Jerry Jones doesn’t dispute that son talked him out of Manziel


While the team might have denied that Jerry Jones had the Johnny Manziel card snatched from his hand by his son on draft day, Jones himself didn’t dispute the spirit of the claim.

On the “Shamn and RJ” Show on 105.3 The Fan, Jones did nothing to deny the story of how close he was to drafting the Texas A&M quarterback himself.

Figuratively speaking, it got close to that,” Jones said. “It certainly was a big debate going on, if no place else other than my mind.”

The Cowboys had cameras in their draft room, so Jones pointed out that any physical snatch of the card by his son Stephen would have been visible now. But he also admitted that Stephen would be one of the few people with the kind of swing to talk him out of it.

“If anybody could talk me out of it, Stephen could. Let’s leave it at that,” Jerry Jones said. “I like where we ended up, but there’s no doubt, there was a long thought — at least on my part. Stephen certainly had his ideas. The rest of the room had their ideas.”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, as he’s Cleveland’s to deal with now. But with everyone in Dallas watching the back of their old quarterback, the what-might-have-beens will only continue — even if only in Jones’ mind.

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  1. The first time Zach Martin scrambles around in the backfield long enough to allow his receiver to get open for a long, dramatic, game winning touchdown, all the Manziel talk will disappear.

  2. The story simply does not make sense as to the physical snatching of the card. The Dallas war room is in – wait for it – Dallas and the draft was in New York. The only place a card is turned in is at the draft – IN NEW YORK. There is no reason for there to be a card in Dallas and certainly no place in Dallas to turn in a card.

  3. Well it’s nice that he opened up and shared a lot of his honest insight rather than saying nothing at all, or going with the typical approach of trying to suggest that no other players were of any interest except the one that they picked like some other teams would have said.

    You can’t choose every possible path, so you live with the choices you make and nothing wrong with trying to keep tabs on what might have been under a different scenario that could have just as easily come to fruition. If you are open-minded and willing to challenge both the choices you did make as well as those that you didn’t make, then that can be a healthy way to put yourself in a better position to make a quality choice the next time around.

  4. If you could read my mind, love
    What a tale my thoughts could tell
    Just like an old-time movie
    ‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well
    In a castle dark or a fortress strong
    With chains upon my feet
    You know that ghost is me
    And I will never be set free
    As long as Johnny Football’s not here with me

  5. @tangovader:
    Totally agree. Having said that, Jerry does a good job at making the stories the media reports. Between his dumb quotes and predictions about Romo’s health, it’s enough. Go away.

    I think after each years draft, somebody in the Cowboys franchise should be responsible for locking Jerry up in a closet with a gag until at least week six of the regular season.

  6. Don’t worry Jerry, you’ll get your man! he is certainly acting like a cowboy and if he keeps it up he’ll be available for you to over pay him just in time to miss out on the playoffs again.

  7. So glad they didn’t draft him. I was praying for someone, anyone, to pick him. Huge sigh of relief when Dallas passed on him. Can you even imagine the type of media coverage Manziel would have gotten if he played for the Cowboys? It would be 10 times the disaster it is in Cleveland.

  8. This means the Cleveland Browns were thisclose to closing the Factory of Sadness.

    Had Dallas taken Johnny Manziel the Browns would have had to “settle” for Bridgewater or waited one more season to draft their franchise quarterback. As things worked out the Browns went for the flashy player and got this generations Ryan Leaf instead.

    Oh well, if Buffalo has another poor season the Browns could possibly have two Top 5 draft picks next year.

  9. Nice back watering.

    So, instead of a ‘wrestling match’ between Jerry & Stephen, it was only Jerry, who previously said he was strongly tempted to take Manziel if no one wanted to trade for him.

    Another non-story the media and haters tried to blow out of proportion into a big deal.

  10. I think Jerry and Johnny would have made the best QB/owner duo ever in the NFL. They would have need a dedicated 24 hours news channel to follow them and their constant breaking news events. I wish his dumb son let him draft Johnny.

  11. Don’t worry, I’m sure Cleveland will blow it with Johnny and Dallas will sign him as a “busted” free agent when Romo retires. Patience Jerry.

  12. Stop slandering Al Davis by comparing him to Jerrah. Al was all football, all the time and would have never embarassed himself and the Nation by showing up on twitter hanging with skanks or in a drunken stupor.

    RIP Godfather.

  13. Curse you, Stephen! We football fans deserve a clownfest and what better place to have it than Dallas. It would have been interesting to see if the gigantic swelled heads of Jerrah and Johnny could both fit in the cavernous Cowboys stadium at the same time.

  14. Just imagine the train wreck if Johnny Manziel ended up in Dallas!!!! wow!!!!

    For the first time ever, Jerry listened to somebody else and, for Dallas’ sake, thank God he did.

  15. “. . . the what-might-have-beens will only continue — even if only in Jones’ mind.”

    In my mind, too. I’m not a Cowboys fan but this would have been perfect for that franchise. Romo will be fortunate if he lasts one more season. Ah, what might have been!

  16. Why does he keep mentioning Manziel? Just let it go. You didn’t draft him, so who cares about what you almost did?

  17. Please give us a report on how Mo Clairborne looked in his first practice back. And please give us zero more reports about what may or may not have happened in the Cowboys draft room 3 months ago. The Cowboys took Martin, the Browns later got Manziel – that’s all anyone needs to know.

  18. Manziel can’t carry Romo’s jock, much less run the Cowboys offense which will be a touchdown scoring machine. Now, if the guy were a defensive monster…that would be a different story.

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