J.J. Watt: If I got paid a little more, I wouldn’t be terribly upset


The list of players from the 2011 draft that have outperformed Texans defensive end J.J. Watt over the last three years is somewhere between minuscule and non-existent depending on your point of view.

Watt has had to sit and watch as players like Patrick Peterson, Andy Dalton and Richard Sherman have signed long-term deals with their teams, however. Watt says it’s great to see them sign these deals “because it shows that their teams appreciate what work they put in” and said that he wouldn’t mind seeing the same appreciation from the Texans.

“I like to see those guys be shown appreciation so far,” Watt said, via Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. “I hope that I’ve worked hard enough and hopefully I’ve put myself in a situation where I can be shown some of the same appreciation. Hopefully they feel I’ve outplayed my current contract, but the end of the day, we’re paid to play football. If I got paid a little more, I wouldn’t be terribly upset.”

Watt, who is under contract through next season after the Texans exercised their 2015 option on his rookie deal which will pay him the average of the 3rd-25th highest paid defensive ends, made it clear that he’s not thinking about a holdout and said he tries to live by the theory of giving $3 of work for $2 of pay. Still, Watt’s outperformed his current deal and has every reason to want another.

Texans owner Bob McNair said recently that the team would do an extension for Watt if it makes sense, but also pointed out that they could franchise him twice after the 2015 season to assure he remains in town. Such a decision might change Watt’s tune, although there’s plenty of time before push would come to shove on that front.

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  1. Top 5 Pass Rushers in the NFL :

    1. Anthony Barr.
    2. J.J. Watt.
    3. Everson Griffen.
    4. Brian Robinson.
    5. Aldon Smith.

    Bow down to your 2015 Super Bowl Champions, The Minnesota Vikings.

  2. This is one guy I wouldn’t screw around with if I was McNair.
    Guy’s like Watt are very hard to find, and adds a lot to the value of the team and its fan base.
    Plus he’s worth the jack!

    Pay that man!

  3. yeah, but Watt actually deserves big money. Sherman just got lucky his franchise doesn’t know too much about football. After all, didn’t the Seahawks just establish themselves circa 2007? It’s clear their fans are brain-dead. Most of them think one SB win in franchise history is a DYNASTY.

  4. Dude should hold out and not think twice about it. He’s vital to that defense and to Clowney’s development. You don’t get a medal for being a rah-rah corporate guy. If you tear a knee before that payday next year, the team won’t remember that you were a nice guy now. He’s doing his family (his real family) a huge disservice not going for the gold right now.

  5. I typically despise these kind of comments. But in your case, J.J., I believe you should be compensated more. You’re a special player and I love watching your effort.

    Patriots fan

  6. JJ Watt had one memorable year

    Since that memorable year he’s been a part of one of the worst teams in the NFL

    Maybe if he wants to get paid better he should have more than 1 year of doing something on the football field that doesn’t involve sucking.

    And last I checked, Clowney has already overshadowed him this preseason.

    How many Watt highlights have you seen? How many Clowney highlights have you seen? Nuff Said

  7. The Texans would drag JJ Watt through the franchise tag gutter. It’s no wonder that organization is where it is. Andre Johnson in purgatory for 10 years, clueless GM, coaching changes, etc. You want to do that to the only bright spot you have?

  8. These are his last three seasons in Houston. Maybe his last two, if they don’t franchise him.

  9. .
    If you want more money, JJ, get a job waxing Clowney’s car. He makes considerably more than you.

  10. onebigredrocket says: Aug 19, 2014 6:41 PM

    He’d be a back up in Seattle. At best.

    Other than being better than anyone Seadderal has, you’re right.

  11. Andre Johnson would finally be able to get rid of his shackles if JJ performed at a higher level. Too bad that one year of mediocrity got to the fan bases head. GL texans, it won’t get any easier.

  12. I find it funny that the typical rah rah owner folks here are all OK with Watt asking for more $$ before his contract is up. But, if its Sherman, Peterson or any other black player…YUP, I SAID IT….then all of a sudden you’re all about, “you signed the contract, pal.” “nobody forced you to sign the contract”. “I make 20K stocking shelves, you should consider yourself lucky to play a game for money”.

    Same folks against changing the Washington franchise name.


  13. Watt disappears in big games. Did virtually nothing against the Pats in playoffs or regular season.

  14. coloradical420 says:
    Aug 19, 2014 6:23 PM
    yeah, but Watt actually deserves big money. Sherman just got lucky his franchise doesn’t know too much about football. After all, didn’t the Seahawks just establish themselves circa 2007? It’s clear their fans are brain-dead. Most of them think one SB win in franchise history is a DYNASTY.


    Most… I mean MOST (99.9%) of them weren’t even fans before 2012.

  15. While I can agree that Watt deserves a pay hike, what ever happened to HONORING a contract that you signed?? One of the BIG problems in professional sports of this age

  16. He is honoring the contract, he’s out there practicing and playing with the team every day. Since when does a guy saying he’d be happier with more money mean he isn’t honoring his contract?

  17. “He’s doing his family (his real family) a huge disservice not going for the gold right now.”

    Sorry, but I have to do the call out here. 4 years, $11,237,498 million. Let’s assume 50% of that goes to his agent and taxes. That leaves him $5,618,749. That’s 56.1 years of earning $100,000 _net_.

    That’s not a bad deal for his family.

  18. Houston will pay him. He is everything to this city. Everywhere you go his image is near. Recent poll on the chron asked who is the face of the Texans. Over 70% voted Watt and basically the rest voted Johnson. Every time Johnson wanted a new contract Texans folded. They will do the same for Watt.

  19. McNair is short-sighted if he doesn’t try to treat Watt fairly, but he may be short-sighted enough to try to exploit the man, which will have unknown consequences.

  20. the guy up there claiming clowney is outperforming, or possibly a more effective player is brain dead. stats dont show everything. teams put 2 guys- centre and one of the guards on watt, which has a trickle down effect down the defensive line. of course the ends will get more sacks, that’s even more so when they cant double team either rush end because 2 guys are on the nt.
    I will wager people who only look at stats to evaluate players have far too much invested in fantasy.

  21. Houston had better pay him–he’s the face of the franchise and the best player at his position in the league. There’s no way they don’t keep him happy.

    #PayHimRick #YouWantToTakeANap?

  22. Watt didn’t play @ Atlanta.Could you imagine? I bet Matt Ryan is glad.#1 pick was worth it,but we know what JJ can do.McNair…don’t screw this up! Also for Christmas would you please give Rick

    Smith a pink slip?

  23. He needs to fire his agent…one injury away from never realizing a big payday. Take care of yourself and your family.

  24. Ahhhh…some new trolls baggin’ on the Hawks…Thats great. More laughs for us! One thing though, Address them as THE WORLD CHAMPION SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!

  25. Hey 49er dynasty….you’re gonna feel bad when yer team doesn’t even get a wildcard this year…And oh yeah…I was at the Hawks first home game in 1976. Bet you were not even a gleam in yer daddy’s eye in 76. Watched the ice bowl on the black and white cathode ray tube many years before that…Don’t pretend to know how long someone has been a fan…..Oh, I have always liked the niners too but dudes actin’ like you act are tryin’ my patience. Like I said before..it takes all 32 teams to make the league.

  26. The Texans make big mistakes throwing money at players… Schaub gone, Foster worn out, Cushing they gave $56 mil to last summer coming of IR then he went right back to IR…. Joseph and Johnson making too much and promised comfort next year…and they started it all with the Tony Bosselli deal right off the bat back in the expansion draft. and with all of that they still are setting at about 41% win ratio…. their lifetime record is like a good Astro year.

  27. When does it NOT make sense to lock up one of the best defensive players in the league? Watt is not in the “glory” position on that defense. The level of production he has had is unreal.

    There are plenty of other teams who WILL pay Watt if Houston is too stupid to do it themselves.

  28. They can lower the cap hit by re-adjusting now.

    Plus – my kids school needs more Watt stuff up here in Wis.

  29. So organizations get it and some don’t.

    I hope JJ remembers this come contract time.

    He should hold out.

    His defense is going to be on the field more than the offense. He should hold out and force them to get an actual NFL QB.

  30. For a 2-14 team – who else could be eating up JJ Watt’s paycheck?

    They don’t have a 20 Mil per year QB.

    He should’ve been paid already.

  31. Honoring a contract? LOLOL! It’s the NFL. No one honors contracts. If he was underperforming, the Texan’s wouldn’t honor his contract, they’d cut him. If he overperforms, they should pay him per his value. Jebus. Grow up people.

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