally after spending so much time watching film and studying the playbook while waiting to get cleared for a full return to work. With veterans Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly also returning from season-ending injuries, having the younger Easley healthy and available on the defensive line should only add to what looks like a strong defense in New England.

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  1. They’ll have a good defense as long as they’ve got Wilfork and Mayo. Take those two away and it all falls apart fast. You won’t have to worry about Revis shutting wide receivers out of the box score when teams are running for 150+/game against them. They’ll still be good enough in the red zone that it won’t matter much. They’ll hold teams to field goals and win games.

  2. Great news!!!
    “D” just got even stronger…. Looking forward to watching this kid play!!!
    Patriots just need to stay healthy on both sides of the ball & they will be tough to beat….
    EXCITED for the season to start!!!
    Go Patriots!!!

  3. This pick is a roll of the dice. He will be a beast if healthy, a bust if his knees trouble him. No in between.

  4. I’m just hoping this year we get some good luck in the health department & if that happens watch out this team will definitely be very hard to beat come Sunday.

    GO PATRIOTS !!!!!!!

  5. @ patriotsarespygaters

    Polliticallyincorrect will be here in a minute. He and Vikes4Life are over on the MLB sight, calling the White Sox cheaters, ’cause of that World Series thing in 1919….

  6. .
    Due to personnel limitations Belichick has not been able to demonstrate the skills which gave him the mantra of “defensive genius”. He’s got a solid D line, pass rushers and a secondary that can cover. I would expect anything but vanilla.

  7. Easley will be a good DT- the Seahawks were about to take him if he was still there. They were surprised he wasn’t and that’s why they were willing to trade #32 away and take WR Paul Richardson at #40. Which indirectly led to the Texans being stuck with Fitzpatrick and Savage at QB, since the Vikings used that last pick of the 1st round to take Bridgewater. I don’t think O’Brien had seen that one coming. And now the Patriots have fortified their run D and become more serious contenders in the AFC. It’s funny how they changed the path of a couple other franchises.

  8. As long as he continues using my Magic Deer Horn dust with alligator urine elixar he will stay healthy

  9. patriotsarespygaters says:
    Aug 19, 2014 9:54 AM
    Wow no trolls on this post yet not even politicallyincorrect or whatever

    They didn’t see the word “Patriot” so it will take them a few minutes to get here. They (the haters) claim to know so much about the Patriots, but they don’t know who our first round draft pick is.

  10. I think the Texans wanted Garappolo but the Pats surprised them by taking him late in the 2nd when nobody had him going that high. We’ll never know.

    I hated the Pats 1rst 2 days of the draft. Well see how it works out, but with Brady’s career winding down, I would have liked to see them get TE or WR help while Brady’s still good enough to win a SBowl, esp with a D that should be the best in yrs. Instead They took a QB that’s not gonna play for 4 yrs and really rolled the dice on Easley, an undersized guy who’s had 2 ACLs. Granted he was top 10 talent if healthy, but so was Da’Quan Bowers. Cross you fingers and hope for the best.

  11. I hope the guy can make this season without anything serious because next year should be his big year.

    It would be fun to watch a Patriots team that can actually pressure the quarterback more than a handful of times a game.

  12. willycents says:

    As long as he continues using my Magic Deer Horn dust with alligator urine elixar he will stay healthy

    Funny, I didn’t realize Ray Lewis had come out of retirement and joined the Pats. He’s the real deer antler specialist.

  13. Many Pats fans have criticized Bill for his drafting and value strategy. Selecting at the bottom of the draft (except for trades) for over a decade makes it tough to get top end talent. It is apparent that he has chosen to take a risk on top talent with injury issues with, in my opinion great success. No other coach in NFL history has rebuilt a Super Bowl winning team while staying at the top of the league every year while doing so. Look at all the dynasties who fell from the top of the league to the bottom and took years to rebuild. In Bill I trust.

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