Jets place rookie receiver Shaq Evans on injured reserve


The rookie season of Jets fourth-round draft pick Shaq Evans is over before it began.

Evans, who has been dealing with a shoulder injury, has been placed on injured reserve.

Reports today that Evans was waived/injured proved to be incorrect, as the Jets decided to put Evans directly on injured reserve. If the Jets had waived/injured Evans, he could have been claimed by any other team. It’s rare for players who are waived/injured to be claimed, but it’s possible that Evans would have been: He showed a lot of promise in college at UCLA, and if some other team that had a high draft grade on Evans wants him, he would have been there for the taking.

That the Jets put him on injured reserve, rather than exposing him to waivers, suggests that they believe he can still be a contributor. But that won’t be until 2015 at the earliest. His 2014 season is over.

10 responses to “Jets place rookie receiver Shaq Evans on injured reserve

  1. Wasn’t this how the Patriots got Ballard? Isn’t the rule something like IR during expanded rosters always means waivers?

  2. He goes on IR but Im pretty sure he still counts against the 90 man roster until after the cut to 75. Once they get to 75 he will no longer count against the roster

  3. The Jets are smarter than the Carolina Panthers who got burned by Hoodie when they put Tyler Gaffney on the injured/waived list and they were more than glad to snatch him up. John Idzik is smarter than Dave Gettleman who was burnt twice by the Patriots.

  4. He’ll be a contributor in 2015, when Rex Ryan is not the head coach of the Jets.

    As a side note, I liked this draft pick by the Jets. I was very upset when Evans transferred from my Notre Dame Irish to UCLA. He was forced to sit a year because of the transfer rules, and a lot of times when players take that route in college it tends to stunt their development. I think Evans will blossom in the NFL & have a solid career probably for a few different teams. He’s the type of guy who will play on a lot of teams & always do the right thing. He won’t be a star, but he will be one if those productive, team guys who can play in a wide array of offenses because he’s extremely smart, has a good head on his shoulders & has solid fundamentals.

  5. Good move, Jameis Winston will need some receivers after the Jets pick him with the first pick in the 2015 draft

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