Irsay’s operating while intoxicated trial pushed back

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Colts owner Jim Irsay may get his court date pushed back, but he’s expected to have to face charges while his team is playing this season.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Irsay’s court date on operating while intoxicated charges will likely come in late October or early November.

His attorney asked for a continuance, and the D.A. is not opposed to the move.

But before that one, he may have to appear at a conference involving the custody of two children who live with their mother in a million-dollar home Irsay paid for earlier this year.

The case was brought by the ex-husband of the mother, who said he was concerned about the safety of the children in Irsay’s presence.

“As a father, I do not want my children subjected to this type of behavior and lifestyle,” Greg Martin wrote in a letter to the court. He added that “money does not buy morals or self-respect.”

The league has only said that Irsay was “under review,” as many wonder whether they’ll apply the same firm standards to an owner as they do players.

The silence from New York as to whether that’s true seems deafening, but the delay at least gives Roger Goodell time to consider how to punish one of his 32 bosses.

47 responses to “Irsay’s operating while intoxicated trial pushed back

  1. I hope you’re as fervent about Greg Hardy & Aldon Smith. Both have been convicted already.

  2. So the NBA bans Donald Sterling for life for exercising his 1st Amendment rights, but the NFL is dragging its feet when Jim Irsay gets a DUI, putting people’s lives at risk and also has $29,000 in cash stuffed away in a laundry bag?

    I despise Jim Irsay more and more by the week.

  3. Well as it sounds like it has been his whole life, Jim Irsay gets what Jim Irsay wants. And why the commissioner hasn’t dealt with this yet is pretty screwed up. Hey commish, if you’re going to let your owners break the law and think they’re above it, don’t expect your players to not to do the same.

  4. “As a father, I do not want my children subjected to this type of behavior and lifestyle,” Greg Martin wrote in a letter to the court. He added that “money does not buy morals or self-respect.”

    Much respect for the ex-husband. I struggled for 2 years for custody of my kids when I found they were being neglected. I want to take a moment to thank all of the sub-par and absent fathers for putting me behind the 8 ball before my case even started; thus causing it to take a year and 11 months longer than it should have. I’m over it though, really! 🙂

  5. The double standard for rich guys continues to be applied.

    Expect the league to give him zero punishment at this point and have nothing but a statement of double talk to justify it.

  6. Kind of funny that the players have to be screened for drugs while the owner’s box looks like a snowglobe.

  7. Everybody not named Irsay is making a money grab. The NFL is trying to not appear so blatantly biased towards the owners and Irsay is trying to push this far enough out that it will go away with a minimum amount of coverage.

  8. Coast to coast, from Indianapolis to all of the NFL
    Across the north and south, he gets a free pass from Roger Goodell

    No need to ask
    He’s an intoxicated operator
    Intoxicated operator, Intoxicated operator
    Intoxicated operator

  9. Not to mention Irsay has said little to make you think he’s at all remorseful for what transpired that night. His ego, denial and addiction sound like they’re still in complete control at this point and it’s only a matter of time before you’ll see him in the news again for something much worse.

  10. Its not what you know its who you know and how much coin you got…….if that were any of us we would still be trying to find a lawyer to represent us…NFL is a joke……..

  11. I despise Goodell, but his hands are tied. Unless and until Irsay is convicted, his attorney will rightfully tell him not to admit anything about the incident to anyone (because the prosecution can subpoena anyone he talks to). It’s easy for Goodell to impose punishment on somebody who has pled guilty or been found guilty, but any competent attorney will tell a client not to say anything until the court case is over first.

  12. Good. Everyone who’s mad about the Irsay situation forgets a couple fundamental things:
    1-He is the owner. The owner of the company is not subject to the same rules and punishments as the employee (in this case players) because he is the owner. He’s in charge. The owner of my company could get caught driving intoxicated with a bunch of pills and cash and nothing would happen to him. Why? because it’s his company. If he wanted to self impose a punishment he could but he would be in no way required to. Same thing with any company that any of you work for.
    2-He’s not a player so any activities that he takes part in or any substances he ingests in his spare time have absolutely no negative affect on the product that the Colts or the NFL put out on the field.
    All of you who feign anger about this situation are simply doing so because you’re not Colts fans and it gives you an excuse to talk trash. I’m a Lions fan and I couldn’t care less what Irsay does but then again I’m not a crybaby.

  13. Our forefathers are rolling over in their grave since both our court system and our government are primarily driven by money, not the principles this country was founded on. Citizens are no longer uniformly represented, only their money is.

  14. Money bought the million dollar house those kids are “suffering” in, how could they make it ? I grew up in a Buffalo Shoebox & I made it, so give me a break.

  15. Meanwhile Steve Ballmer just took over for an owner who dropped a N-bomb in a private conversation. Didn’t break any law and was likely the victim of an extortion plot.

    But Irsay gets to keep his team.

  16. I just wonder if by pushing the criminal case back, will it affect what Irsay says in his deposition in the civil/family court case? Usually the civil case is heard after the criminal case because you can’t assert 5th amendment rights against self incrimination in a civil court, at least not without it actually incriminating you.

    It’s a little different here because the civil case isn’t directly involved with the criminal case, but I think information gleaned from the civil case will be pertinent to his criminal charge(s).

  17. I’m not quite sure how he can claim he’s innocent in this and why the commissioner can’t act now. I know it hasn’t gone to trial yet, but he went straight to rehab directly after the incident. I guess to me that sounds like an admission of guilt in some form or at least trying to make it look better to the court when and if it goes to trial.
    Am I crazy? If you have a legal prescription for pain killers, which it sounded like he had a lot of them which seem sketchy all in itself but why would you need to go to rehab? I know there’s the DUI part, but does that really factor into the rehab part? Was that mandatory?

  18. We use to convict people then punish—it is the American way! Innocent until proven guilty! Ah the good ole days. But that was before we had espn and Mr gantt who knows all. I wish I had $29,000 but that is a crime, right?

  19. For as PR-conscious as the NFL normally is, this has been handled very poorly. Even a mild disciplinary action would draw less criticism than doing absolutely nothing, but Goodell doesn’t even have the spine for that. Good commissioners can’t be cowards like that because you can imagine the headlines if Irsay had another incident with the league having done nothing about the first one. Goodell is playing with fire on this one.

    A true PR win would be Irsay doing some public service type announcements and helping the league with some substance abuse programs. If he was getting clean you’d think he’d love that and the fact there’s been nothing on that front suggests things likely aren’t all that rosy with his recovery. And if he isn’t getting clean, the odds of another incident go up. The NFL may very well regret their inaction on this.

  20. The faux outrage at Irsay is telling. Lets not pretend that half of the posters here never ever ever even considered driving home after 4 or 5 from the local dive after their squad stunk it up..

  21. I’m guessing he and his team haven’t been able to buy off enough people yet. Judges always play hardball. Going to need some suite tickets and a parking pass for that one.

  22. To all of you folks who say “he is the owner these rules don’t apply” the truth is he is a Franchise owner . Big difference . Similar to a mcdonalds franchise owner he is accountable to the corporate entity and cannot do as he pleases.

  23. In ostensibly unrelated news, Josh Gordon’s appeal decision date was mysteriously also pushed back…both issues expected to be resolved two days before the trade deadline…

  24. For everyone trashing the NFL and Goodell for not acting on this, nothing will happen until it has gone through the courts. This how the NFL conduct policy works, for players as well. He’ll probably end up with a suspension of 2-4 games when all is said and done.

  25. Gotta admit, after what they found in his car, i wouldnt of mind riding shotgun with him that night…had to be a blast! Before fiveO showed up to crash the party of course…

  26. Roger Goodell must feel like a reluctant Robin Leach type character who presides over a reality show called “The Unseemly Seamy Side of the Rich and Famous”.

  27. The real tragedy is he got stopped before he could give the $29,000 to some homeless guy or leave a huge tip at a diner. Because that’s the sort of incredibly generous guy he is. Who doesn’t need $29K on hand just in case the urge to give back to the people strikes them?

    Well, and then there’s the fact that drug dealers always like to deal in cash, too.

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