Freeney furious at Seahawks’ Zach Miller


Chargers outside linebacker Dwight Freeney is not happy with Seahawks tight end Zach Miller, who hit San Diego’s Sean Lissemore with a block that Freeney described as illegal.

Freeney said that Miller took a cheap shot at Lissemore’s lower leg. Although Miller wasn’t penalized on the play, Freeney said he should have been.

It looked very, very illegal to me,” Freeney said, via U-T San Diego. “Now, are they going to see everything? No. Should they catch that? Absolutely. Should that guy get a fine? Yes. Did he? Who knows.”

The NFL has not yet disclosed whether Miller was fined, but Freeney wants the league to crack down on low blocks. Instead, Freeney says the league’s emphasis on player safety just protects the players he calls the “moneymakers.”

“I’m running and I’ve got a big man on me here, high, and I’ve got to make a tackle – and then all of sudden a guy comes from behind me and clips my knees. How is that OK?” he said. “Everybody’s so concerned with player safety these days. There’s all these rules up protecting receivers, quarterbacks, kickers, punters.”

It’s a common refrain from defensive players, and it’s often completely correct: The NFL doesn’t protect defensive players the way it protects quarterbacks.

70 responses to “Freeney furious at Seahawks’ Zach Miller

  1. Hey Freeney, blame Peyton Manning for making the league focus more on CB’s and WR’s. It further takes away attention from low blocks that already weren’t being paid attention to.

  2. This is what the wimp Broncos linemen do all game. Payton Manning is the biggest choker in the history of the league.

  3. I don’t blame him. I wish the NFL would stop hamstringing the defenses in favor of more offense. They should protect all the players, including on defense.

  4. The problem is there are TOO MANY protections for quarterbacks and too few protections for defensive players. I don’t think the NFL will back track on the QB protections, but there are already a lot of rules aimed at protecting all players from low blows.

    I saw the play, it looked like an accident if anything. Miller may be a former Raider, but he’s not a malicious player.

  5. Lol, the World Champion Super Bowl winning Seahawks kept most of their starters–including Superstar Quarterback Russell Wilson–in for the entire first half–OF A MEANINGLESS PRESEASON GAME–against a team that had no business being in the playoffs last year AND who sat most of their starters after their first possession. I bet Wilson’s bootleg right into the endzone against the mis-reading, mis-aligned, slow acknowledge rookie Manti Te0 (rookie because he has only played in 12 games last year) is on the Seahawks website as a “highlight”. Lol.

    Great way to show confidence there, Pete.

  6. And not every team has equal value at the QB position, so in a way the NFL’s rules have decided that teams should have a slightly lesser chance at the Super Bowl if they want to deviate from the standard model by signing franchise defensive players. It just doesn’t seem quite equitable, and it would be nice if the rules were cleaned up a little bit in a way that encourages players to rely more on skill and technique rather than cheap loopholes or less-than-good-faith and purposeful contact.

  7. I don’t watch Renton-Hawk games unless its against San Francisco. All you gotta so is total up the Niner injuries from playing the Renton team to know that this team is out to physically injure its opposition through dirty tactics, many of which are low hits and blocks including cuts, ala JR Sleezy on Ian Williams.

    It comes as no shock to anyone that Miller (A Tom Cable desciple) blocked Freeny low. Freeny never complains about anything so you know this has to be real.

    Someone told me Carroll played his starters the entire first half last week while SD played their 2nd team after the first series. Not surprising at all.

    Who on earth isn’t salivating at the Renton-Hawks demise this year?

  8. At no point did I detect fury in Freeney’s comments. He’s simply making a point and an accurate one at that. Typical aggrandizement.

  9. Chalk that up to an unintended consquence of the new “point of emphasis” regarding hands to the face. Every official on the field is watching what’s going on from the mid-chest to above, so the savvy blockers are naturally gonna go down low.

    The entire human body cannot be off-limits for blocking. There has to be a reasonably sized “strike zone” and when the league moves that strike zone every season as they have been, things like this are going to happen.

  10. The NFL is a joke and isn’t worth watching anymore.

    You can’t hit a receiver in the secondary as he catches the ball or he’s defenseless. 15 yd penalty

    You can’t touch a receiver or automatic 1st down, can’t flatten a QB like brooks on Brees or it’s 15 yd roughing, can’t block, can’t hit…. It’s football… They signed up to make millions knowing it’s a physical sport and injuries can happen but the price you pay to make the $$, even for a few yrs.

    Why not just play flag football in shorts and have scores 77 – 70 at halftime?

    Almost time to just check box scores until the playoffs start and the refs tone it down. At least you can crush guys in Ice Hockey, the only man’s sport remaining.

  11. Did your colts ex-qb, golden boy of denver, teach you how to whine? Maybe he can get the rules changed for you….no running during a football game.

  12. Why are 9er fans so bitter?

    The soon to be 20 year Super Bowl winning drought while the new bullies on the block take them being the woodshed?

    Who designed that pathetic stadium, anyway? Why build it in Santa Clara?

  13. I’m tellin’ ya, just put flags on ’em. As in Flag Football. We’re headed there.

  14. Man, so many people still so butthurt that their team didnt make it.

    Whatever happened to “Good Game, see ya next year.”

  15. Freeney you cry baby , there’s a reason they have rules protecting quarterbacks instead of linebackers ; quarterbacks aren’t trying to take linebackers heads off their shoulders every snap . Zach Miller is standup player who’s never been called a dirty before , and for good reason .

    Stop your whining and retire if you don’t wanna get hit ..

  16. The guy saying he only watches the “Renton-Hawks” versus “San Francisco” is hilarious. The 49ers stadium is in Santa Clara, California (which is around 35 miles from the old Candlestick). The Seahawks’ stadium is in the heart of downtown Seattle. The Seahawks practice in Renton (which is 10 miles from the stadium).

    Salivate all you want at the Seahawks demise. It’s all good, right? You know, because you “never” watch the Seahawks play unless it’s again the niners. Right?

  17. Happened to Cushing too. But he didn’t cry about. He said its football. Rehabbed and ready to knock some heads again. What is happening to this sport? Used to be a mans sport. Now everyone complains about everything.

  18. seatownballers says:
    Aug 19, 2014 4:50 PM

    Yawn. Furious about the super bowl too? See ya week 3 at the link


    The super bowl? But I thought the Seahawks played the BRONCOS. They’re that team from Denver. That’s in Colorado. Man…Seahawks fans are some reaaaaaaal dummies!

  19. kylexitron says: Aug 19, 2014 4:26 PM

    buck up little guy.
    “little guy”. I guarantee you he would tear you a new one, and probably every one else that’s commenting here.

  20. Ask a retired player currently battling a brain injury if he would rather have battled ankle injuries throughout his career, and your complaining falls on deaf ears. Sorry.

  21. If Freeney played for the Broncos, they would change the rule for him like they have with all the wimpy “illegal contact” rules this year to ensure that Mr Ed Elway and Frankenstein Manning can win a SB during their time together in Denver.

  22. Seahawk fans wouldn’t be talking tough if it’s one of their Defensive players getting their knee torn from a cheapshot from an (at best) “role player” tight end.

  23. Cheathawks are cheap-shot artists. The cheap hit on Derek Wolfe to the head/neck area last year in the preseason should have been fined as well. These turds need to be flushed.

  24. I can’t find a replay and didn’t see the block.

    I wish they’d flat out make any low contact with an engaged player illegal. Your feet are planted and it’s just too easy to hurt someone.

    Of course, then Manning may not be able to throw his 4 yard pass in time.

  25. If your weakass, dumb teams would realize that cheating is the only way the Seahawks win, they should get smart and join in on it. Stop crying like babies and get on the Seahawks’ level. It’s a new day and age in the NFL, apparently. One in which you need to cheat to win. Stop crying and do something about it you whining babies.

  26. It’s ok Zach, week 2 isn’t that far away.

    Don’t be shocked if it’s Millers last career game.

  27. Seahawk fans,

    Let me make this very clear.

    You will never be relevant in the eyes of the rest of the country and will forever feel like an expansion franchise. You can start by choosing a color scheme and sticking with it (neon?, horrible) and getting your own tradition without having to steal it from Texas A&M’s (another typical expansion franchise move).

    This is why you are the only team in NFL modern history to have switched conferences, because no body cared about you, as you had no relevant history, rivals, or fans.

    You only started a “heated” rivalry with the niners 6 months ago.

    Congrats on your ring, but you will forever be an expansion franchise.

  28. Saw the interview with Freeney..He was far from furious with Miller’s hit..Granted, he didn’t like it…Later in the interview, Freeney was visibly furious when reminded that San Diego only gets to play the Raiders twice this season…CHOO CHOO

  29. Not relevant?

    Seems like there sure is a lot of talk and focus on the Hawks destroying the Broncos in the Superbowl for us not being relevant.

    Of course I suppose we’re less relevant to jealous fans.

    Take your head out from under the pillow and buck up.

  30. I don’t know about you but I live for football and watch the game hoping for dramatic hits, taunting and TD dances. I feel sorry for the players who have to spend all that money in so short a period of time and whose eyes suddenly open at retirement time. In the old days it was much worse, players made little more than plumbers and had zero pension. The refs were lawyers and doctors and people who loved the game. Is the NFL going to pay for hearing damage to fans who go to stadiums that are designed to be loud? Still it’s a great game that has been marketed to death. We all watch it, we all love it or we wouldn’t be here. Go Hawks!

  31. Everybody hates the bully. But it is kind of fun being the bully. Back in my younger days everyone used to hate the Raiders. Sounds kind of the same to me. I used to love those guys before my Hawks came along. I love hearing all the jealousy in the form of whining and complaining. Everyone is hoping for the Seahawks comeuppance. Sorry to disappoint but it ain’t happenen’ any time soon.

  32. Not surprising coming from the Seahawks. They are the trashiest team to ever win it all. They pull that cheap stuff all the time too. Led by Pete the cheat they show no respect for the game or their opponents. Worst. Champion. Ever! Can’t wait to see the rest of the league regulate this season. They’ll be eating humble pie in Seattle for the holidays.

  33. I love how seahawks fans seem to think they have a “dynasty”, if I’m correct in assuming this but don’t you have to win 2 or 3 in a short amount of time, say 3 in 6 years, to be considered a true Dynasty? I mean the bears won one in the 80’s and we weren’t a Dynasty ya dig? So IF in fact this becomes a reality for you guys then I’ll gladly shake my uncle’s, the seattle resident and seahawks fan since their inception, hand…….till then pull the reigns back on your high horse lol

  34. I didn’t see the play when it happened because the tv crew didn’t replay it but watching the game against it was an illegal block that hurt the young Charger player.

    Alvin Bailey looked like he was supposed to disengage and move to the next level but stayed with the block while Zach came low causing the ankle injury. I know it sucks but its football and preseason where teams are getting their timing down for zone blocking.

    This site is becoming notorious for trolls on Seattle but anyone with a brain can see over half of them are the same guy with multiple profiles that all seem to cheer for the Vikings. Too funny! Go Hawks

  35. Lotta internet tough guys talking for Freeney…LOL. Get a winning team and we’ll talk.

  36. LOL…….fun to read these comments calling out the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks……….I can understand the frustration though…….nobody likes to watch their team get its azz kicked.

  37. Seahawks don’t play dirty…they play tough disciplined football, that’s why the whole league is trying to play D the way our secondary does it. The new emphasis on contact pass 5 yds is designed to thwart the LOB…not gonna happen. Some of the stuff you Hawk Haters are spouting sounds a lot like envy to me…give it up… Seahawks are a quality team now…don’t know if we can go back to back …but we’ve got a shot! Go Hawks!

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